10 Bygone McDonald's Favourites That Today's Generation Never Got To Experience

Mcgriddles Singapore
Old McDonald’s favourites we miss   If the second coming of McDonald’s Nasi Lemak Burger has proven anything, it’s that unceasing requests on social media (see: FB comments section ) can make miracles happen. Perhaps McDonald’s already had its return planned regardless of our impassioned demands, but either way, it’s...
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8 Little Details You've Never Noticed In Singapore That Make Life Easier For Persons With Disabilities

Wheelchair friendly swing inclusive playground for disabilities singapore
Singapore's "invisible" upgrades    Image adapted from: National Council of Social Service As part of Gen Y, I spend over 5 hours a day with my eyes glued to my phone. Many fellow millennials, on auto-pilot mode to and from our destinations, barely notice our surroundings, except when it directly...
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10 Money Saving Tips To Spend Less In Singapore And Save Up For Your HDB ASAP

Singaporean money-saving tips   Money is an essential part of our lives - and saving money should always be on everyone’s minds. For most young Singaporeans, there seems to be so much we need to save for - our HDB, our wedding, our future.  As we plan our entire lives...
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10 Super "Extra" Inventions Singaporeans Never Knew They Needed In Their Lives Until Now

durian opener
Inventions to upgrade your life   Growing up as Singaporeans, most of what we do is driven by practicality and purpose. We ain’t got time for “ extra ” things we think are unnecessary or absurd (read: reindeer noses/antlers stuck onto cars every December to Mozzie Clapping at NDP ‘17)....
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5 FAQs Our Muslim Friends Get About Hari Raya Haji Answered Once And For All

Hari Raya Haji in Singapore
Facts about Hari Raya Haji     “I thought y’all celebrated Hari Raya already?” 8/10 times, this is the question I hear from non-Muslims every time Hari Raya Haji is brought up. We can’t really blame them - Hari Raya Puasa’s presence is more greatly felt than Hari Raya Haji...
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5 "Harmless" Habits That Are Racking Up Your Utility Bill in Singapore

5 habits that waste energy and your money   The rite of passage to adulthood is a total emotional rollercoaster ride. We've got the highs of total autonomy in our life choices and watching our bank balances soar every payday, but feel the immediate sting when we have to part...
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9 Religious Funeral Customs You See In Singapore And What They Mean

Funeral - Taoist Void Deck
Funeral rituals in Singapore     Image adapted from: An Lok Funeral Services  I remember attending my first funeral at 12. Back then, I sat back and watched as the adults handled things. But even so, I had loads of questions. For example, why was the body placed in a...
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10 Strategic Life Hacks That Could Only Have Been Thought Of By Singaporeans

Mcdonalds hack
Kiasu life hacks invented by Singaporeans   Growing up in Singapore, we’ve all been trained since young to be as resourceful as possible. With only human capital in this land, we can never understand the pain of making the most out of lumbering and gathering sawdust to make money. The...
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11 Photogenic HDB Blocks For The Perfect NDP #OOTDs

pastel HDBs queenstown
Insta-worthy HDBs around Singapore   Regardless of the countless times I’ve frequented the CBD, the Singapore skyline never fails to take my breath away. From our bizarre "durian" to the Singapore Flyer that’s 100 times my height to eccentric skyscraping supertrees in Gardens By The Bay, these iconic landmarks continue...
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8 English Phrases That Can Only Be Decoded By Singaporeans Who Have Served NS

stand by universe army phrases
Army English explained   Disclaimer: Guys, you might hear your sergeant’s gruff voice as you read these phrases.  And even if you’ve been watching from the sidelines, it’s time to pick up some NS jargon so you won’t be lost in translation when your enlisted friends use these terms at...
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