Marina Barrage’s Pop-Up Carnival Has Fireworks, Free River Cruises, And 100+ Food/Retail Stalls

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Marina Barrage’s 10th Anniversary Finale 


marina barrage 10 anniversary

marina barrage 10 anniversary night

It’s been 10 long years since Marina Barrage first opened their doors and we sure were excited about everything the space offered. They’ve done plenty for us: put a halt to floods in low-lying city areas, strengthened our water supply, and offered a trusty spot for activities like LED kite-flying and night-time picnics. 

But from 26 to 28 October 2018, look forward to a grand finale to celebrate Marina Barrage’s roaring success in creating Singapore’s only city reservoir. With an exciting lineup that includes firework displays, live music performances, and outdoor movie screenings, here are 10 things to enjoy this weekend at Marina Barrage’s 10th Anniversary Finale:


1. Cruise around Marina Reservoir for free


Highlights: Gardens by the Bay & Marina Bay


marina barrage 10 anniversary cruise

Image credit: @____l.anchieh_

A cruise around Marina Reservoir* makes for a relaxing evening out. After setting sail from Marina Barrage, you’ll be passing the scenic grounds of Gardens by the Bay before heading towards the twinkling city lights of Marina Bay. 

As you glide along the waters, listen to the onboard commentary to learn more about PUB’s efforts in offering up a sustainable and resilient water supply. 

When: 27 to 28 October (3PM-9PM)
Where: The Jetty at Marina Barrage

*Strictly on a first-come-first-served basis. No pre-registration required.


2. Try themed dishes, street food, & special cocktails 


Fried oysters, cheeseburgers, & butterfly pea drinks 


marina barrage 10 anniversary fried oyster crest gate

Note: All food items cost $10 and come with a drink.

Every special occasion deserves special F&B too, and that’s what they’re offering here with a menu of themed dishes. Try the Crest Gate for deep-fried oysters, placed over dollops of blue mayo - each oyster symbolises the gates of Marina Barrage to help release rainwater into the sea. 

marina barrage 10 anniversary the pump sweet karaage chicken

Another solid choice is The Pump, a savoury set that’s inspired by the Barrage’s drainage pump. This has a generous serve of Sweet Karaage Chicken on top of fresh green salad. It also comes with a Citrus Drink with Butterfly Pea that matches the ocean perfectly with vibrant hues of turquoise-blue. 

marina barrage 10 anniversary sawadeecup aglio olio

This aglio olio dish comes with either garlic shrimp or basil chicken ($10, with a Thai Milk Tea).

There’ll also be other street food up for grab, from sweet treats such as Fried Oreos and Fried Chocolate Bars to local bites like Popiah. We’re eyeing the Okonomirosti - a tasty blend of Japanese okonomiyaki (pancake) and Swiss potato rosti, that’s topped with mayo, tonkatsu sauce, and bonito flakes. 

marina barrage 10 anniversary salted sliders

Other cultures are also represented here, with Moo Ping (Grilled Pork Skewers) with Sticky Rice and Salted Siders

When: 26 October (5PM-11PM), 27 October (1PM-11PM), and 28 October (1PM-9PM)
Where: Around Marina Barrage


3. Watch colourful firework displays


marina barrage 10 anniversary fireworks

Image credit: PUB

There’s nothing like a spectacular display of fireworks to set a festive tone, and the ones at Marina Barrage certainly will. The Barrage’s Green Roof is a perfect setting for an explosion of vibrant colours, and while these fireworks aren’t quite as high as those from National Day, they’ll be exploding right in front of our eyes.

When: Saturday, 27 October (8PM-8.15PM) 
Where: Green Roof


4. Enjoy rooftop movie screenings 


Highlights: Black Panther & Coco


There’s a whole different atmosphere to watching a movie outdoors at Marina Barrage’s Green Roof, what with the cool night breeze and panoramic Marina Bay views. Gather your family and friends and lean back on a picnic mat to leisurely enjoy kid-friendly movies like action-packed Black Panther or heartwarming animation Coco

When: 26 October (10.15PM-12AM) and 27 October (9.45PM-12AM)
Where: Green Roof


5. Shop at flea market booths


Highlights: lifestyle, arts & craft, and upcycling stalls


marina barrage 10 anniversary emo party animals thelocalpeoplesg

marina barrage 10 anniversary accessories

Find quirky polaroids like this ‘Emo Party Animals’ set.

Spare some time to stroll through the various pop-up booths - they’ve got over 100 booths featuring a mishmash of lifestyle and arts & crafts products. The space even has 20 upcycling stalls that offer quirky products like origami paper earrings. Whether you’re eyeing intricate Native American handiwork or organic hibiscus tea, there’s sure to be a booth you’ll enjoy exploring. 

marina barrage 10 anniversary stickers tattoos

Lifestyle booths

When: 26 October (5PM-11PM), 27 October (1PM-11PM), and 28 October (1PM-9PM)
Where:  Central Courtyard

Upcycling Booths

When: 26 October (5PM-11PM), 27 October (3PM-11PM), 28 October (3PM-9PM)
Where: Green Roof


6. Sway along to live music performances 


Highlights: Ecuadorian band KAYNA and solo Peruvian musician



We’re embracing all cultures at Marina Barrage, with live music performers flying in for their first performances in Asia. Ecuadorian band KAYNA will be playing Native American instruments like the sikus (traditional flute) and ocarinas (vessel flute). Peruvian musician Manuel G Rios will also be performing solo - while dressed in full feathered headgear and all. 

marina barrage 10 anniversary kayna

Local bands like Triple Trouble, Deston Ritmo, and PUB’s own band will also be making appearances, so you can sway along to soothing jazz and acoustic tunes.  

Live band performances

When: 26 October (7.30PM-10.15PM), 27 October (8.30PM-9.45PM), 28 October (6.30PM-9PM)
Where: Green Roof

Look forward to other live performances, such as a contemporary dance against a sunset backdrop. There’ll also be a brief dance sesh after, where you can learn simple dance tracks as part of National Art Council’s Got To Move initiative. 

Got To Move 2018

When: 26 October (6.30PM) and 27 October (6PM)
Where: Green Roof


7. Take part in workshops and craft activities


Highlights: Make your own keychains, coasters, & wallets


 marina barrage 10 anniversary workshop

Image credit: Terra SG

While there’s certainly plenty to browse, there are also many hands-on workshops and activities that’ll get you started on the sustainability movement. All workshops are eco-friendly so you can try making your own handy knick-knacks like bottle cap keychains and fabric coasters made from used t-shirts. 

  marina barrage 10 anniversary terra

Image credit: Terra SG

When: 27 October (3PM-9PM) and 28 October (1PM-6PM)
Where: Courtyard Foyer and Deck B


8. Tour the Sustainable Singapore Gallery


Singapore’s undoubtedly a clean, green city - our chewing gum ban and anti-graffiti laws say it all - and there’s no better showcase than our Sustainable Singapore Gallery

Don’t come in expecting an overdone lecture on sustainability, instead, take the time to wander through the Gallery to find out more on how environmental matters directly affect us and how you can do your part for the environment. 

marina barrage 10 anniversary sustainable singapore gallery

marina barrage 10 anniversary sustainable singapore gallery

The Gallery will extend its opening hours till 10PM from 26 to 28 October 2018.

When: 26 to 28 October (9AM-10PM)
Where: Marina Barrage (Level 2), 8 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018951


9. Enjoy visual storytelling with a Sand Art Performance


marina barrage 10 anniversary stacey lee sand art

Image credit: Stacey Lee

This Sand Art Performance will add a touch of whimsy to The Story of Marina Barrage, making it suitable for both kids and adults. Through the sifting of sand, Sand Artist Stacey Lee  will be bringing Marina Barrage’s history to life - watch as the intricate details of the Barrage and the Marina Reservoir take shape. 

When: 27 October (8PM-8.15PM)
Where: Green Roof


10. Claim free gifts hourly - picnic mats, hologram postcards & water bottles


marina barrage 10 anniversary water wally prizes

There’ll also be free gifts hourly for all to take home, from practical items like picnic mats and water bottles to unique trinkets like hologram postcards and Water Wally plushies. Keep an ear out because the emcee will be making hourly announcements for these giveaways, when you’ll have to answer a question of sorts. 

When: 27-28 October (1PM-6PM)
Where: Marina Barrage


Things to do at Marina Barrage’s 10th Anniversary Finale


marina barrage 10 anniversary MBS

From 26 to 28 October 2018, there’s bound to be something you’ll enjoy at Marina Barrage’s 10th Anniversary Finale. While we’re used to Marina Barrage being the CBD’s nature haven, we’re all eagerly waiting for the scenic grounds to transform into a massive pop-up carnival. 

The finale is filled with entertainment and educational opportunities, featuring eco-friendly activities, upcycling booth, and various highlights to learn more about the Singapore Water Story. Whether it’s tasty street food or flea market stalls you’re there for - this weekend, head down to Marina Barrage’s 10th Anniversary Finale to join in the celebrations. 

When: 26 October (5PM-11PM), 27 October (1PM-11PM), and 28 October (1PM-9PM)
Where: 8 Marina Gardens Drive, Marina Barrage, Singapore 018951

Find out more about Marina Barrage’s 10th Anniversary Finale here! 

This post was brought to you by  PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency.

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