10 Underrated Foods in Singapore Tourists Should Try Instead

Underrated Culinary Delights   Tian Tian Chicken Rice, Lao Ban Tau Huay, Punggol Nasi Lemak and Katong Laksa. These are a few of my favourite things. As a local, there's nothing like coming back to these dishes after having spent time abroad. And for tourists stopping over for a couple...
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Singapore Food Festival 2015 - Modern Singaporean Food In The Spotlight

Food is Good   Teochew cold crab We are Singaporeans. We love food. It’s no surprise, then, that the Singapore Food Festival is returning for its 22nd year to satisfy Singaporean palates and celebrate local food. This year’s theme is ‘A Fresh Taste of Tradition’ and revisits Singapore’s food heritage...
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20 Famous Malaysian Snacks To Try Before You Die

Local Malaysian snacks   Malaysians are always willing to go the distance when it comes to food. Be it rain or shine, you will always spot eager foodies roaming around every day of the week just to get their hands on their favourite meals or snacks. It could be for...
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50 Famous Bangkok Food To Eat Before You Die

50 Best Local Bangkok Food    After several solo trips to Bangkok, the TSL team decided to fly over together with one mission in mind. To create the greatest guide to Bangkok food the world has ever seen. As a team of 4, we went on to eat all the...
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25 Famous Malaysian Food To Try Before You Die

Best Local Malaysian Food   No overseas visit is complete without indulging in the most delicious local fare the country has to offer. What's a trip to Malaysia without trying some popiah  or  nasi lemak?  Local food can be found everywhere in Malaysia and in this article we suss out...
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9 Best Hawker Centres in Singapore And Their Star Dishes Every Human Must Try

9 Best Hawker Centres in Singapore    Are you a die-hard fan of hawker centres? I know of friends who can't go a week without a taste of their favorite hawker food. Hawker centres in Singapore are open air food complexes selling a whole range of food, mostly self-service and...
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