7 Reasons Why Pet Expo 2017 Is The Place To Be Even If You're Not A Pet Owner

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Climb aboard the pet-loving community   Calling all pet lovers island-wide! Singapore's largest pet fair, the Pet Expo 2017, is back and bigger than ever. If your Facebook and Instagram 'explore' feed is chock-full of random fluffy animals, and you temporarily lose all self-control every time you see an animal...
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The Animal Resort Is Singapore's Own 'Kampung Zoo' And It's Completely Free

The Kampung Version Of A Zoo     A Cassowary attempting to steal a carrot from me You’ve heard of the River Safari and Jurong Bird Park, but probably not of The Animal Resort. When I mentioned that I was going to Seletar West Farmway, I was met with blank...
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10 Things that Make Pet Lovers Centre More than Your Average Pet Store

Pet lovers unite!   Pet Lovers Centre (PLC) is probably the most well-known and well-recognised pet store in Singapore, and for good reason. I remember spending my youth looking at the little animals through the glass and going awww, they’re so cute ! But it’s more than just a pet...
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20 Australian Animals So Fascinating The Rest Of The World Can't Have Them

Australia's Must-See Animals   Australia is home to some of the deadliest, most fascinating and exclusive animals.  But do you know which animals they are? Not all of them are out to get you and not all of them are actually easy to spot.  No worries though, check out this...
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Save our Street Dogs Flag Day Carnival

Save our Street Dogs (SOSD) is a non-profit organization focusing on the welfare of stray dogs in Singapore. They were founded in July 2011 and will be holding their first ever flag day on 10th November 2013 to help raise funds so they can continue their operations. With the publicity...
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S.E.A Aquarium Singapore Review

A complete guide to the SEA Aquarium which includes videos, photographs, directions and detailed information on the water tanks and what to expect at this "water zoo" which will inevitably draw comparisons to Sentosa's Underwater World and the newly opened River Safari by WRS . Make sure you check out...
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River Safari Singapore Information

Here is a complete guide to the newly opened River Safari with directions, maps, feeding and show times and what you can expect to see at the soft opening. The River Safari is part of the Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) group who are behind some of Singapore's very best attractions...
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Jurong Bird Park Singapore Review

Jurong Bird Park seems to receive by far the least love among the three wildlifre parks in Singapore, behind the universally acclaimed Singapore Zoo and Night Safari. It's really sad to learn that even many Singaporeans have never been to the park before! We personally love the place, its huge,...
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