The Daintree Residence - Luxury Condo With A Treetop Walk Just 6 Minutes From Beauty World MRT

Daintree Residence - Luxury Condo Beauty World
Daintree Residence - New condo in Beauty World   Location. Location. Location . For families aiming to cross off that coveted 5th C off their list, that’s the mantra to ensure the property they’re gunning for isn’t at some far-sprung, ulu corner. Well, put away the classifieds cause Daintree Residence...
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I Chalked Up 1360 Healthpoints Easily To Redeem Lazada And Dining Vouchers

Healthpoints - Cover Image
Earn Healthpoints with HealthHub & Healthy 365   ‘Twas the day after the Raya weekend and after inhaling all sorts of food doused in lemak , I returned to work feeling less than sexy. As I lamented about my newfound babats to my colleagues, one of them replied with a...
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5 Reasons Why Stirling Residences May Be Your First Investment Home

Stirling Residences - New condo in Queenstown   The age-old debate: is your home an investment or an asset?  In layman terms: your home can earn money or not , or is it just nice to stay in? But ditch the ‘or’. Maybe someone told you that adulthood requires compromise,...
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Why I Volunteer My Precious Weekends Away Instead Of Sleeping In, And How You Can Do The Same

Company of Good - volunteering in Singapore with your company
Volunteering in Singapore   Image adapted from: Friends of Beautiful People Many of us are so busy during the week that we can barely wait for the weekends to roll around. Finally, we think with a sigh of relief, we get to sleep in till noon. But for some folks...
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9 Things To Consider When Buying A Resale Flat So You Don't Kena Scammed

Resale Home Buying Guide
Buying a resale flat in Singapore   Image credit: Meter Cube Interiors The wave of adulting has hit and the verdict’s in: you need a new home. But BTO wait times are loooong , and your fragile heart can’t deal with any more application rejections. As for ECs and condos,...
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9 Little-Known Hotel Jobs In Singapore You Won't Expect To Find Beyond Front Office & Housekeeping

Hotel Jobs - 3D Cake Maker
Little-known jobs in the hotel industry   Picture the people working in a hotel, and your mind will flash to the usual front desk, doorman, and housekeeping. Hidden in the shadows, however, are a plethora of equally-important roles not many expect to see in the hotel industry, like 3D cake...
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5 Classified Things Learnt After Going Undercover At Singapore's Best Hotels

STB Business of Happiness - Singapore's hotels
Behind the scenes of Singapore’s hotels   Image adapted from: @cheerierinterior , @fairmontsingapore , and @stregissg Whether it’s the silky feel of clean bedsheets or the lavish spread of seafood, we’ve come to expect a certain standard from Singapore’s best hotels. But Singapore’s hotel industry keeps pretty tight-lipped when it...
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The Garden Residences Is A New Condo Minutes Away From Chomp Chomp

The Garden Residences - close to chomp chomp
The Garden Residences at Serangoon Gardens    Image adapted from: The Garden Residences and @rocky_sam382 If you’re looking for a home to call your own, it’s savvy to pick a spanking new one that’s near plenty of food options. And new condo The Garden Residences is at the top of...
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6 Times Singaporean Parents Went Against Education Norms To Chase Their Kids' Dreams

lynelle lim singapore national tennis player
Parents who dared to dream different   Singaporean Parent (n.) A strict person with high expectations of their child; the hospital and supreme court are their shrines.  Granted, the “Asian Parent” meme may have started in America, totally capturing the sentiment that Asian parents are kiasu to no end. After...
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6 Daughters Recreate Their #BFF Instagram Post With Their Mothers

recreate mother and daughter post happy mothers day bff
Mother’s Day - recreating the #BFF post with mum   Many of us dedicate IG photos to our best friends, since they're always there for us during our ups and downs. But think about it, there’s someone other than our #BFFs who’ve had our backs throughout our lives - our...
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