5 Retro Backdrops In Singapore That Will Transport You Back In Time

Old school #ootds in Singapore   It’s no secret that being “retro” is essentially an express lane to hipster royalty. With pastel palettes, rusted gates and paraphernalia of yesteryear, having a retro backdrop to your ootd is an instant sure-win for your Insta self. But good things don’t come easy and...
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American Eagle Outfitters Has Given Iconic Essentials An Update This Christmas

American Eagle Outfitters' (AEO) latest collection Christmas 2016Trendy Essentials from American Eagle Outfitters   While Hypebeast (and Yeezys) are all the rage these days, the more practical of us look to more affordable, functional fashion. For those of us who prefer comfy, trendy essentials to tide us through our long days, American Eagle Outfitters' (AEO) latest collection is...
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