7 Old School Phones Every Singaporean Used Behind Their Textbooks In Class

Old Phones - Cover Image
Handphones of the 2000s   Image adapted from: @marekunda , @mytriumvirate , @abdul_harris Before the days of Apple vs Android, there were more factions in the Handphone War like Sony Ericsson , Motorola and my personal favourite, Nokia . The days when you could dramatically end a convo by closing...
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7 Cheeky Pun Names In Singapore That Have Existed Without Some Of Us Even Realising

a r money exchange armani
Hidden puns in Singapore   We all have that one friend who's always got a pun up their sleeves. Always . You could be talking about the hot weather, and then this friend will turn to you and say, "Not as hot as me ." But then again, you can't...
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8 Before & After Pictures Around Singapore That Show Our Nation’s Glo-Up

Before After Singapore - Chong Pang Village
Singaporean landmarks: past and present    We all know the old adage: “Singapore progressed from a third-world to first-world country in under 50 years.” Simply flip through the pages of any social studies textbook to see past photos of Singapore in its full glory.  That said, you can’t really feel...
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7 Old-School Cobblers In Singapore Who Can Repair Your Shoes For Way Cheaper Than Chain Outlets

Mr Yamaguchi Taro Yishun cobbler
Cheap shoe-fixing services in Singapore   Just because many of us take pleasure in buying new shoes, it doesn’t mean that we’re ready to give up our worn-out kicks. And that’s where cobblers come in. Instead of visiting chain outlets, many actually look for roadside cobblers to fix their shoes....
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7 Extinct Childhood Places In 90s Singapore You Played At Before The Internet Existed

Fundazzle Singapore - ball pit
Unforgettable play areas of the 80s and 90s   There are a couple of things that true 80s and 90s kids will defend to the end - CDs, MSN messenger, Game Boys and…their childhoods.  From the old indoor play area of King Albert Park's McDonald's to Fundazzle, we turn back...
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15 New Mandarin Singles Of 2018 You'll Want To Learn For Your Next Karaoke Session

Jay Chou May 2018 - If you don't love me, it's fine MV
Top 15 Mandarin singles in May 2018   Image credit: 杰威爾音樂 JVR Music Yes, there’s more to Mandopop than Tong Hua and Wu Ding . While our fave iconic Mandarin songs are no doubt timeless, let’s not overlook these new hits. From tearful tunes to more upbeat ones, here are...
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12 Home Decor Tips To Make Your BTO Look Big And Spacious

Bosch - light coloured interior
Ways to make your BTO look bigger   Image adapted from: Lookbook Living While your flat may not match up to the size of some huge homes , there are still ways to make them look bigger. Beyond the old trick of painting your walls white, here are some accessible...
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14 Places To Adopt Dogs, Cats & Rabbits Waiting For A Forever Home In Singapore

where to adopt dogs in singapore
Pet adoption centres in Singapore   Image credit: Purely Adoptions A little disclaimer: We aren’t saints. We’ve covered our fair share of commercial pet shops because we believe in freedom of choice. Just like how some people will never adopt pets, some people will never buy pets either. The decision...
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12 Origin Stories of Famous Roads In Singapore Your Textbook Won't Teach You

Mandai Road Singapore
Little-known facts about Singapore’s roads   Yishun. Lavender. Mountbatten. These are some roads Singaporeans have seen as they navigate Google Maps finding a route for their journey. But look into these innocuous names and you’ll discover they’re a map leading to different points in Singapore’s history. We’ve sussed out the...
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15 Mandarin Karaoke Songs You'll Know If You Were A Party World KTV Kid

Iconic Chinese karaoke songs loved by Singaporeans   Image credit: chinaman0389 It all starts innocently. “Eh, wanna sing K not?” either as a suggestion out of boredom or as an easy solution for a big group outing . A few hours later, you and your friends are singing your lungs...
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