10 Dim Sum Hawker Stalls So Good Without The Swee Choon Queue

Magical dim sum minus the queue    Source Anytime is dim sum time. Those bite-sized pieces of heaven are enough to send any dim sum addict into a frenzy. Thin, delicate skin wrapped around tasty seafood or meat and steamed to perfection - I can already smell the dim sum,...
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10 Places Serving Massive Portions In Singapore That Will Satisfy Even A Sumo Wrestler

Get your stomachs ready   Source We all have those days - the ones where we feel ravenous and ready to eat a horse. We want to eat everything in sight, and our tummies are making a strange mix of a wail and a strangled cry. Unfortunately, if you’re like...
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10 Most Popular Hotel Buffets in Singapore Every Food Lover Needs To Check Off

Food Lover’s Paradise   Source  Singapore is a foodie's paradise. Our chicken rice, chilli crab, roti prata, and nasi biryani are world-famous, and getting down and dirty at hawker centres is a national pastime. But every once in a while, we deserve to indulge in a free flow of the...
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