Crab Factory In JB Is An Affordable Halal Seafood Restaurant Just 20 Minutes From City Square Mall

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Crab Factory in Johor Bahru


Crab factory in Little Paris JB

If you frequent JB and are looking for a new seafood place to try that isn’t excessively crowded, we’ve got you. A 20-minute drive from City Square Mall in Johor Bahru will take you to the quaint streets of JB’s very own Little Paris, where you’ll find Crab Factory


Ambience at Crab Factory


crab factory ambience

Surrounded by Parisian-style cafes and boutiques, Little Paris is a hidden gem in the heart of Johor Bahru. Amidst the shophouses there, the striking signage of Crab Factory is hard to miss. However, the interior of the restaurant is kept simple with concrete floors and plain wooden furniture, so don’t expect any fancy decor there.

crab factory

If you get bored while waiting for your food, grab a pen and leave your mark on the orange doodle wall, or take a look at the live crabs.

crab in tank

Crab Factory is not as crowded as other popular joints in JB, so if you don’t fancy squeezing with the masses, it’s an ideal place to eat at.


Food at Crab Factory


crab lover shiok

We began the feast with the Crab Lover Shiok (RM149.7, ~S$51), a value set ideal for 2-3 people. This works out to as low as RM49.90 (S$17) per person! Other than crab, this bag of goodness also includes clams, prawns, corn, broccoli, shallot rice, and mantou (fried buns). In Singapore, a single crab at a zi char stall can cost around $50, so this is pretty worth the price! 

crab lover shiok at crab factory

You can have your pick of sauce, and we opted for the signature Louisiana-style one - which was rich with a peppery spiciness and some tanginess. If you’re not a fan of spice, there are other choices like Garlic Butter, Creamy Lemak and Salted Egg.

The crab itself was quite small, but juicy nonetheless. Don't be afraid to get messy - wipe up all that sauce, suck on the shell and taste everything in its full glory. Bibs are provided so you can chow down without worrying about sauce stains, and there’s a washroom within the premises so you can clean your hands afterwards. 

Mantous at crab factory

No crab dish is complete without friend mantous. Use these to soak up every morsel of the sauce!

P.S.: You can even add melted cheese for RM6.90, ~S$2

For those travelling in groups or with big eaters, you can opt for the larger sets such as the Crab Lover Party for 5 at RM 299.50 (~S$102), or the Crab Lover Giler for 9 at RM539.10 (~S$183).

salted egg softshell crab

The Salted Egg Softshell Crab Burger (RM 26.80, ~S$9) is something else to be excited for. The charcoal-infused sesame bun was crispy, and the combination of crunchy buttermilk crab and salted egg was perfect. It also came with a side of fries.

salted egg softshell burger crab factory

We recommend that this burger be shared amongst 2 because despite how delicious it is, the saltiness can get quite jelak after a while.

Garlic chicken

Crab Factory also has an array of sides not limited to seafood. We tried their Garlic Chicken, which went at  RM18.90 (~S$6) for 8 pieces. Deep fried till golden brown, the chicken was juicy with a hint of garlic. There’s also a Cajun variant if you prefer something spicy.

Other sides include Squid Tentacles (RM$14.90, ~S$5), Okra (RM$10.90, ~S$3.70), and Fried Enoki Mushrooms (RM8.90, S$3).


Crab Factory at JB’s Little Paris


Crab factory crab lover shiok

With food almost at half price of what you can get in Singapore, Crab Factory in the Little Paris of Johor Bahru is definitely worth checking out - and it’s halal, too. The best part? It’s only a quick bus/train ride away.

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Address: G14, Block B (Little Paris), Jalan Jaya Putra 1/1, Bandar Jaya Putra, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Opening hours: Tues - Sun: 12PM - 10PM (Closed on Mondays)
Telephone: +60 07 3514 062


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