10 Gold Coast Cafes And Restaurants To Recharge At In Between Beaches & Theme Parks

gold coast cover image
Cafes and restaurants in Gold Coast, Australia   While Gold Coast in Australia is known for its sweet surf and pristine sand, there are few who look to Queensland for its dining scene. Many tourists and even locals may be surprised at the number of eateries that have started making...
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9 Places In Gold Coast To Explore On A Bicycle If You Don't Have A Driving License

gold coast bike cover
Things to do in Gold Coast   Picture a trip to Australia and a car immediately comes to mind. But is it really needed? Not necessarily. In fact, I’d say it’s better without, especially for a place like Gold Coast .  With flat terrain, seaside cycling paths and sunny clear...
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10 Reasons To Visit Broome - The Australian Resort Town With Dinosaur Tracks & Untouched Beaches

purnululu national park broome bungle bungles
Broome - Australia’s hidden gem   We’ve all heard of big Australian cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. But if the same sights of towering skyscrapers and busy roads are starting to bore you, it’s time for a whole new adventure on untrodden land. Broome is Western Australia’s hidden gem...
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4 Fully-Planned South Australia Tours To Live Out An Animal Planet Documentary Within A Week

remarkable rocks and kayaking along shipwrecks australia
South Australian tours with Jetabout Holidays   Image credits: @jordaaaan_ ,  Adventure Kayaking SA We've all had thoughts about following the footsteps of The Crocodile Hunter, or try camping out in the wild at some point in time. But though planning the perfect adventure isn't that easy, these 4 Jetabout...
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11 Gorgeous Places In Australia's Northern Territory That Are Nothing Like Sydney & Melbourne

australia northern territory field light installation
  Outback Adventures In Australia’s Northern Territory   Adapted from Source: @flightie_life The Northern Territory boasts the real deal of the Australian Outback - vast, open plains dusted with a deep orange-red colour, small colonies of unique desert plants and wildlife roaming the lands. With the best sights of the...
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11 Reasons Cairns Is The Perfect Mix Of YOLO/Nature For Your Squad

cairns adventure nature
The perfect balance of adventure and serenity   When it comes to planning that once-a-year trip with your gang, it's hard to please everyone. Some might want a sun-soaked trip lounging on the beach, others, a little adventure with a stint in nature, and of course - the lazy ones...
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10 Epic Cairns Adventures For Singaporeans To Conquer With Their Ride Or Die BFFs

Cairns - Australia's Adventure Capital   Australia is a country that most of us have ticked off our bucket list thanks to coffee-fueled, graffiti-hunting trips to hipster Melbourne and the vibrant lure of Sydney’s city life. But this doesn’t mean that’s all there is to see. You and your homies...
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22 Activities In Victoria To Prove South Australia Is The Least GAFA

Pink Salt Lake, Victoria
The full wanderlust experience in Melbourne     As one of the world’s most liveable cities, Melbourne isn’t just a place to live, work and play - amongst the busy streets and moving crowds exist a city catered for visitors needing a relaxing respite. Thus, tourists can expect ease in...
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10 Places In Perth & Around That'll Make You Visit A $139 Ticket Away

A Western Australian Adventure   When we think of Australia, several famous landmarks come to mind. It can be the iconic Sydney Opera House, the spectacular Great Barrier Reef or even party city, Bondi Beach. But we hear little about Western Australia or its capital city, Perth.  This can come...
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12 Uniquely-Themed Cafes In Melbourne That Prove Melbs Is A Hipster Capital

Melbourne cafe
Melbourne’s Themed Cafes     Source: @18rina It’s no secret that Melbourne is renowned for its cafe scene. With an endless supply of cafes that produce good food and coffee, it can be difficult to decide which new brunch spot to hit up, especially when most places have the same...
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