10 things you thought you knew about Singapore bloggers

Myths about blogging in Singapore     Many things come to mind when you hear the word "blogger". I hear 2 pieces of criticism often: A blogger shouldn't be classified a blogger just because he/she owns a blog People consider themselves models because they pose in front of cameras, and...
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Guest Judging at Republic Polytechnic's "The Blogger Challenge"

Republic Poly Blogger Challenge 2014   I was recently invited down by Republic Poly as a Guest Judge for their Blogging component of the Module "Writing for Digital Media". It is a  2nd year core module for RP students doing their Diploma in Mass Communication. When I first heard about...
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How Singaporean Bloggers Can Make Money - Nuffnang vs Gushcloud vs GoogleAds vs Other AdNetworks

Blog Advertising in Singapore   After using many of the advertising options available to Singaporeans, I've decided to share what I've learned here to help bloggers make the most money they can from their blogs. I always see bloggers asking which ad agency or ad network is good or even...
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TheSmartLocal SEO Blog Writing Guide

Singapore SEO Blogging Tips This tutorial is aimed to help TSL writers. It will serve as a really simplistic introduction to the world of SEO - which basically means speaking the language of google so they rank you at the top of search results. It will also cover how to...
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Most Popular Blogs in Singapore by Traffic 2015

The Biggest Misconception About Singapore Bloggers   The term ' blogger ' today gets thrown about too carelessly. Everyone who owns a blog  could technically call themselves a blogger. Yet, they may not posses the influence and large readership people associate with this term. The truly influential have the power...
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5 Essential Tips for Singaporean Bloggers - The ladyironchef story

5 Essential Tips For Singapore Bloggers   In this blog I will share with you 5 simple tips on how to become a  successful  blogger. I feel ladyironchef aka Brad Lau is a good example, as he is a blogger who has constantly improved himself throughout the years.  I've decided...
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