20 Completely FREE Birthday Perks In Singapore To Score In 2017

Shin Minori A La Carte Japanese buffet
Celebrate your birthday without spending a cent   Adapted from s ource:  @lirongs As kids, birthdays were an excuse for royalty treatment from our parents, but with each passing year, the significance of celebrating this day wanes - with the exception of 21st birthdays. We often think it’s just another...
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Little Nothings' Jar Cakes Are The New, Practical Alternative To Gifting Cupcakes

All the goodness you need in a jar   It usually starts out like this - we get inspired by baked goods on Instagram, then rush to the nearest store to buy a mason jar, scour the net for the perfect recipe, and get busy in the kitchen. But hard...
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13 Birthday Party Ideas In Singapore Better Than "Just Go Somewhere And Have Cake"


Birthday Party Ideas   A : It’s ABC’s birthday next Tuesday! What should we do? B : ¯\_(?)_/¯ We can just meet at *insert random location* and surprise him with a cake? A : Okay! We’ve all been there, done that. And it's getting old. Asking C out on his...
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