8 Themed Hotels In Bangkok Under $100 That Are More Than A Shopping Drop Off Point

Themed bangkok hotels - sheep hotel
Themed hotels in Bangkok   Image credit: Expedia Ah , Bangkok - the millennial Singaporean’s home away from home. But with all the repeated trips packed full with food and shopping , we might yearn for something a little more the next time we pop by. And that’s where these...
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Scoot Is Giving All NTUC Members Special Travel Benefits Till End Of 2018

scoot promotions 2018
Scoot promotion for NTUC members     There’s no denying that the Land of Down Under ranks high on the list of top travel destinations. With the exchange rate being nearly 1:1, you get the feeling of being in an ang moh country without having to double the digits everytime you...
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6 Cheap Buffets In JB Under $15 Worth Crossing The Causeway For

Myeong Dong Korean BBQ in JB
Affordable buffets in Johor Bahru   We already know that JB is the go-to destination for cheap and shiok food. But if there’s anything better than eating, it’s eating all you can. Buffets can be pricey in Singapore, but thanks to the 3:1 exchange rate, it’s possible to enjoy unbelievably...
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11 NEW Resorts Near Singapore From $65/Night For Getaways Of All Budgets In 2018

New resorts in Asia
New holiday resorts in Southeast Asia   If you’ve managed to make it this far in 2018 with your leave balance intact, congrats! It’s time to turn all your daydreaming about a vacation into a reality.  There are already plenty of unique resorts and hotels near Singapore , but here...
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10 Lesser-Known Places In Bali That'll Give You An Excuse For A Repeat Trip

Bali - nest
Things to do in Bali    You’ve seen the adventurous side of Bali, a comprehensive cafe guide and even its eco-resorts . But Bali never tires of things to offer, which is why it remains such a popular travel destination amongst Singaporeans still. So here’s a brand new compilation of...
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Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park: 3-In-1 Themepark In JB With Giant Slides, Obstacles, & Drift Karting

Austin Heights Water and Adventure Park Johor Bahru
Austin Heights Water and Adventure Park   The next time you find yourself planning a trip to JB, make time for something other than the good food the Malaysian city has to offer. A 25-minute drive from City Square mall, Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park is a 3-in-1 park...
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10 Highest Mountains To Climb Near Singapore If Bukit Timah Is No Kick For You

kinabalu yushan fansipan doi inthanon mount
Mountain climbing near Singapore   Clockwise from top left: Mount Kinabalu, Yushan, Doi Inthanon, Fansipan Image adapted from: G Adventures , Taiwan Adventures , Wikipedia , Go VietTravel To the bulk of us, hiking only extends as far as Macritchie Treetop Trail or Bukit Timah Nature Trail takes us. After...
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Bali Swing - Mega Playground In Ubud With Giant Swings That Go Up To 78m Above Ground

Bali Swing in Ubud    Bali Swing , a newly opened giant playground in Ubud that boasts giant swings, will awaken your inner child. These swings aren’t your usual playground ones - they’re huge, and many are tied to sturdy palm trees. Thanks to Bali Swing ’s location on the...
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8 Budget Europe Trip Hacks For Inexperienced Singaporeans Planning Their First Visit

Budget travelling tips for Europe
Budget travelling tips for Europe   Image adapted from: @laura_must_travel With cobblestone alleys and postcard pretty views, everyone should make a trip around Europe at least once. And students, if you’ve been wanting to go but studies got in the way, start planning for a full-blown grad trip to soak...
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Tokyo Disneyland Has 7 New Additions For Its 35th Anniversary That Will Justify A Repeat Visit In 2018

tokyo disneyland 35th anniversary
Tokyo Disneyland’s 35th anniversary celebrations   Disneyland has always been the place where the young and young at heart go to for special occasions, but what happens when Disneyland is the one celebrating? The answer: a helluva party.  Tokyo Disneyland is celebrating their 35th anniversary this year, and they’ve spared...
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