Why I Volunteer My Precious Weekends Away Instead Of Sleeping In, And How You Can Do The Same

Company of Good - volunteering in Singapore with your company
Volunteering in Singapore   Image adapted from: Friends of Beautiful People Many of us are so busy during the week that we can barely wait for the weekends to roll around. Finally, we think with a sigh of relief, we get to sleep in till noon. But for some folks...
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9 Things To Consider When Buying A Resale Flat So You Don't Kena Scammed

Resale Home Buying Guide
Buying a resale flat in Singapore   Image credit: Meter Cube Interiors The wave of adulting has hit and the verdict’s in: you need a new home. But BTO wait times are loooong , and your fragile heart can’t deal with any more application rejections. As for ECs and condos,...
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7 Old-School Cobblers In Singapore Who Can Repair Your Shoes For Way Cheaper Than Chain Outlets

Mr Yamaguchi Taro Yishun cobbler
Cheap shoe-fixing services in Singapore   Just because many of us take pleasure in buying new shoes, it doesn’t mean that we’re ready to give up our worn-out kicks. And that’s where cobblers come in. Instead of visiting chain outlets, many actually look for roadside cobblers to fix their shoes....
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7 Hidden Features In Plain Sight That Prove Singapore Is Low Key Genius

weird buildings in singapore
Eco-friendly features in Singapore   You might remember bombarding your parents with a never ending list of why, why and whys as a kid - such as “Why is the sky blue?” and “Can we touch clouds?”  Although we’ve grown up and stopped asking so many questions, there’s no doubt...
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7 Extinct Childhood Places In 90s Singapore You Played At Before The Internet Existed

Fundazzle Singapore - ball pit
Unforgettable play areas of the 80s and 90s   There are a couple of things that true 80s and 90s kids will defend to the end - CDs, MSN messenger, Game Boys and…their childhoods.  From the old indoor play area of King Albert Park's McDonald's to Fundazzle, we turn back...
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9 Little-Known Hotel Jobs In Singapore You Won't Expect To Find Beyond Front Office & Housekeeping

Hotel Jobs - 3D Cake Maker
Little-known jobs in the hotel industry   Picture the people working in a hotel, and your mind will flash to the usual front desk, doorman, and housekeeping. Hidden in the shadows, however, are a plethora of equally-important roles not many expect to see in the hotel industry, like 3D cake...
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8 Anniversary Celebration Ideas For Your Partner Instead Of Just Going To A Fancy Restaurant

DIY couple rings
Interesting anniversary ideas   Image adapted from: Etsy , Gemma India Romance never dies... or does it? Sure, the way to one's heart is through one's stomach ; but trod down the same path enough, and anyone would get sick of the view. We've come up with a list of...
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15 New Mandarin Singles Of 2018 You'll Want To Learn For Your Next Karaoke Session

Jay Chou May 2018 - If you don't love me, it's fine MV
Top 15 Mandarin singles in May 2018   Image credit: 杰威爾音樂 JVR Music Yes, there’s more to Mandopop than Tong Hua and Wu Ding . While our fave iconic Mandarin songs are no doubt timeless, let’s not overlook these new hits. From tearful tunes to more upbeat ones, here are...
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12 Home Decor Tips To Make Your BTO Look Big And Spacious

Bosch - light coloured interior
Ways to make your BTO look bigger   Image adapted from: Lookbook Living While your flat may not match up to the size of some huge homes , there are still ways to make them look bigger. Beyond the old trick of painting your walls white, here are some accessible...
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9 Paktor Places Of The 2000s You Visited With Your Stead Before They Became Extinct

neoprints at heeren singapore couple
Date spots in Singapore that no longer exist   Image credit: Rachel Yohannan Impressing your date in the year 2018 is tough. Not only do you have 1,001 options, you've also got a wafer-thin line between thoughtful and tacky. Thankfully for us "old" ones in our mid to late 20s,...
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