10 Reasons To Visit Kota Kinabalu - Treehouse Villas, Unspoiled Beaches & Mini NZ 2.5 Hours Away

Treehouse villa with outdoor jacuzzi kota kinabalu
Things to do in and around Kota Kinabalu   When people say Kota Kinabalu , the first thing that comes to mind is the famous 4,095m-high Mt. Kinabalu. But the state capital of Sabah, Malaysia is waaay more than that. Good news for those on the hunt for a new...
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5 Taipei Cafes With Aesthetics Worth Hitting Pause On Your Street Food Rampage For

Taipei cafes
Pretty cafes to visit in Taipei   We all know that Taipei is famous for its iconic toilet-themed restaurant. But beyond the poop-shaped ice-cream and toilet bowl hot pots are many other yummy dishes waiting to be devoured in the Taiwanese city. Night markets are great for affordable local eats...
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2018 Guide On Getting From Singapore To JB - With New Shuttle Buses & 6-Seater Car Hires

ktm singapore to jb by train 5 minutes
How to get to JB from Singapore   Our friendly neighbour across the sea is no stranger to Singaporeans flocking over on weekends for some R&R time. But for many of us who don’t drive, the journey to Johor Bahru can cause quite the headache, before the relaxation even begins. ...
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8 Batam Resorts From $50/Night That Still Cost Less Than Staycays After Ferry Rides

batam resorts
Affordable resorts in Batam   Images adapted from: @wodavillaspa Most of us flock to boutique hotels in either Singapore or Malaysia when seeking a short getaway. But let’s face it - while those hotels may provide the comfort of being away from home, nothing beats the feeling of being completely...
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6 Themed Cruises Sailing From Singapore Including Cartoon Network Cabins And Water Park

interesting themed cruises singapore
Unique cruise experiences from Singapore   This year’s lineup of exciting themed cruises means that stylishly sailing away into the sunset isn’t merely a clichéd scene from the movies. But cruises aren’t just for retirees - unlike ordinary cruises, where a dip in the pool’s the sole highlight of your...
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Great Beach Drive - Gold Coast's Hidden Road Trip Is Unlike Any Highway Routes You've Known In Aussie

Great Beach Drive road trip Australia
Embarking on a Great Beach Drive road trip in Australia   So, you’ve conquered the best beaches and cafes at Gold Coast and are itching for a bigger adventure - perhaps it’s time to venture out further on an epic road trip. Just a 2.5h drive from GC, the Sunshine...
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9 Unique Hotels & Resorts Near Singapore To Live In The Wilderness In Comfort

Unconventional hotels in Southeast Asia   Let’s face it, most of us would not be able to appreciate the wilderness the way Bear Grylls does. But who says that being one with nature requires one to roll around in the mud and live on berries? Believe it or not, you...
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20 Places You Can Visit In Los Angeles Via United Airlines’ Nonstop Flight

Los Angeles - Cover Image
Places to visit in Los Angeles    Image adapted from: Disneyland , @saaa_bezzi , @maribarrosr , California Beaches I’ve never been to Los Angeles but if watching 90210 and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has taught me anything, the amount of fun stuff to do is enough to last...
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3 Fully Planned Sydney & NSW Trips Starting From $530 That'll Give You $30 Grab Credits

Light installations of Vivid Sydney
Sydney and NSW holiday packages   Image adapted from: @vividsydney Sydney’s known for its mix of city and nature: there’ll be wild roo s grazing out of your hand, but at the same time, there’s a ton of urban speakeasies perfect for a Friday night out. Dip your feet into...
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10 Stunning Hiking Trails In Europe Of All Difficulty Levels To Bookmark For Your Eurotrip

Hiking in Europe - collage
Hiking routes in Europe according to difficulty   If you ever wished to scale heights of something other than Bukit Timah Hill, there’s no better way than to take on the stunning hiking trails of Europe . Of course, the most spectacular hiking trails aren’t always the easiest - but...
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