5 Things You Need To Know About SilkAir in 2014

We’ve all heard of SilkAir. Most of us know that they’re under Singapore Airlines. And that they fly to the more exotic destinations in the region like Lombok and Danang. But you may not have heard that they once went by another name. Or that they ordered 68 brand new Boeing Aircraft to boost their fleet two years ago.

They have also just launched a new game called All-in Escape starting on the 22nd of September, where you can win prizes daily from complimentary flights to business tickets to their new destinations Hangzhou and Kalibo. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll learn here.


1. SilkAir is like the indie airline


SilkAir flies direct to Bandung, Indonesia.

SilkAir operates under the Singapore Airlines Group. While Singapore Airlines takes care of all the more mainstream destinations, SilkAir flies to newer and exciting destinations in Asia Pacific.

We recently flew to 5 Indonesian cities we had never heard off before like Bandung and Semarang and guess what? SilkAir flew to all those destinations! Recent additions to their flight network include Kalibo (a gateway to picturesque Boracay Island) (May 2014), Mandalay (June 2014) and Hangzhou (June 2014).


2. SilkAir was once called Tradewinds



The airline got its start in 1989, catering to passengers seeking exotic holiday destinations in the region such as Phuket and Tioman. In 1992, they evolved into SilkAir. Today, the full service airline operates more than 350 weekly flights to 48 destinations in 12 countries.

They are doing well too, to the tune of ordering 68 new Boeing 737s. In August 2012, they announced the largest order in their history by purchasing these 68 new aircraft.


3. SilkAir is a full-service airline


SilkAir may fly to more exotic destinations like budget airlines, but the similarities end there. The benefits of flying with a full-service airline include the luxury of hauling all your holiday shopping back with 30kg baggage allowance, inflight meals and enjoying the newly launched SilkAir Studio, all-inclusive with your fare.


SilkAir Studio is SilkAir’s new complimentary wireless inflight entertainment system, which lets you stream the latest entertainment and movies directly onto your personal electronic devices like tablets.

Despite being a full-service airline, SilkAir prices are competitive. We spotted a 3D2N package tour to Kuching going for just $169 all-in on their facebook page! Look out for the SilkAir roadshow on 27 October to 2 November 2014 at NEX Shopping Centre atrium for more deals. We also heard that there’s going to be games on site to win freebies and Yes933 DJs will be there!


4. SilkAir’s All-in Escape game lets you win more!



With their newly launched All-in Escape game as part of the A Joy to Fly campaign, you may not have to wait long till your next holiday. SilkAir is offering 40 daily prizes including exclusive access to discounted air fares, complimentary air tickets and 2 grand lucky draw prizes - 1 pair of Business Class tickets to Kalibo and Hangzhou respectively.

The online game will run from 22 Sept to 2 Nov 2014 and it is open to all Singapore residents.


5. How to Play The All-In Escape Game


The "All-in Escape" game is really easy to play. You just have to match the SilkAir icons with the clues. To make it easier for everyone, here’s a "cheat sheet" to help you ace the game!

Here are the usable icons


Match it with the clues given


So for this clue, I’ve selected SilkAir Studio icon as the answer and I’ve moved on to the next step. If you fail to enter the right answer, you lose that round, but you can try again at the game as you have 3 tries daily.

Enter the correct answer one more time under clue 2 and you'll enter the grand lucky draw to win a pair of Business Class tickets to Kalibo (Boracay) or Hangzhou! And if you're not too sure of the answer, you should refer to the cheat sheet above or read up more about SilkAir's services.

Choosing The Final Icon

As you can see from the screenshots, the game works both on mobile devices and on desktops.

The final stage of the game is slightly different. It does not have a clue and you can choose any icon you want. So your prize will actually depend on chance, based on the combination you choose. You would be pretty stoked if you see the below picture show up on your screen.


My Experience Playing The Game

When I first played the game, I thought it would be really simple. But then I got the answer for Clue 2 wrong! I was quite frustrated with myself because you only have three chances a day so you really need to make those three chances count. If you're not sure, be sure to refer to the cheat sheet above before you answer the questions.

You can play the game till 2 Nov 2014, and remember, 40 prizes are given out daily!To play the game yourself and start winning prizes, just follow the below link!


Play the game here!

This post was made possible thanks to SilkAir.


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