Expedia’s Online Travel Fair Has Package Deals Starting From $163 To Destinations Like Bangkok, Tokyo, & Sydney

Expedia Online Travel Fair - Phuket travel package
Expedia - Online Travel Fair   Grand Sunset Hotel in Phuket. Image adapted from: @anna.bosssss Even if you’ve just gotten back from a month-long holiday, it wouldn’t be long before the travel bug hits again. The trick to saving enough money to go on an around-the-world trip? Keep a lookout...
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8 Things To Do In Nanchang That Look Like You've Entered A Jay Chou Music Video

fly to nanchang from $188! cover image
Things to do in Nanchang   For most of us, we eagerly await the announcement of new flight routes so that we can expand our #wanderlust repertoire and conquer more unknown lands. So when Scoot announced its new flight to Nanchang , capital city of Jiangxi , we were intrigued...
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10 Affordable Boutique Hotels In KL From $36/Night For Getaways That Won't Burn Your Leave

KL Hotels - Cover Image
Boutique hotels in Kuala Lumpur   The end of the year is fast approaching and I’ve done the calculations: We have 3 more chances aka public holidays to maximise our leave and plan a small weekend escape. And as far as short trips go, Malaysia has always been the go-to...
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9 Capsule Hotels In Tokyo Under $70/Night For Solo Travellers On A Budget

themed sleeping pods in shibuya
Cheap capsule hotels in Tokyo, Japan   Image adapted from: @yui.horiuchi , @daisukeshimokawa Japan is the dream holiday destination of many, but it comes with a hefty price tag. Accommodation is one of the biggest culprits in draining your wallet, with standard hotels requiring you to fork out quite a...
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19 Things To Do In Hiroshima: Rabbit Island, Michelin-Awarded Okonomiyaki, And Island Hopping Via Bicycle

chris fauzi usagi kyun
Things to do in Hiroshima     Tokyo , Osaka , Kyoto and Nara are the 4 "biggest name" Japanese cities Singaporeans associate with Japan, and it's virtually every week that you'll see someone on your IG stories humblebrag about being in Japan.  Instead of travelling down a well-trodden path,...
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9 Places In Gold Coast To Explore On A Bicycle If You Don't Have A Driving License

gold coast bike cover
Things to do in Gold Coast   Picture a trip to Australia and a car immediately comes to mind. But is it really needed? Not necessarily. In fact, I’d say it’s better without, especially for a place like Gold Coast .  With flat terrain, seaside cycling paths and sunny clear...
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10 Things To Do In Malacca On Weekend Trips That Are Just A 3-Hour Bus Ride Away

Hidden desert in malacca 15 minutes from the city
Must-do things in Malacca   Image adapted from: @tianchad  Night markets. Chicken rice balls. Home of the Mamee monster. Welcome one and all to the historic city of Malacca (or Melaka) : the sleepy little sister of KL, and a great mini-vacation spot that’s just a 3-hour drive from Singapore...
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8 Popular Anime Themed Cafes In Tokyo - Pokémon, Hello Kitty & Studio Ghibli

Anime Cafe Tokyo - Cover Image
Anime cafes in Tokyo   Image adapted from: @raghadalgogandi ,  TDR Explorer , @milo0218 , @akane_qqian I love anime . Even if it costs me a few “Swipe Rights” on Tinder, it’s daijobu cause 2D > 3D anyway. But some days, the desire to interact with your waifus and husbandos...
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8 Scenic Day Hikes Near Singapore For Beginners Whose Fitness Level Is MacRitchie Treetop Walk

Easy hiking trails in Asia
Easy hiking trails in Asia   Image adapted from: @vaniasoemarsono , @heykimu1004 , @idont_claireiloveit and @kata_zelenkova An office desk job has you craving the outdoor life: somewhere far, somewhere rural, and preferably somewhere with no one in sight. The highest mountains around Singapore have stunning views, but if you’re short...
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Crab Factory In JB Is An Affordable Halal Seafood Restaurant Just 20 Minutes From City Square Mall

Crab factory in Little Paris JB
Crab Factory in Johor Bahru   If you frequent JB and are looking for a new seafood place to try that isn’t excessively crowded, we’ve got you. A 20-minute drive from City Square Mall in Johor Bahru will take you to the quaint streets of JB’s very own Little Paris,...
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