Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park: 3-In-1 Themepark In JB With Giant Slides, Obstacles, & Drift Karting

Austin Heights Water and Adventure Park Johor Bahru
Austin Heights Water and Adventure Park   The next time you find yourself planning a trip to JB, make time for something other than the good food the Malaysian city has to offer. A 25-minute drive from City Square mall, Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park is a 3-in-1 park...
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Tristan Park - Dirt Biking 20 Minutes From JB Central To Ride Like Power Rangers With Your Squad

Dirt biking in JB
Dirt biking in JB   When we think about travelling to JB, most of us get excited for the cheap food and shopping. But there are lesser attempted activities to consider across the Causeway, and dirt biking is one of them - think of it as riding a cross between a motorbike...
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7 Untouched Beaches And Islands You Can Visit From Kota Kinabalu

mantanani island beach kota kinabalu
Beaches and islands near Kota Kinabalu   While Kota Kinabalu is home to the stunning Mount Kinabalu, it’s not the only beauty this town has to offer. If you look beyond her shores - and we mean literally - you’ll be greeted with Maldives-like waters and white sandy beaches that’ll...
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10 Things To Do In Penang While On Half-Time During Your Street Food Binge

Things to do in Penang
Things to do in Penang   The Pearl of the Orient - aka Penang - has lots to offer, much more than just Laksa and Chendul. If you’re looking for a quick getaway on a budget, it’s time to venture out from JB into somewhere further - after all, Penang...
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Escape Theme Park Penang: 2-In-1 Waterpark & Adventure Course For Thrillseekers

interesting rides at escape theme park penang
Rides to try at Escape Theme Park in Penang, Malaysia   No, Escape Theme Park Penang is nothing like now-defunct one at Downtown East from our childhoods. In fact, it’s quite the opposite - there are no roller coasters, no bumper cars, and no carousels. What you’ll find here instead...
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5 Nearby Adventures In Kota Kinabalu To Conquer With Your Backpacking Kakis

Camp beside mountain kinabalu
Backpacking in Kota Kinabalu   Image adapted from: @zahiruddinzahiri If you’re done conquering the great Bukit Timah Hill and are looking for your next challenge, Mount Kinabalu, with a variety of beginner-friendly routes and more challenging treks, makes for a perfect choice, no matter your fitness level.  But beyond this...
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10 Reasons To Visit Kota Kinabalu - Treehouse Villas, Unspoiled Beaches & Mini NZ 2.5 Hours Away

Treehouse villa with outdoor jacuzzi kota kinabalu
Things to do in and around Kota Kinabalu   When people say Kota Kinabalu , the first thing that comes to mind is the famous 4,095m-high Mt. Kinabalu. But the state capital of Sabah, Malaysia is waaay more than that. Good news for those on the hunt for a new...
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8 Bintulu Adventures To Do With Your Most Garang Travel Buddy Just 2 Hours From Singapore

Bintulu - cover
Things to do in Bintulu   This new year, I made it a point to finally channel that intrepid daredevil in me and strike off all that adventures off my bucket list. The initial plan was to conquer Mount Everest, or explore the Amazon River but when our budget didn’t...
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10 Most Happening Clubs In Kuala Lumpur That Make Solid Rebounds Now That Kyo Is Gone

KL nightclubs (1) - Artebar interior cover
Best nightclubs in Kuala Lumpur   Food and shopping isn’t the only thing we Singaporeans head over to Malaysia for - there’s also the city of Kuala Lumpur for a clubbing fix at more affordable prices, thanks to the sweet exchange rate. Although Malaysia’s capital is smaller than Singapore, it’s...
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10 Things To Do In Kuantan - Chop Chop Malaysian Getaway Just An Hour & $42 Flight From Singapore

things to do in kuantan
Affordable things to do in Kuantan   Image adapted from: @dexhwe10 When it comes to affordable getaways, most Singaporeans immediately think of a staycation or a trip to JB. The furthest you’d travel may be to KL - but even going there for a 2 day trip can be a...
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