JADORN's Virtual Fitting Room Mirror Lets You Try On Outfits Without The Hassle Of Changing

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JADORN - fashion & lifestyle boutique in Singapore


As much as we enjoy online shopping, nothing beats heading down to a brick-and-mortar to try on new threads. After all, that’s where you can suss out the true quality of clothes, through the feel of the fabric and the fit of the design.

But fashion & lifestyle boutique JADORN takes it one step further: they’ve got a virtual fitting room mirror that lets you try on clothes without physically wearing them. Read on to find out what JADORN is up to this November - a pop-up showcase at Orchard Central, massive discounts, and generous giveaways are just a few goodies waiting for you:


Try JADORN’s MIRO - Virtual fitting room mirror


JADORN - virtual fitting room mirror

There’s something exhausting about trying on clothes - while it’s admittedly fun to admire yourself from all angles, it certainly gets tiring after a few changes. Enter MIRO, JADORN’s virtual fitting room mirror that gets the job done without you lifting a single finger.

JADORN - virtual mirror

This mirror is so high-tech that you can customise it however you like, tweaking features like style, outfit, hairstyle, and even body size.

JADORN - virtual mirror - customise

You can change your avatar's height, weight, shoulder width, waist, and thigh sizes.

JADORN - MIRO - trying on clothes

There’s no need to tug on various pieces to find the perfect outfit - simply swipe through JADORN’s curated clothing range and select whichever catches your eye. Good riddance to tousled hair and smudged makeup!

Note: MIRO’s user interface works in both English and Chinese - if you need any assistance, simply ask the store assistants for help.


Save up to 50% off at JADORN’s 11/11 Spend & Splurge


JADORN - 11/11 Spend & Splurge

And once you’ve virtually tried JADORN’s various designs, you’ll be tempted to see the clothes IRL. Head on up to the fourth floor, where you’ll be greeted by an airy store that’s minimalistically put together in soothing pastel shades. The clothes are neatly organised, making it easy to match pieces to your ideal colour palette.

JADORN - shopping for clothes

Loading up on easy-to-pair white pieces with their Printed Ink Dress ($199) and Oversized Jacket ($259) & Flare Pants ($249). 
Image adapted from: @jadorn.theonly

Since JADORN’s 11/11 Spend & Splurge Sale is coming soon, you have every reason to sift through their racks. Prices will be slashed up to 50% off, and that includes a massive range from oversized jackets to printed shifts. Don’t expect to find your basic black dresses here - all pieces come with tweaks, such as a cleverly-placed ribbons or intricate hem details.  

JADORN - shopping for clothes - Orchard Central

JADORN’s Cassla Bow Mini Dress ($114.50, U.P. $229) and Pin Stripe Darla Dress ($339).
Image adapted from: JADORN

The Sale is also valid on other products, such as homeware and accessories.

JADORN - jewellery

We all like a lil’ bling on us, and the jewellery at JADORN is exactly how their clothes are - tasteful, delicate, and with just enough impact for people to take a second look.

JADORN - jewellery and accessories

Some pieces that caught our eye include the 14K Rose Gold Ring ($179), Anette Bracelet ($39), and Sage Rose Gold Earrings ($159).

JADORN - dinnerware sets

JADORN’s Vector Collection ($189) is a full dinnerware set with 9 pieces and utensils.

And since you’ve already got the jewellery, you might as well get the tableware to match. With dinner sets like the Vector Collection ($189) and Liden Luxe Collection ($219) you’re one step closer to becoming the perfect dinner host.

JADORN - dinnerware set

Their Liden Luxe Collection ($219) is a full dinnerware set with 11 pieces and utensils.


Join JADORN’s membership plan for discounts & vouchers


$50 voucher, 15% birthday discount & permanent 10% discount


JADORN - membership plan

With a curated collection of fashion labels and homeware goods, JADORN sure is amping up quality shopping in Singapore. Once you step foot into their store, it’s hard resisting going all out and buying every piece you see, especially with the ease of virtually trying on clothes with their virtual fitting room mirror.

Thankfully, JADORN offers a membership plan where you can rack in the savings. It’s simple: all you need to do is spend $300 or more in a single receipt. You’ll immediately receive welcome vouchers (worth $50), an all-year-round 10% discount, and an additional 5% off on selected promo items.

JADORN - membership - birthday promo

On your birthday month, you’ll get 15% off this!

As an exclusive giveaway for TSL readers, JADORN will be giving away Gift Packs to 5 lucky winners. Each pack comes with $200 worth of shopping vouchers and a JADORN shopping bag - head over to our Facebook post to see how you could win!


Pop-up event at Orchard Central


From 16 to 18 November, JADORN will be having a pop-up at Orchard Central where you can try MIRO for yourself. Remember to snap a photo and post on Instagram - 5 lucky winners* will get a chance to win shopping vouchers and an exclusive JADORN membership welcome pack!

This giveaway is open from 1 to 30 November, and you can either take a photo at the pop-up event or JADORN’s store in Orchard Central.

*4 winners to win shopping vouchers (worth $50).
1 winner to win shopping vouchers (worth $50) and an exclusive JADORN membership welcome pack with free gift.

Pop-up Event
When: 11AM-10PM, 16 to 18 November 2018
Where: 181 Orchard Road, Level 1 Orchard Central, Singapore 238896, Beside the Concierge on the ground floor.

Address: 181 Orchard Road, #04-04/05/06 Orchard Central, Singapore 238896
Telephone: 6909 6520
Opening hours: Mon to Sun: 11AM-10PM

Find out more about JADORN here!

This post was brought to you by JADORN.

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