8 Easy DIY Coffee Combos That Are Beyond Your Usual Lattes and Frappes

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  Quick homemade coffee recipes   Some of us love a cuppa joe in the morning, but even coffee addicts can get sick of their usual coffee routines and head to other cafes for fancier varieties. However, a frappe can easily cost $8, and in the long run, it’s just...
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10 Fancy Cocktail Dupes To DIY For Cheap At Your Next House Party

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DIY Budget Cocktails   Adapted from Source: @traceelee22  While vodka and sprite does the trick and gets everyone in the room high as a kite, variation in cocktails would make a world of a difference when it comes to drinking games. No, you don’t need a fancy bar counter to...
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5 Healthy Drink Recipes To Enjoy MARIGOLD UJI CHA Japanese Green Tea

MARIGOLD UJI CHA Japanese Green Tea   Regardless if you’re a coffee, bubble tea, or kopitiam teh ping addict, you’re probably used to dropping quite a bit of money on your cups of cold, sweet goodness. And while $3/day doesn’t seem like much, it adds up to quite a fair...
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11 DIY Food Trend Recipes That Will Boost You To Domestic God/Goddess Status

Flying Noodles Cover Image
Trending dishes to recreate at home   You’ve seen them flooding social media feeds and achieving enough virality to warrant press coverage. Rather than whiling your time away in a ridiculously long queue and emptying your pockets for a passing fad, simply recreate these #trending foods in the comfort of...
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10 Trending Foods In Singapore And How To Make Them Yourself For Cheap

Making trending foods at home   Why pay a bomb and endure snaking long queues when you can easily recreate the exact same thing at a fraction of its price, in the comfort of your own home? The fickle food scene in Singapore has got us scrambling from cafe to...
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10 Coconut Recipes You Can Make At Home For Quick Healthy Meals

Coconut recipes you'll love    Coconut lovers don't have it easy in Singapore - we're faced with macarons when we really want macaroons , and the realest and quickest fix is priced at $4 per Thai coconut from your hawker centre drink stall. Sure, you can buy coconuts on the...
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10 Sweet Treats You Can Make Under 60 Seconds Like A MasterChef

We hear your midnight craving SOS   I’m a big believer in listening to my cravings. When I want it, I want it NOW. We all know the pain of waiting for food, but dread no more ‘cause here are 10 recipes to curb your midnight cravings faster than you...
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5 Yummy Recipes You Can Prepare With $10 That Feed A Whole Family

NTUC Wholesome Foods Challenge
Eat the food. Feel the love.   Food made by our loved ones is irreplaceable, even by Michelin-starred restaurants. Yet, home-cooked meals are rare, as Singaporean families increasingly choose to eat out. This often comes at the cost of digging a hole in our pockets, or worse, our family’s health....
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9 Instant Noodle Creations For When You're Broke But Still Want To Be Fancy

instant noodles omelette
Instant Noodles: UPGRADED    Source A guilty pleasure so fuss-free and undeniably tasty, nobody can ever truly hate instant noodles. After all, there’s bound to be a few packets of the ubiquitous Maggi stowed in your kitchen cupboard, ready to be transformed into a satisfying treat in a matter of...
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10 Yummeh Work Meals You Can Make To Escape The Lunchtime Madness

En Route To Housewife Material   Source Gone are the days where our meals came nicely packed in cute little cartoon lunch boxes, ready for us to swoop off the kitchen counter and head off to school. These days, if I were to ask my mom to pack lunch for...
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