These Free Activities in the Arts District Can Help You Recover From Post Holiday Blues

Fun at Arts Weekend Civic District   If you're on the hunt for meaningful weekend plans with the kiddos this month of June, you're in luck. Arts Weekend Civic District , an initiative by the National Arts Council , brings together a whole line-up of entertainment every last weekend of...
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6 Whimsical And Interactive Exhibits To Experience At SAM's Imaginarium 2017

singapore art museum imaginarium 2017
Journey to the ends of the earth at Imaginarium 2017   After the wrap-up of the Singapore Biennale back in February, Singapore Art Museum (SAM) ’s latest contemporary art exhibition is Imaginarium: To the Ends of the Earth - and it’s everything that your usual stuffy museum exhibition isn’t. There...
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5 Reasons To Catch SRT’s Hand To God - The Ultimate Mashup of Sesame Street and The Exorcist

SRT’s Hand To God - a satanic puppet and more   Imagine combining the sock puppets of “Sesame Street” with the spine-chilling demonic possession in “The Exorcist” - that’s Hand To God for you. The play revolves around a teenager and his satanic puppet, with loss, man’s inner desires, and...
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8 Arts & Culture Spots In Singapore That Are Still Unknown To Tourist Guidebooks

Unknown Arts and Culture Spots Singapore
Singapore's untouched culture hotspots   Source:  @dannyst Over the years, museums and galleries in Singapore have upped their games and are often the go-to places for you and your friends to take drool-worthy photos. These days, it’s hard to even count the number of times the National Gallery Singapore and...
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6 Reasons To Visit Singapore Design Week 2017 - See Underwater HDBs Of The Future!

Unlock your potential at Singapore Design Week 2017   Our human powers go as far as walking to the nearest bus stop but that does not mean we cannot make the world a better place. Don’t forget, we still have the unlimited possibilities of the human mind: creativity. Creativity is...
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4 Reasons To Catch SRT’s Constellations Instead Of Yet Another Movie This Month

SRT's New Play - Constellations   Source: Singapore Repertory Theatre Let’s face it - it’s 2017 and we’re running out of ideas on where to bring our date. Going to the movies, Netflix and chill; we’ve exhausted almost everything and they’ve all become far too cliche. If you’re looking for...
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4 Things You Should Know Before Watching PRISM - The Play That’ll Reconnect You to Singapore

Prism Cast Toy Factory
PRISM will make you remember Singapore’s past   Source Singapore is a country that is constantly seeking for advancement and change, and in many ways this is a great thing! Tourists are always spell-bound by Singapore’s ‘newness’ and cleanliness, as it looks like something out of a storybook. However, I...
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7 Fun Things At Singapore Art Week 2017 Beyond Museums And Galleries

Singapore Art Week 2017
Singapore Art Week 2017   Source Some of us are art aficionados, some of us feel clueless around paint brushes. But whatever your artistic inclinations - art enthusiast or just someone curious about art - Singapore Art Week is here again with over 100 different arts offerings, many of them...
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9 Sights at Singapore Biennale 2016 That Will Transport You to an Alternate Universe

Singapore Biennale thesmartlocal
Singapore Biennale’s mind-bending works of art   Films like Doctor Strange have taught us to reimagine our universe as but one of many. While science at this point isn’t able to transport you to another world just yet, we can dream up such possibilities through art – some of which...
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10 Reasons Why Singaporeans Think Our Arts Scene Is Dead And Why They Are Wrong

Singapore - souless and sanitized?   How are you going to buy a house?’ ‘How are you going to afford a wedding?’ ‘Why’re you so naive? Are you sure you’re good enough?’ Those were all the questions people attacked me with when I ditched the corporate rat race to become...
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