Dean & Deluca

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Yesterday I finally managed to get a date with the birthday girl. Before heading over to Orchard Cineleisure, we decided to have Dean & Deluca for lunch. Think it has been my 3rd to 4th time here already. Love their huge portions and the no extra service charge!


Have been wanting to try out their flapjacks for SO LONG. Tried their english breakfast which was just a whole plate of grease, their cornflakes crusted french toast was sinfully good but by no means good for your waistline nor for diabetics.

As for the Berries and Flapjacks, which is essentially oat and honey buttermilk pancakes with fresh mixed berrieswith D&D’s maple syrup, it’s aesthetics didn’t disappoint. However as for the taste, honestly nothing much. 


It was some thick pancakes tho’, I can’t deny. 

I remember they used to serve it with the cream sandwiched in between the pancakes, but seems like they changed to an easier and cleaner looking alternative.

No hints of maple syrup because i later found out that it was already drizzled onto the pancakes before stacking them. Which of course makes the whole set up look cleaner.


Grilled chicken breast with a side salad. 

The nice me specially ordered this for my carnivore friend who has to have chicken/any form of meat in the meal.

This was placed in the cooler with many other sorts of hot + cold food like salads, salmon, mac and cheese which were to be reheated when an order was placed.

The sides were a little tough from charring and there was too little sauce drizzled over. Some may find this dish dry but it’s a great way to balance a sinful meal! (with all the pancakes and sugar we were about to have)



The pancakes were really about 1″ thick!  They were sufficiently soft and fluffy but a little too thick in my opinion. You know the feeling you get when you have an overdose of pancakes? That really sick feeling you get that just makes you want to gag if you see any more pancakes. Thickness was great for visuals but not for the tastebuds.

Also, we got a medium cup of pomegranate iced tea which came with a side shot of sugar syrup which customers can add as much as they want. At 6 bucks per cup, it really is not cheap. But it did quell my thirst during the meal. They used to have self-serve iced water previously, but now they did away with it, to my disappointment. 

A rather great place to hit all in all, provided you can bear with the extra hole in your wallet. 

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