Singapore's Most Influential Brands Were Honored At This Grand Gala Event

Influential Brands 2016
The “Oscars” for Singapore's best brands   Source: Influential Brands 2016 marked the momentous year Leo Dicaprio broke his winless streak at the Oscars, finally taking home the highest honor for actors - the coveted gold statuette. Actors put in years of hard work for their Oscars ovations, but few...
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Singaporeans' Top Brands of 2015 Revealed - Brand Alliance Unveils This Year's Winners

Consumer Confidence in Singapore   Singaporean consumers are spoilt for choice. The perfect counterpoint between East and West, we get the best of both worlds. Literally. We love our Western television series, but go shopping at Japan's Best Denki. And after that, we go home to our homes developed by...
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Understanding Generation X - A Study on Brand Preferences by Brand Alliance

What Generation X Wants   The Generation X (ages 34-54) consumer's habits have been tough to pin down. A generation  at ease with the pre-Internet era yet  comfortable in the Internet age, their habits are a blend of the old and new.  The typical Gen X consumer is discerning, having...
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