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6 Things Your Skincare Therapist Should Be Telling You Before You Sign That Facial Package

mask celmonze facial
What really goes on during your facial   I always liked the idea of a facial. Someone slathering on cool gel on my face as I let my mind drift off to...well, nothing. Sounds like heaven in a busy, chaotic world. But not everyone can agree whether facials are worth...
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7 Part-Time/Full Time Jobs For Girls Who Love Make-Up, Beauty, Or Fashion

beauty fashion jobs
Fashion/Beauty- Related Jobs   Scrolling through Zalora or watching makeup tutorials on YouTube during work hours is something we fashion/makeup addicts are all guilty of. Sitting in front of a screen from 9 to 5 within the confines of a cubicle is obviously a nightmare to anyone who cannot just...
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8 Lunchtime Pampering Spots In The CBD For Singaporean OLs To Rejuvenate During Lunch

Lunchtime treats for OLs   Most of us office ladies can’t afford the time to pamper ourselves, and when we try to, the weekend slots for treatments and haircuts are usually all booked up leaving us looking ruly and unkempt for longer than we’d like. With our jam-packed schedules that...
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15 Must-Knows About Braces For Potential Metalmouths To Survive The Next Two Years

limited colour combinations for braces
Brace yourself for braces     Adapted from Source Once upon a time, smiling was something I detested. We all know that a smile brightens up someone else’s day, but I was too self-conscious about my topsy-turvy gnashers for that. I also avoided photographers like the plague for the same...
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Beat Wrinkles and Acne Painlessly with LUSH Aesthetics' Laser Facial

LUSH Aesthetics’ AlmaLASE Laser Facial Treatment
About LUSH Aesthetics Laser Facials   New facial treatment innovations are always hitting the market and sometimes it can be hard to discern which really target your skin’s needs. People say things along the lines of “once you start, you won’t be able to stop” and that facials are “life-changing”,...
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5 Lipstick Hacks For Every Girl To Be Effortlessly InstaReady

Perfect lips with Bourjois Paris lipstick
Lipstick hacks for a perfect pout   Lipstick is something that can make or break your look. When the rest of your face is bare, that little pop of colour gives others an illusion that you’ve put effort into your appearance. But everyone is so focused on having the most...
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Japan IPL Express Is Celebrating Its 3rd Anniversary With FREE IPL All Day On 3 Sep 2016

How IPL works   I’ve always had gripes about my body hair. Waxing is a pain (literally), and shaving causes it to grow back at double the speed with a prickly vengeance. Worst of all, these hair removal methods only last a few days to a week. Like many other...
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This Promo Code Lets First-Time Users Of Shopee Redeem Any 1 Of These Beauty Products For Free!

Free beauty products with Shopee   Just as going out to meet people has been replaced with left/right swipes, going out to Orchard has been replaced by online shopping. It's so much faster, easier, and cheaper. You can get anything from textbooks to groceries, but the one thing I’ve thankful...
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10 Lazy Beauty Products That Will Shrink Your Toiletries Pouch On Vacation

Multi-tasking beauty products    Bargain hunters. Lazy folks who don’t fancy a 7-step skincare routine. Jet-setting beauty aficionados bogged down by baggage limitations. Everyone appreciates a handy multi-tasking product. Save yourself a ton of money and time without compromising on looking fresh and feeling oh-so-pampered. Here are 10 "lazy" products...
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A Local Beautician Shares Her Secret Skincare Tips. #5 Is Bad News For Kopi Drinkers.

identify skin ailments by region
The secrets to flawless skin   Step 1 : Spot the first signs of a breakout the week right before a date. Step 2 : Proceed to freak out, call your best friend, and scream about how the world's ending. Step 3 : Tearfully book an appointment with an esthetician...
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