11 Times Singaporeans Felt Proud To Be On World News

Singapore In The News    Source I’m always pleasantly surprised when I read good things about Singapore in world newspapers. Everyday, there are people making their countries famous for all the wrong reasons. We’re fortunate to have people here in Singapore who make the best headlines AND make us look...
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11 Inspiring Singaporean Youths We Should Celebrate

Who Inspires You?   When such questions are asked, we often think of huge inspirational figures like Obama or Gandhi. Or maybe we're inspired by that one YouTuber who always smiles regardless of life's lemons. These people are given the recognition they deserve and are acknowledged for their effort and...
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10 New & Fun Things to Do in Singapore in July 2015 - Youth Edition!

Young, Wild, and Free!   You’re probably familiar with our monthly series of new & fun things to do (check out June’s !), but in honour of Youth Day, we’re making a special July version for youths!  For all the youngsters out there, this is your month. It’s time to...
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10 Things that Make Pet Lovers Centre More than Your Average Pet Store

Pet lovers unite!   Pet Lovers Centre (PLC) is probably the most well-known and well-recognised pet store in Singapore, and for good reason. I remember spending my youth looking at the little animals through the glass and going awww, they’re so cute ! But it’s more than just a pet...
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#SupportLocal: Watch and Vote for ciNE65's Best Short Film

Believe in home   Support local - watch three minute long films. We’ve already introduced you to some young filmmakers you should watch , but even the most established of the lot have had humble beginnings. Short film competitions are where aspiring filmmakers make their debut and hone their craft...
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Singaporean Businesses That Outperformed Their Competition And How They Did It

Service in Singapore   It seems a daily occurrence to hear about our friends’ frustrations with customer service in Singapore - eternal waiting on customer service hotlines, restaurants that make us question why we’re paying service tax, and airlines that sassily take off before schedule. True enough, service disasters can...
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4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Wedding Festival 2015

About Wedding Festival 2015   I’ve always known what my perfect wedding would be like: a gorgeous beach under the stars, with gentle fairy lights and white tablecloths littering the shore, and people dancing to rhythm of the waves. Alas, it always struck me as something too complicated to pull...
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