17 National Day Deals For Singaporeans To Chiong For - 53% Off And 1-for-1 Discounts

swensens 1-for-1 ice cream
SG53 deals for NDP   Every year on National Day we look forward to the fireworks, fighter jets and fantastic floats. And if you’re real kiasu like me, you’d also be looking forward to the myriad of National Day related deals to splash that cash on - because as patriotic...
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Sentosa's 1-For-1 Christmas Deals For The Fam Bam Include Shangri-La Buffets & AJ Hackett Thrill Rides

Sentosa 1-for-1: Cover Image
Christmas 1-for-1 deals at Sentosa     Image adapted from: @abbeychikadora As school bells ring their last tune of the year, the holidays are finally here to embrace us as we prepare to ring in Christmas bells.  If you’ve yet to make holiday plans with the fam, put away your...
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