7 Themed Bars In Singapore To Hit Up After Work If You've Gotten Too Old For Clubs

Themed bars in Singapore   Watering holes on our little red dot are a dime a dozen. Just ask Siri for the nearest bar, and you'll probably find more than 2 of them within a 3KM radius. But as we all know, quantity doesn't equate to quality. To help you...
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10 Latest Happy Hour Promotions In Singapore That Reward OT Warriors For Staying Late

Michael's bar and grill
Late night Happy Hour promotions    Late-night drinks are proven to bond people together - but having this much fun just cannot happen if you’ve to OT last minute, especially when most of the best Happy Hour deals happen earlier in the night.  But not to worry workaholics, there’s hope...
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6 Oktoberfest Booze Promos At Suntec City - Beers For Only $5 When It Rains!

It's Oktober-feast at Suntec City   Imagine the entire population of Singapore turning up for a beer party the size of 4 standard football fields over a period of just 2 weeks. That's Germany's Oktoberfest for you - an annual festival of epic proportions. But you won't have to flock...
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Oxwell & Co - Have A Good Ole English Grub Night

About Oxwell & Co   Oxwell & Co is situated in hipster central, Ann Siang Hill. It’s been around for a while but it was always one of those places I passed by on the way to somewhere else. I’d occasionally hear whispers about this English-inspired bar and bistro, so...
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Copper: A Steampunk-Themed Gin Joint Opens in Town

About Copper   Amidst the rabble of fancy cocktail bars of late, Copper seeks to rise above them with some pretty cool features. Copper aims to be the defacto gin joint in town, carrying as many as 80 labels at a time, and an impressive selection of in-house infused gin....
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Ding Dong Rings in the New Year With New Cocktails - Roti Kaya, Anyone?

About Ding Dong   Update: Ding Dong will move to 115 Amoy Street on Monday, 20 June 2016. Their last day at 23 Ann Siang Road will be on Friday, 3 June 2016. Nestled amongst the slew of bars at Ann Siang sits Ding Dong - a vibrant bistro-style restaurant cum bar...
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Manhattan Bar's New Menu Brings The Lower East Side Of New York To Singapore

About Manhattan Bar   Picture courtesy of the Regent Hotel. Manhattan Bar is a glamorous cocktail establishment nestled within the premises of Regent Singapore. Priding itself on using only the finest artisanal spirits and craft bartending, its unfettered opulence draws the upscale crowd by the droves.  When its massive doors...
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10 Hidden Bars in Singapore So Secret You Won't Believe They Exist

Secret hideouts in town   Singapore’s nightlife scene has gotten almost too saturated with the plethora of clubs, bars and pubs. It’s always down to the same few bars at the usual venues so much so that things are starting to get somewhat mundane. Sure, a good night out with...
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Harry's Bar Reopens at Marina Bay Link Mall with a Revamped Menu

Harry's Bar Reopens at Marina Bay Link Mall   A stalwart in the local bar scene, anyone who has set foot in a bar in Singapore would have knocked a pint or two back at one of Harry's more than 20 outlets around the island. Even the most ardent patron...
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Six Prawns and A Beer Opens - For the love of Prawns and Beer!

About Six Prawns and A Beer   Drinking on an empty stomach is never a good idea unless you possess a stomach of iron. Unfortunately, most bars in Singapore don't offer much in the way of decent bar grub.  Unless you go to a bar with a full kitchen, your...
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