Ekkamai - 5 Quaint Cafes In Bangkok's Own "Keong Saik" To Hide From The Tourist Crowds In

Escape the crowds at hipster Ekkamai   Bangkok is famous for its eclectic cafe scene and notorious for its crazy weekend crowds. From the ever-popular ROAST at theCOMMONS to the well-established After You in Siam Paragon , queues and crowds tourists are to be expected if you intend to cafe-hop....
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14 Bangkok Desserts That Will Put To Shame Everything You Have Seen Before

Thai desserts way too pretty to eat   “French” Croissants were actually invented in Vienna. Marshmallows were intended as a medicinal confection. And Coke used to be an alcohol. There are many secrets in the world of food, but one of the greatest food secrets is kept in Bangkok. Many...
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