Harry's Is Throwing A 90s-Themed Party Till Midnight With Old-School Hits And Booze

Harry’s is bringing back the 90s   Source , Source Calling all true blue 90s kids - if you still secretly belt out to Westlife and Boyz II Men in the shower, and still mourn the loss of your Sega game console - we want you! While we wait for...
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10 Things Our Parents Went Through That Young Singaporeans Don't Experience

Singapore then and now   Singapore today looks vastly different from the Singapore of the 60s and 70s. Marina Bay was just an empty plot, Beach Road was along a beach, and Internet and telecommunications were not as developed as they are today.  Source Before Our social studies textbooks tell...
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11 Signs You're In Your Twenties But Have Become An Auntie/Uncle Already

“Hello, aunty!”     Source  If you remember the existence of Bookworm Gang, Little Bobdog candy and an ancient relic called an OHP, congratulations. You should be in your 20s now. Also, props to you if you’ve ever held the bobdog candy like a cigarette. You were just as pretentious...
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10 Crazy Looking Playgrounds You Can Still Find in Singapore TODAY

Relive Your Glorious 90s Childhood Days   As every true-blue 90s kid will agree, those simple, sunny days spent at the playground after school and on weekends were the absolute BEST. We clambered on the colourful tiles, slid down the slides, and played catching to our hearts’ content until the...
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12 Timeless Singaporean Things That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Singapore Culture - Converse White Sneaker
Eternally Trendy   Trends come and go, but certain ones are here to stay. In this social media era when one thing can go from practically unknown to the latest thing to have - kendama, anyone? - within 24 hours because of retweets and Facebook shares, it’s too easy for...
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14 Old-School Treasures From Your Childhood You Can Still Buy In Singapore

You Are Never Too Cool For Old-School    Every generation has a unique set of heirlooms that they hold close to their heart. While our parents and grandparents will leave us with antiques like ornamental wooden cabinets and intricate jade pieces, our generation found meaning in quirkier, more amusing items. ...
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10 Kids Central Shows We Want Back On Our Screens Now

Oldies but goldies   Recently, I saw some kids watching cartoons on an iPad on the MRT, and was hit with a wave of nostalgia about the time I - and other 90s kids - spent transfixed to a screen as a kid. After school, I would park myself in my...
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12 Prized Possessions Every 90s Singaporean Girl Grew Up With

Growing up in Singapore   Growing up is no bed of roses. Like what we saw in Riley’s memory bank from the movie ‘Inside Out’, both good and bad experiences since birth take up space and leave their marks in our memory. As a sentimental girl, letting go of my...
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