11 Cleaning Hacks For Singaporean Married Couples That Will Make Cohabiting A Breeze

Bocsh Unlimited
Cleaning hacks at home   It’s been a while since you’ve figured that he/she was a keeper , and you’ve long since moved into your first flat with them. And while you’re finally the proud owner of a stylish new pad, you may find that staying together isn’t as rosy...
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6 Period Cramp Tips For Singaporean Girls Who Have Grown Immune To Painkillers

Get rid of period cramps
Menstrual cramp remedies   Image adapted from: Livia “There’s a tiny evil gnome inside me hacking away at my uterus with a pitchfork,” I recently told a colleague. This metaphorical gnome attacks without fail each month in varying intensities - sometimes it’s a dull, ignorable pain, other times I’m left...
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8 Unofficial Tips To Pass Your Practical Driving Test Your Instructor Won't Tell You About

Unofficial Driving Tips
Tips for passing your driving test in Singapore   Seat belt? Check. Mirrors in the right position? Check. Okay…now what? Taking a driving test couldn’t get more nerve wracking, and it’s not difficult to freak out when you see the examiner shake their head or scribble non-stop on your scoresheet....
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9 Career Tips From Singapore Sales Leaders That Will Fast Track Your Career

property sales cover image
Useful sales career tips   To many Singaporeans, sales agents = the polished-looking people who intercept you outside MRT stations with “are you still studying or working?”. But that’s far from what being one really is. To get the low down on the true nature of the sales industry, we...
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NYC Is Sending Young Singaporeans Overseas To Travel And Have a Life-changing Experience

National Youth Council Overseas Programmes   We all need something to spice up our daily routine once in a while, and what better way than a getaway. But think beyond holidays and consider the National Youth Council ’s overseas programmes instead for THE adventure of your lifetime.  From a few...
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8 High Tech Home Gadgets That'll Upgrade Your HDB Flat To A Smart Home

High Tech Gadgets - Cover Image
Smart gadgets for home security   Image adapted from: Petalswithpizzazz , @chrisalparas , Smart-Home Hobby I still remember feeling oh-so-jelly when I first watched Iron Man, and I saw Tony activating a bevy of cool features in his home with his electronic personal assistant. Although we’re still far away from...
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7 Free Language Apps To Use OTW To Work If You Have No Time To Attend Classes

Language exchange app with natives
Language learning apps   Image adapted from: @agilemoxie Whether you’re travelling to another country or trying to zhng your resume, learning a new language is a good skill to have. But not many have the time to commit to a language school a few hours every week, and if that’s you,...
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10 Ways To Remove Odours At Home That Even Expert Singaporean Mothers Don't Know

Stinky clothes - vodka
How to get rid of odours at home   3-day-old workout clothes, sweaty shoes and the lingering smell of animal pee - imagine that. Yes, this might be some of the stenches wafting around in your home sweet home.  But instead of clamping your nostrils shut and walking away, there’s...
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4 Carousell Hacks To Make Your Items Stand Out Against Thousands Of Listings

Carousell hacks for sellers
Carousell seller hacks   One man’s trash is another man’s treasure - and so we list our unwanted items for sale on Carousell in hopes of making a quick and easy buck. It’s basically a flea market in the form of an app - you can find just about anything...
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10 Websites For Media Freelance Jobs In Singapore From Acting To Photography & Writing

Freelancing Jobs in Singapore
How to be a freelancer in Singapore   Freelancing often conjures images of the struggling artist but it doesn’t always have to be that way. As a writer, I know the media industry fairly well and I’ll let you in on a secret: knowing where to source your stints is...
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