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What are awards?

Awards are badges automatically given out by our system to recognise our contributors efforts. These badges will appear in your profile every time you make a review so readers can immediately know you're a quality reviewer. It also feels really good to know that every bit of activity on TSL counts towards something and its a great feeling to unlock these milestones!

Review Contribution Awards:

1 Review:

5 Reviews:

10 Reviews:

20 Reviews:

35 Reviews:

50 Reviews: Veteran

100 Reviews: Journeyed

300 Reviews: Master

500 Reviews: Grandmaster

1000 Reviews: Legendary

Community Awards:

  Star Writer - The ultimate achievement on TSL, awarded to the top 1% of quality writers.
View Blog - Appears if you have a blog or guide on TSL.

Trusted Writer - no moderation required when submitting reviews.
Trusted Lister - no moderation required when submitting listings.

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1 Helpful Vote received
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1 friend made
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50 friend made

What are points?

Every month, to provide some friendly competition for our contributors, and also as a way to thank them, the the top 5 members are awarded cash prizes!

How do I earn points?

Just by being active onTSL! Nearly everything you do gives you points!  Here is the full breakdown of how you can earn points with our point system. The bolded ones are the key ones you will do.

  1. Make a wall post on someone's page or update your status - 0.50 points 
  2. Add a video - 1 Point 
  3. New Review Comment - 5 points (Leave a comment on someone's review!)
  4. New Forum Post - 4 Points
  5. New Forum Topic - 6 points
  6. New Review - 8 points
  7. New Listing - 8 points
  8. New Article - 100 points
  9. Have your blog featured - 100 additional points (total 200 points) 
  10. New Member - 100 points

While featured blogs are good, outstanding blogs are a level above featured blogs reserved only for the very best articles. Factors include the number of hits, effort that went into it and quality of content.

How do I make friends?

Simply navigate to anyone's profile and click the button in shown in (1). Your new friend will appear in the space shown in (3) if they accept your request. To start off your list you can add me as a friend here, I will always accept your request! You can also make a wall post (2) on anyones' profile. We are a very friendly community so have fun making friends and talking to other members!

How can my blog be featured?

Continue to submit your blogs as usual under "Submit a Blog". If it qualifies after an admin reads it, it will be featured and you will be then awarded the bonus points. minicolee's guide of "Photoshoot worthy places in Singapore" is a good example that qualifies under this system.

If you wanna earn points through blogging, why not spend a bit more time on it to produce something really good! Basically blogs that are of higher quality than a standard "blog" and cover an interesting topic have the chance of being featured.

With front page articles, the detail and quality expected goes up one level further. Only articles that have had plenty of effort put into them can qualify as a front page feature. Check out the recent article Wei Ling wrote '10 Baking Classes in Singapore' as an example of what qualifies for a front page feature.

You of course also get the honour of your article being featured on our front page for everyone to see and if its really good it may just end up rank #1 in google being read by a ton of people. That in my opinion is the greatest satisfaction. So make your articles stand out!

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