The Garden Residences Is A New Condo Minutes Away From Chomp Chomp

The Garden Residences - close to chomp chomp
The Garden Residences at Serangoon Gardens    Image adapted from: The Garden Residences and @rocky_sam382 If you’re looking for a home to call your own, it’s savvy to pick a spanking new one that’s near plenty of food options. And new condo The Garden Residences is at the top of...
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6 Times Singaporean Parents Went Against Education Norms To Chase Their Kids' Dreams

lynelle lim singapore national tennis player
Parents who dared to dream different   Singaporean Parent (n.) A strict person with high expectations of their child; the hospital and supreme court are their shrines.  Granted, the “Asian Parent” meme may have started in America, totally capturing the sentiment that Asian parents are kiasu to no end. After...
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6 Daughters Recreate Their #BFF Instagram Post With Their Mothers

recreate mother and daughter post happy mothers day bff
Mother’s Day - recreating the #BFF post with mum   Many of us dedicate IG photos to our best friends, since they're always there for us during our ups and downs. But think about it, there’s someone other than our #BFFs who’ve had our backs throughout our lives - our...
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10 Ways To Remove Odours At Home That Even Expert Singaporean Mothers Don't Know

Stinky clothes - vodka
How to get rid of odours at home   3-day-old workout clothes, sweaty shoes and the lingering smell of animal pee - imagine that. Yes, this might be some of the stenches wafting around in your home sweet home.  But instead of clamping your nostrils shut and walking away, there’s...
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7 Young Singaporeans Reveal How Their Nagging Problems Were Solved After Trying TCM

Eu Yan Sang’s TCM Clinic cover image
Eu Yan Sang’s TCM Clinic   Many of us are familiar with western medication. But when we hear the words Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), most of us think of ancient China, our ah mas and the bitter smell of medicinal herbs. However, TCM is more than just its stereotype of...
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8 Alternative Jobs In Singapore Only Science, Tech, Engineering & Math Grads Get To Experience

special jobs singapore
Alternative STEM Jobs   Getting a job is the first step towards ascension to adulthood, but it’s easier said than done. You’re browsing the job market, and none of the career options out there looks interesting enough to ritually sacrifice the next few decades of your life. Well, if you’ve...
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10 Signs You Went To A Singaporean Secondary School In The 90s

Stabilo - floppy disk
Childhood in Singapore   Image adapted from: Tom’s Hardware There’s nothing 80s or 90s kids love more than a good throwback. Sure, iPads and the latest phones are cool and all - but nothing can beat the days when “cloud” was nothing more than a visible mass of condensed vapour,...
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6 Personality Tests Besides MBTI For Confused Millennials To Find Their Career Match

Personality Tests - Cover Image
Personality tests for career guidance     In an era where an engineering major can become a producer, the path to finding your career might not be so clear-cut. That might be why personality tests are so popular - they give an insight to one’s psyche, setting the course for their...
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8 Tips For Kanchiong Singaporean Mums-To-Be - Written By Alumni Who Have Been There, Done That

prenatal tips singapore singaporean mummy mothers newborn
Tips for Singaporean Mums-To-Be   Whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned pro at motherhood, nothing beats the feeling of finding out you have a little ball of life thriving inside your belly. Suddenly a wave of excitement - or nausea - hits you, as you grapple with...
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5 Internships In Singapore For JC and Poly Grads To Give Back While Gaining Experience

Planning overseas trips for seniors volunteering
University internships in Singapore   Image adapted from: Silver Horizon Travel Be it for future employment or university, it’s important to gain as much exposure as possible. If you’re someone who’s passionate about society and genuinely wish to help those in need, these 5 companies, which are regulated social enterprises...
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