7 Free Language Apps To Use OTW To Work If You Have No Time To Attend Classes

Language exchange app with natives
Language learning apps   Image adapted from: @agilemoxie Whether you’re travelling to another country or trying to zhng your resume, learning a new language is a good skill to have. But not many have the time to commit to a language school a few hours every week, and if that’s you,...
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10 Ways To Remove Odours At Home That Even Expert Singaporean Mothers Don't Know

Stinky clothes - vodka
How to get rid of odours at home   3-day-old workout clothes, sweaty shoes and the lingering smell of animal pee - imagine that. Yes, this might be some of the stenches wafting around in your home sweet home.  But instead of clamping your nostrils shut and walking away, there’s...
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4 Carousell Hacks To Make Your Items Stand Out Against Thousands Of Listings

Carousell hacks for sellers
Carousell seller hacks   One man’s trash is another man’s treasure - and so we list our unwanted items for sale on Carousell in hopes of making a quick and easy buck. It’s basically a flea market in the form of an app - you can find just about anything...
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10 Websites For Media Freelance Jobs In Singapore From Acting To Photography & Writing

Freelancing Jobs in Singapore
How to be a freelancer in Singapore   Freelancing often conjures images of the struggling artist but it doesn’t always have to be that way. As a writer, I know the media industry fairly well and I’ll let you in on a secret: knowing where to source your stints is...
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Guide To Learning Scuba Diving In Singapore 2018 - Requirements, Certifications, & Diving Schools

learning diving in sea aquarium sentosa singapore
Everything you need to know about scuba diving in Singapore   Image adapted from: SEAA Blog Ah , scuba diving. Pretty much the closest you’ll ever get to being a mermaid.  If you’re itching to experience what it’s like seeing marine life up close, scuba diving is probably one of...
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6 Blind Spots That Will Sabotage Your #Fitspo Healthy Eating Efforts To Zero

healthy eating traps
Healthy eating tips   The #fitspo struggle is real. Giving up your favourite foods, counting calories and even - gasp - exercising. But even worse than the struggle is the realization that all your efforts were for naught.  Whether it’s chewing on the wrong type of salad or going on...
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7 Easy Ways To Lower Monthly Bills In Singapore Your Family Isn’t Already Doing

Stressed over monthly bills
Saving money in Singapore   Budget 2018’s come and gone, and the most astounding thing we’ve learnt is that there’ll be a 2% GST hike. We might be questioning the logic behind this, but one thing’s clearer than ever: it’s time for us to start saving all our pennies. All...
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Top 10 University Scholarships In Singapore For Prospective Students In 2018

NUS scholarship
University scholarships Singaporeans can apply for   Scoring a scholarship is like getting a free upgrade to first class. You get your tuition paid for free, and enjoy plenty of bonuses along the way too - like laptop upgrades, internship opportunities and even free vacations. But getting one is easier...
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7 Free Apps To Zhng Your Insta Stories With Because New Fonts Are So 2017

Disney sea, Tokyo disneyland
Apps for Instagram Stories   If it’s not on Instagram, it didn’t happen . This reigns true in an age where social media rules the world. And as much as posting 1:1 photos mark an event as significant, IG stories are getting increasingly popular. But though we’ve been #blessed with...
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10 Life Experiences You Can Only Have When You're On A Gap Year Or In Between Jobs

gap year experiences cover image
Gap year experiences for Singaporeans   Image adapted from:  @hotcheekylace If you’re on a gap year, in between jobs , or a fresh grad who’s currently unemployed, you’re probably trying to decide on meaningful activities to occupy your time with during this long break. Instead of staying home and nua...
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