This Challenge Put Our Food Photography Skills To The Test. Can You Do Better? Singaporeans Try: Episode 27

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"There's nothing hard about taking pictures..."


Scroll through Instagram and you're bound to find someone posting countless pictures of all the food they've eaten at fancy cafés. And this is really down to the fact that Food Photography has taken off so much so that it is now a genre in itself. #FoodPorn anyone?

In this episode of Singaporeans Try, we were challenged to show off our food photography skills to a special guest - Daniel Ang from DanielFoodDiary! First, we were tasked to take pictures without any help. Subsequently, with Daniel's tips, 3 teams competed to take the best pictures. 

As a person who rarely takes pictures of food, saying that this challenge was tough is an understatement. Watch the video below to see which team came out tops and which team should... eat their food while it's still warm.

Special thanks to Huawei for loaning us their brand-new G8 Phones for us to use in this challenge. For more information on the phone and its various features (the camera has an in-built Food Mode!), visit HuaWei Singapore's Facebook Page or HuaWei's Online Store

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