9 Night Shift Jobs In Singapore For Nocturnal People Who Prefer Extra Cash To Sleep

FastJobs (1) - Earn $2,500 a month at night
Night-time jobs in Singapore   Having to go to work during the day may not be the most suitable option for everyone, whether you’re busy with daytime studies or just a night owl who prefers to get things done when others are settling down to rest. With FastJobs, it’s possible...
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Preschoolers Now Have Excursions To Banks To Prep For Pocket Money In P1 Because 2017

my first skool singapore excursion
A 2017 pre-school excursion   Image adapted from source I remember my kindergarten days fairly well when it was play all day, every day. Even when we had the occasional excursion out of the stuffy classrooms, it was always to someplace fun like the zoo. While I loved every bit...
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10 Full-Time Jobs In Singapore Up To $4,500 A Month You Can Get Without A Degree

Jonsson protein sales consultant
Well-paying jobs without a degree   Image adapted from:  Jonsson Protein  After completing tertiary education, most Singaporean students are faced with two routes: go to a university, or find a job. Choose the latter and you might be constantly bombarded with statements like “ No degree, no future leh ”...
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6 Tips To Increase Your Cat’s Life Span Beyond 9 Lives

Caring for your cat in Singapore   Singaporeans are obsessed with cats. From Socks to Tofu and Duatau , you’ll find insta-famous cats at every corner of Singapore. Even TheSmartLocal has our very own feline superstar, Pika whom we adore so much that we’ve put her on a phone cover...
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Things Preschoolers Are Too Shy To Tell Their Teachers When They're Around

Preschoolers Reveal What They Love About Their Teachers   Many of us still hold fond memories of our school days close to our hearts. We affectionately recall memories of our favourite teachers during class gatherings, and laugh about how we used to get reprimanded by the notoriously fierce teachers in...
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11 Potential MV Locations In Singapore Where G-Dragon Will Fit Right In

Hidden music video locations in Singapore that channel K-Pop vibes   I still remember the exact moment the Hallyu wave hit my household - when the first episode of Boys Over Flowers aired on local shores. Overnight, K-Pop became currency as we scrambled to snatch merch of our idols and...
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5 Things "They All" Say About Paracetamol That Singaporeans Grew Up Believing

paracetamol myths debunked
Paracetamol myths debunked     Whether it's a work-induced migraine or a toothache from binging on too much dessert, we've all turned to paracetamol to alleviate our pains more than once in our lives. But we are also well aware of the potential 'side effects' of taking too much of...
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Newlyweds Can Get This New EC With A Monthly Salary Of $2.3K Each

sol acres EC interior
Sol Acres - An EC at affordable BTO prices     Millennials looking to get married would usually apply for a BTO. But let’s all agree - somewhat begrudgingly - that it’d be nice if our dream home came with some cool facilities too. Better yet, if we’re not overrun...
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15 Local Uni Seniors Recommend The Most Interesting Scoring Modules In NTU, NUS & SMU

Uni Mods - Cover Page
Recommended electives for NTU, NUS and SMU undergraduates     Adapted from: @remnant44 and WikiMedia Commons It’s that time of the semester again; electives registration season. Think of electives as the boat keeping you afloat as you get buffeted by the waves known as your core modules.  And if you’re...
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4 Ways Tuition Is Done Differently At The Physics Cafe - FOC Uber Rides, Unlimited Pantry & Secret Notes

The Physics Cafe - Premium Tuition Centre   For secondary school and JC students, mugging the examination syllabus can sometimes feel like an uphill battle; it may be tough, but it’s definitely not impossible. Subjects like Physics and Mathematics tend to get super convoluted and classroom lessons can only do...
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