Our Office Tries The "5 Love Languages" Personality Quiz To Find Out If It's True

Understand your partner better with the 5 Love Languages   Image adapted from: @sohchris ,  @chanchoyyu ,  @thisabelle_ ,   @mynameisfauzi ,    “ You don’t understand me! ” - an accusation that many of us have experienced, usually when it involves a triggered significant other. Though these words are...
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7 Career Tips From New Age Employers Every Confused Millennial Should Know

jobstreet career fair tips
Career advice from the pros   Congrats, you've finally emerged unscathed - or not - from years of education with some viable qualifications. But here's when the inevitable quarter-life crisis sets in as you try navigating the trappings of the working world. If you completely identify as a Confused Millennial...
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10 Singaporeans In Unconventional Jobs We Envy Because They Dared To Dream Different

HP Envy 13 The Smart Local
Young Singaporeans in unique jobs   The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams. Like most Singaporeans, I grew up guided by the principles of meritocracy: study hard, enter a good university and work at a high-paying job. After all, it was the Singaporean Dream. The so-called route...
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7 Works Of Engineering Genius In Singapore Hidden In Plain Sight

 Engineering inventions we never noticed   Image credit: Elmich Ask your parents, grandparents, or any significantly older relative and they'll easily tell you that Singapore didn't always have it this good. And while the 90s kids complain about frequent MRT breakdowns and lapses in data connectivity, our folks had to...
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5 Singaporean Home Collectors Who've Forked Out Five Figure Sums For Their Passion

coca cola collector
Singapore's most amazing home collections   Many of us would remember collecting simple knick-knacks from our childhood like stamps, mood rings, or toys from the capsule vending machines. And as our collections started occupying space in our rooms, we also made space for them in our hearts - even when...
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5 Fitspo Elderly Singaporeans So Imba, They'll Make Your Best Excuse For Not Exercising Sound Lame

 5 Fitspo Elderly Singaporeans So Imba, They'll Put Your Gym Routine To Shame
Singaporeans with active lifestyles     When it comes to exercising, most of us are all too familiar with the usual excuses. You know the ones - “my stomach doesn’t feel well”, “it’s that time of the month” or “my eczema is acting up”.  We've got days when we’re just...
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3 Singaporeans With Disabilities Talk About Their Friendships And The Result Is Warmer Than Your Grandmother's Soup

NCSS See the true me campaign
Befriending Singaporeans with disabilities   I once had a classmate with Asperger’s Syndrome, and I made the effort to reach out to her in class, whenever she needed help. After school, however, I never made the initiative to truly connect with her. We’ve since graduated and parted ways. Till today,...
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Bus Uncle - Singapore's Most Enthu Virtual Bus Driver Sends And Receives Over 1 Million Messages Monthly

bus uncle singapore
Bus Uncle knows when your bus is coming   How many times have I loaded a bus timing app and spent more time trying to remember my bus stop number instead of getting to the stop in the quickest time possible? Countless. Well, it seems as if someone felt the...
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7 Creative BMT Hacks For New Enlistees - From The Rest Of Us Because ORD Loh!

bmt singapore
Useful hacks to get you through BMT   If you’re enlisting anytime soon, then by now, you’ll probably know all the basic survival tips for BMT already. “Act blur, live longer” is a solid piece of advice, but here’s a list of next-level pro tips for new recruits. From using...
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9 Night Shift Jobs In Singapore For Nocturnal People Who Prefer Extra Cash To Sleep

FastJobs (1) - Earn $2,500 a month at night
Night-time jobs in Singapore   Having to go to work during the day may not be the most suitable option for everyone, whether you’re busy with daytime studies or just a night owl who prefers to get things done when others are settling down to rest. With FastJobs, it’s possible...
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