7 Old School Phones Every Singaporean Used Behind Their Textbooks In Class

Old Phones - Cover Image
Handphones of the 2000s   Image adapted from: @marekunda , @mytriumvirate , @abdul_harris Before the days of Apple vs Android, there were more factions in the Handphone War like Sony Ericsson , Motorola and my personal favourite, Nokia . The days when you could dramatically end a convo by closing...
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8 Extinct Sights That Will Only Make Sense To Singaporeans In Their 20s And 30s Now

bus fare singapore
Singapore then and now    At 53 years, Singapore’s just a young hatchling in the grand scheme of things. But since our grandparents’ time, there have been plenty of changes in how we live our day-to-day lives. From public transport to movie tickets, here are 8 pictures that show how...
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7 Cheeky Pun Names In Singapore That Have Existed Without Some Of Us Even Realising

a r money exchange armani
Hidden puns in Singapore   We all have that one friend who's always got a pun up their sleeves. Always . You could be talking about the hot weather, and then this friend will turn to you and say, "Not as hot as me ." But then again, you can't...
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8 Themed HDB Flats In Singapore To Put On Your BTO/Resale Moodboard

themed hdbs
Themed HDB Renovations   Nobody ever said, “let’s make our HDB flat boring.” Yet, when new homeowners set out to renovate their BTO or resale flat , the sheer number of designs can be overwhelming. So you settle for something safe - which ends up looking like the million other...
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The Daintree Residence - Luxury Condo With A Treetop Walk Just 6 Minutes From Beauty World MRT

Daintree Residence - Luxury Condo Beauty World
Daintree Residence - New condo in Beauty World   Location. Location. Location . For families aiming to cross off that coveted 5th C off their list, that’s the mantra to ensure the property they’re gunning for isn’t at some far-sprung, ulu corner. Well, put away the classifieds cause Daintree Residence...
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I Chalked Up 1360 Healthpoints Easily To Redeem Lazada And Dining Vouchers

Healthpoints - Cover Image
Earn Healthpoints with HealthHub & Healthy 365   ‘Twas the day after the Raya weekend and after inhaling all sorts of food doused in lemak , I returned to work feeling less than sexy. As I lamented about my newfound babats to my colleagues, one of them replied with a...
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5 Reasons Why Stirling Residences May Be Your First Investment Home

Stirling Residences - New condo in Queenstown   The age-old debate: is your home an investment or an asset?  In layman terms: your home can earn money or not , or is it just nice to stay in? But ditch the ‘or’. Maybe someone told you that adulthood requires compromise,...
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8 Before & After Pictures Around Singapore That Show Our Nation’s Glo-Up

Before After Singapore - Chong Pang Village
Singaporean landmarks: past and present    We all know the old adage: “Singapore progressed from a third-world to first-world country in under 50 years.” Simply flip through the pages of any social studies textbook to see past photos of Singapore in its full glory.  That said, you can’t really feel...
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5 Ways To Live Healthy And Redeem Rewards Like SQ Tickets & Dining Vouchers

exercise and win singapore
Incentivised workouts for your fitness plan   We're all accustomed to the notion of having to pay for our dream bodies - usually in the currency of " blood, sweat and tears " and for some of us, actual cash. But even with our multiple gym memberships, yoga packages, and...
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SOOKEE's Bespoke Ring Service Lets You Create A One Of A Kind Engagement Ring

customized rings in singapore
SOOKEE Jewellery’s diamond ring customisation services   Every love story is unique and beautiful in its own way - and so is every bride-to-be. After all, there must’ve been something special about your lady that made you fall for her in the first place. So other than thinking of a...
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