Bio-essence 24K Bio-Gold Miracle Finisher Sample Redemption

Fill This Up To Redeem Your Free Sample!   The Bio-Gold sample will be conveniently sent to you home. Loading...
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IKEA Singapore Does It Again With This Interactive Christmas Video That You HAVE To Watch

IKEA Singapore
Warning: May Induce Christmas Spirit   Last year, they took a dig at Apple with the IKEA Bookbook commercial. To usher in upcoming festive season, they’ve done it again. This time with an interactive 3-minute clip of a family singing ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’. The best part? You...
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20 Things To Do, See, And Eat In Cambodia Other Than Angkor Wat

Phnom Penh, a city less travelled   Two weeks ago, Audrey and I travelled to Phnom Penh for the first time. Visiting a country we knew so little of was exciting and exhilarating - when we booked our flights, we hadn't even heard of anyone we knew who had been...
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10 ways DirectAsia is the Insurer for the 21st Century Singaporean

DirectAsia - Where Happier Matters   More often than not, insurance isn’t on the top of the list of things we have on our minds - the possibility of mishaps or getting caught in unexpected situations doesn’t feel real until it actually happens. But unclear procedures and having to deal...
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TheSmartLocal Full-Time And Internship Jobs In Singapore

TSL FULL-TIME JOB OPPORTUNITIES   This is our regularly updated page for job vacancies at the five companies under TSL Media - TSL, Eatbook, Zula, MSN and LST events. We are looking to fill these full-time positions. Business Development / Sales (TSL Media) Content Strategist (TSL Media) Social Media Specialist...
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Beginner's Guide to TheSmartLocal

What is TheSmartLocal?   This guide is for members interested in becoming part of our community. Advertisers please go here instead. TheSmartLocal gives Singaporeans the best information on what to do inside and outside of Singapore. Our aim was to create a one stop hyperlocal portal for Singaporeans through user...
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Singapore Digital Media Services

Digital Services   If you're interested in running banners, advertorials or other powerful online campaigns on TheSmartLocal, please go to our advertising page. If you're interested in collaborations you can try our media invitation page  but do note we are extremely selective of invitations we accept. We also provide digital...
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Guides to Singapore Culture and Lifestyle

Here is a complete list of the various guides we have written that cover Singapore culture and lifestyle. Over here you will find guides written by locals that cover everything from our history to current traditions and practices.  Also be sure to check out our Guide to Singapore Culture &...
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A Guide to Singapore Culture & Lifestyle

Here is special section dedicated to anything "Uniquely Singapore". In this section you can learn about the festivals we have, our uniquely home-grown Singaporean products, Singaporean Celebrities or even the popular local websites. You can also read up on more uniquely Singaporean items like the 377a legislation (Boo!), Speaker's Corner...
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Guides and Features of Singapore Hotels

Here is a list of some of the hotels in Singapore we have personally visited and featured. We take an inside look and review these hotels along with pictures and in some cases video tours. Also be sure to check out our Guide to Hotels in Singapore and a ranking...
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