Here're 4 Fully-Planned New Zealand Tours To Check Middle-Earth Off Your Bucket List

waitomo glowworm caves
New Zealand tours to sate your wanderlust   From LOTR buffs to those who’ve caught the travel bug, we’ve all thought about visiting New Zealand. Unfortunately, the hassle of planning our own itinerary to travel this expansive land is intimidating enough to halt our travel plans.  But don’t let the...
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7 Reasons To Fly To Wellington New Zealand This EOY With SQ's Insane $600 Return Flight Deal

Wellington’s best kept secrets   When New Zealand is brought up in conversation, the things that often come to mind are the country’s unbelievably friendly locals, adrenaline-pumping outdoor activities, and of course the spectacular scenic vistas - which made The Lord of The Rings such a breathtaking movie. While all...
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10 Beautiful Places In Croatia For Road Trips That Look Like Paradise

Hvar Croatia
Road tripping in Croatia   Image credit: K is for Kani Game of Thrones filming locations aside, Croatia is perhaps one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It’s got the best of everything, from scenery to history and outdoor activities, and not forgetting, delicious seafood. It’s no wonder...
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10 Boutique Hotels in Penang From $50/Night Perfect For A Weekend Getaway

Hotels in Penang
Cheap boutique hotels in Penang   Image credit: inandoutdecor When a long weekend is around the corner, we Singaporeans often flock to nearby JB for a quick shopping trip, or Bintan for a beach getaway. But if you’d like an adventure near home without the usual crowds, Penang is one...
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Mileslife - There's Finally An App To Earn Miles With Everyday Spending Because Credit Cards Take Forever

Mileslife (1) - Earn up to 5 miles more & fly to BKK!
Mileslife - Earn Air Miles faster   In the hopes of earning a getaway to treat yourself, you’ve been racking up air miles by using credit cards. But after a long time, you check your account - only to find you’ve accumulated just over 2,000 miles; that’s not even enough...
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Get Return Flights From $580 To Australia And NZ When You Book By 6 Nov 2017

Singapore Airline trips to Australia and New Zealand   Image credit:  @inespei We’ve just entered the last quarter of 2017, and it’s that time of the year again - where everyone’s seeking out travel lobangs to use up their annual leave on. If you’re still undecided on which destination to...
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10 Eco-Resorts In Bali Where You Can Immerse Yourself In Nature From $24/Night

Bali Eco Resorts - Cover Image
Ecotravel in Bali     Image adapted from: Airbnb Many of us are constantly on the lookout for our next getaway, which we can hop to during our next long weekend - and Bali, a paradise for sun-seekers and surfers, is one of the popular choices among Singaporeans. However, the...
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Ekkamai - 5 Quaint Cafes In Bangkok's Own "Keong Saik" To Hide From The Tourist Crowds In

Escape the crowds at hipster Ekkamai   Bangkok is famous for its eclectic cafe scene and notorious for its crazy weekend crowds. From the ever-popular ROAST at theCOMMONS to the well-established After You in Siam Paragon , queues and crowds tourists are to be expected if you intend to cafe-hop....
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9 Whimsical Things to Do In Moscow That Will Rekindle Your Childhood Fantasies

Cheap and fun things to do in Moscow for Singaporeans
A Singaporean's guide to Moscow    The moment I stepped into Moscow's grounds, I fell in love. Towering skyscrapers juxtaposed against glittering neo-classical buildings; gardens looking close to perfect; locals dressed unapologetically in poppy colours and prints. As a history student, my first thought was: is this really where Soviet...
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14 Budget-Friendly Things To Do In Athens So Affordable, You'll Forget You're In Europe

affordable greece athens
Affordable things to do in Athens, Greece   We all know Greece as a romantic destination fit for a honeymoon, but beyond the blue and white facades of Santorini is Athens, a jaw-droppingly beautiful city filled with warm locals, stunning ancient architecture, and some sweet nature spots you won’t want...
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