Chope's 7th Birthday Means $0.70 Main Courses, 50% Off Dining Vouchers And 1-for-1 Buffets

Chope discounts and promos
Dining discounts with Chope   Image adapted from: @jielinnx33 Chope’s throwing a massive celebration for their 7th birthday this June and their restaurant deals are ridiculously worth it. $0.70 main courses like bacon carbonara, aburi salmon chazuke , and truffle maguro rolls? Up to 50% off dining vouchers for restaurants...
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The Modern Izakaya - 1-For-1 Beers Daily & Grilled Skewers In City Hall For After-Work Hangouts

modern izakaya singapore
The Modern Izakaya at Chijmes   When it comes to spots for TGIF, I always need to find a place that’s great for both dining and drinking, because ain’t nobody got time to ferry themselves from a restaurant to a bar! And the hunt is over with The Modern Izakaya...
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9 1-For-1 Chicken Wing Deals That Deliver To Your Doorstep From 17-23 Oct 2016

1-for-1 Chicken Wings   Few parts of an animal’s carcass that are as divisive as a chicken wing. Some prefer the drumlet, perhaps imagining themselves to be a giant feasting on a normal-sized drumstick. Others go for the mid-wing. Only the truly psychotic, however, reach for the wing tip. I’m...
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20 Cafes With 1-For-1 Deals That Show Cafes Can Actually Be Very Affordable

Cafe Hopping On A Budget   I love cafe hopping as much as the next guy. The extravagant prices? Not so much. That’s where the Entertainer Singapore comes in to save the day. It’s an app quickly gaining traction in Singapore, being chock full of exclusive discounts and new promotions...
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20 Best Restaurants With 1-for-1 Deals In 2016

Buy 1 Get 1 Free!   If you haven't heard of the Entertainer , you've been missing out on some of the best deals available. The Entertainer is like that friend who knows all the best deals in town and exactly where to find them. The 2015 edition included extraordinary...
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