Singaporean Girls Get A Taste Of Army Rations - Singaporeans Try: Episode 23

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They Tried To Stomach Army Rations!


If you thought watching the girls of TSL struggle with Army Lingo was funny, you definitely don't want to miss their reactions in this second army-themed episode of Singaporeans Try. This week, we served up a variety of Army Rations for them to taste. And boy, were they in for a real "treat."

These rations, also known by the acronym MRE (Meals Ready to Eat), are the only food our boys in green have to eat when they go for any outfield exercises. But what might might surprise you is that they come in a variety of flavours like Creamy Marinara Pasta and Peranakan Curry Rice.

Don't be fooled by their fancy names because as the girls found out, how they looked and how they tasted left little to be desired.

Watch the video below to see our girls and special guest, Sandra Riley Tang of The Sam Willows, discover what lies inside each MRE pack. Some of them liked what they got and others, not so much.

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Here's what happened when our team tried the dessert.

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