9 Fun Facts About The Singapore Dollar That Will Make You Feel Like A Noob

singapore money facts
Singapore dollar secrets   Image adapted from: Picclick  It’s no secret that we Singaporeans are cheapo   financially-savvy folk . But while we handle money almost on a daily basis, there are still a ton of things we haven’t noticed about our own cash.  Whether it’s paper or polymer, coins...
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15 Singapore Internships At Successful Start-Ups In With Beautiful Offices

start up internships
Internships at cool start-ups in Singapore   Sleeping bunks, pantry snacks and office cats - these days, offices are starting to look less like workplaces and more like staycation #goals. And we’re not just talking about fancy tech firms like Facebook and Google , because our very own local startups...
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The Birdmen Of Kebun Baru - Singapore's Surviving Kampong Culture That Instagram Posts Will Never Capture

kebun baru birdsinging club
Kebun Baru Birdsinging Club   These days, tweeting means less “bird sounds” and more “280 character word limit”. That is, unless you’re part of the Kebun Baru Birdsinging Club . For those who haven’t heard of it, a quick search on Google or Instagram will yield scenic shots of the...
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10 Unknown Facts About Singapore That'll Make You Feel Like A Mountain Turtle

Singapore bedok lighthouse
Fun facts about Singapore’s maritime industry    In a country that’s so small that cycling end-to-end only takes 4 hours, it’s unsurprising that most of us feel like we know everything there is to know about Singapore. But set your sights beyond our shores and you’ll realise that there’s still...
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6 Forgotten Books & Magazines Every Singaporean Student Brought To School For Silent Reading

childhood singaporean local books
Books that were part of Singaporeans' childhoods   Image adapted from: True Singapore Ghost Stories , Mr Midnight , Lou Zephine I’m glad I made a habit of reading local books since young as it broadened my perspective of Singaporean culture. J.K Rowling could never have taught me that stepping...
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Singapore's Only Live Turtle And Tortoise Museum Is Closing This March & Here's How You Can Help

Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum singapore
Saving Singapore’s only Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum   Singapore’s Chinese Garden is known for its imperial styled pagodas and arch building, but within all that beauty lies another: Singapore’s very own Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum . A Guiness World Record Holder, the museum holds over 500 turtles and...
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5 Stylish Offices In Singapore That Offer Millennials More Than Just Bean Bags & Free Snacks

shopback office singapore
Cool offices in Singapore   When you think about the best places to work at, huge millennial-friendly MNCs like Google and Facebook come to mind. Not only do these dream offices have super attractive interior designs and facilities, they also pride themselves on their work-hard-play-hard work cultures. And while the...
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BRAND'S Limited Edition Gift Sets Are Perfect For Your Potential In-Laws

brand's chinese new year gift tin set essence of chicken
Chinese New Year gift sets   Chinese New Year’s creeping round the corner again. This means stocking up Mandarin oranges, CNY snacks, and memorising tons of chengyus (Chinese idioms) to wish your elders a healthy year ahead and get those ang paos  rollin’ in.   If you’re really looking to up...
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11 Places In Singapore To Donate Clothes, Homeware & Food After CNY Spring Cleaning

places to donate singapore
Places to donate used items   Image adapted from: CDC Singapore Out with the old and in with the new, they say. But for those of us with a habit of hoarding stuff, spring cleaning is that super sian time of the year when we have to say goodbye to...
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5 CNY Décor Shops In OneKM To Make A DIY Backdrop For Your #OOTDs

onekm - dog plushies
CNY shopping at OneKM Shopping Mall   With CNY around the corner, it’s going to be a mad rush to spring clean and decorate the house, with flowers, calligraphy scrolls and even Year of the Dog props to buy. There are few life hacks to avoid the sea of people...
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