Cassia Bintan - Brand New Resort 45 Minutes Away To Visit Before All Of Singapore Finds Out

Cassia Bintan Cover
Cassia Bintan - Your Latest Low-Key Resort Getaway   These days, it’s almost impossible to find a nearby resort that’s not yet saturated with fellow Singaporeans. The thought of sharing a private beach with throngs of other tourists can be a little off-putting, especially if you’re looking for some quiet...
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10 Kelong Stays Near Singapore To Detach From Civilisation And 3G Connection

Reminiscing the Kampung spirit Source:  @hellodapperdan Back in the 70s, girls weren’t allowed to visit kelongs . It brought bad luck. But #thisis2016. Now we can, it’s a shame most of us haven’t. Kelongs make up a big part of our history as a nation; that’s how Singapore started out...
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Angsana Bintan Review - The Seaside Escapade That's Your Perfect Impromptu Weekend Getaway

Bintan Beach Bliss   I don’t know about you, but when a long weekend rolls around the first order of business is to LEPAK. Lucky me, here in Singapore I’m surrounded by some of the most gorgeous beach destinations , all within a 2-hour radius no less! Ah, to be...
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10 Gorgeous Bintan Resorts That'll Take You To Paradise Starting From SGD $70 A Night

Bintan Resorts You Probably Didn’t Even Know About   Think of getting away from Singapore for the weekend, and most Singaporeans think of going on a road trip to Malaysia or flying to Bangkok, discounting the perfectly good - and affordable - alternative that is Bintan Island.  Cast away all...
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25 Things To Do In Bintan Rather Than Lepaking At Resorts

Rediscover Bintan’s Hidden Beauty   When you hear the word “Bintan”, school camps and beach resorts come to mind and often not very much else. What many people don’t realise, however, is that Bintan is actually home to a whole host of different activities and things to discover if you...
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