Fat Freezing Is A Painless, Non-Surgical Method That Helps People Lose Weight Without Exercising

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Getting Rid Of Stubborn Fats In 50 Minutes


Mirage Aesthetic new painless way to lose weight without surgery and exercise fat freezing

When I was first given the opportunity to ‘freeze my fat’, I was both joyful and skeptical. On one hand, I was desperate to get rid of the bulge I’ve acquired from my sedentary 9-to-6 job; but on the other, I was acutely aware one can’t look like a Victoria’s Secret model without regular gym visits alongside a clean and healthy diet. 

Despite my initial doubts, I was ready to give the treatment a shot. As someone who’s tried (and failed) at many diet regimes, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try a new method of losing weight. Besides, after reading success stories from Mirage Aesthetics, it made me more curious to see if it was possible to attain a toned physique within 50 minutes. 


About The Fat Freezing Treatment 


Painless way to lose weight without surgery and exercise fat freezing

When I arrived at Mirage Aesthetics, I was greeted by a team of aestheticians, who kindly directed me to the consultation room. I was pleasantly surprised by the top-notch service - the team gave me hot towels and a drinks menu to pick a beverage from before the session began. 

Not only that, I was also given a form to fill out my personal particulars and declare any existing medical conditions. 

Anna, the aesthetician-in charge, then briefed us on how the fat freezing process works. 

New ways to lose weight without exercising fat freezing treatment

Fat freezing, unlike traditional slimming methods, involves controlled cooling on body parts that typically retain stubborn fats - for example thighs, love handles, arms and tummy. The cool air crystallises the fat cells until they die without affecting the surrounding tissue and cells. 

Over time, our body naturally eliminates these dead fat cells by excreting them through urine and sweat. Good riddance. 

I shared my concerns regarding my new-found tummy bulge and how desperate I was to get rid of it. Anna explained that fat freezing reduces up to 25% of fat cells per session. For a noticeable difference in the waistline, one would need more than a session.*

*Some might need more sessions for a better result, as this is dependent on body type 

Mirage Aesthetics fat freezing treatment

Once the Q&A ended, I was led down a corridor to the treatment room provided. The space felt cosy and snug, and the natural green surroundings emanated a calm and relaxing vibe too, almost like stepping into a garden. 

Mirage Aesthetics weight loss treatments


The Fat Freezing Process 


Anna and her assistant began by laying an ice-cold sheet on my stomach to prevent frostburns from the treatment. Once I was all set, a suction cup was placed on my stomach. 

Painless way to lose weight without exercising and surgery fat freezing

 For a moment, I wondered if this was what the future looked like - people chilling with a book on a Sunday afternoon while a machine burned unwanted fats for them.

The machine showed no mercy to my “spare tyres” and even managed to pull fats from my sides. I was amazed at how much fat was sucked into the cup.

 Although I was warned of the slight discomfort I would feel, the tingling sensation still took me by surprise. My stomach felt slightly pinched, and the changing temperatures between hot and cold was a little hard to adjust initially.

However, like the aestheticians predicted, the discomfort dissipated ten minutes into the treatment. Once I was got used to the feeling, I was able to relax and sink into complete zen mode for the entire duration of the 50-minute session. 

Mirage Aesthetic fast ways to lose weight without surgery and exercise fat freezing

When the time was up, the suction cup was removed, and my stomach felt numb. To put my fears at ease, Anna explained that this was entirely normal.

We headed back to the consultation room where I was presented with a meal plan. Over the next few days, it was important to reduce my consumption of carbohydrates while increasing my water intake to achieve the most effective results. 

Mirage Aesthetic new way to lose weight without surgery and exercise fat freezing


The Verdict


Just like the aesthetician mentioned, a single session of fat freezing isn’t going to magically transform a person’s body. 

Although I didn’t lose a few kilos right after, I definitely felt a difference on the same afternoon back at work. The waistband of my jeans seemed looser, and the bulge that usually protruded was significantly smaller as well. 

While I still have a hard time believing how I lost a few inches off my waist in less than an hour, I’m convinced now that the science behind fat-freezing is indeed effective. 

Nevertheless, a healthy body still requires a clean diet and a consistent exercise regime. For those looking to pick up their gym habits again, fat-freezing can serve as a morale booster, and help you become the better 2018 version of yourself! 


New year, new you at Mirage Aesthetics 


More good news if you’re keen to kickstart your weightloss journey - as Mirage Aesthetic is offering a promotion all the way till the end of February 2018:

1 session of Fat Freezing - $68 (U.P. $480), use promo code “TSLmirage_fat$68” OR
2 sessions of Fat Freezing - $128 (U.P. $960), use promo code “TSLmirage_fat$128”

Send the promo code through SMS to 8240 3523 or call 6262 3358/ 6262 3378 to redeem. 

On top of that, you’ll get a session of Collagen MTS SKin Booster Treatment (worth $380) FOR FREE!


Getting There 


Mirage Aesthetics weight loss treatment promotion

Mirage Aesthetics is located at Level 4 of the Orchard Parade Hotel. A separate office lift in the hotel lobby will lead you to the clinic, as Mirage Aesthetics isn’t located within the hotel itself. 

Orchard Parade Hotel Mirage Aesthetics weight loss treatments

If you have no sense of direction like me, the receptionist of the hotel will happily direct you there, so there’s no need to worry! 

Address: 1 Tanglin Road, Orchard Parade Hotel, #04-08, Singapore 247905

Telephone: 6262 3358

Find out more about Mirage Aesthetics!

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