17 Nursing Rooms In Orchard For Singaporean Mums To Freely Shop With Baby In Tow

Baby nursing rooms orchard
Nursing rooms along Orchard Road, Singapore   Taking care of an infant is tough. Venturing into a crowded space with said infant is even tougher. Think of it as travelling around with a ticking bomb without an actual countdown timer, ready to explode into a crying fit at any time...
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15 Spoil-Market Preschools In Singapore To Sign Your Child Up For In Advance

Highly-rated pre-schools in Singapore
Highly-rated pre-schools in Singapore   Image adapted from (clockwise from top left):  White Lodge ,  LeClare , The Caterpillar’s Cove ,  EtonHouse Organic food, weekly nature walks, and ocean-themed sensory rooms - you probably didn't have these during your time as a kid. But preschools now are pretty on the...
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7 Indoor Play Areas At Malls In Singapore To Drop Your Kids At While You Shop

TSL Indoor Playground
Indoor playgrounds at malls in Singapore   Image adapted from: Pirateland  It’s been a long week, and you’re craving for some me-time. As you go about running your errands, the last thing you want on your list is having to juggle shopping bags and energetic young children at the same...
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7 Tips From Ex-MOE Teachers For Kiasu Parents To Prep Their Kids For The New Academic Year

Preparing your kid for primary school   If your kid’s entering primary school, chances are you’re feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness - almost as if you’re the one attending school! It’s expected, since it’s a whole new world for you both that includes early morning wake up calls...
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10 Ways To Future Proof Your Child Aside From Piano And Ballet Lessons

Courses that prepare your child for the future   Image credit: The Learning Lab While not all Singaporean mothers are ‘Tiger Mums’, our ‘ kiasu ’ness transcends generations, and we are still eager as ever to send our kids for all sorts of enrichment and extracurricular activities to keep them...
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4 Reasons Same Intelligence Kids Do Better Than Others In Exams

the learning lab C to A*
Staying Ahead of the Curve   Adapted from Source: The Learning Lab In Singapore’s world-class education system, being the cream of the crop takes more than just plain hard work. Conversely, not scoring well doesn’t mean your child is less intelligent, only that they’re probably unaware of the tips and...
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5 Secrets Of This Tuition Centre That Helps Students Get PSLE T-scores of >250

Tuition that helps students score   It’s an open secret that Singapore’s education system is ridiculously difficult. From killer PSLE Mathematics questions like ‘ When is Cheryl’s birthday? ’, to commonsensical ones about the weight of 8 $1 coins, gripes about the system and the stress it brings have been...
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5 Reasons First-Time Mums Choose Mount Alvernia As Their Hospital To Give Birth

Mt Alvernia Maternity
Delivering your baby at Mount Alvernia   Childbirth, especially for first-time mums can be super intimidating, and rightly so. There are so many things happening at the same time: mums and aunties reminding you every 2 hours to drink your herbal tea, being tsk-ed at every time you get up...
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10 Kid-Friendly Restaurants In Singapore With Better Distractions Than An iPad

kid friendly restaurants COVER
Family-friendly dining   Source:  @yuli_surianty Eating out when you have kids can be a bit of a hassle - children are notoriously bad at sitting still and waiting quietly, and the odds of them making a mess are pretty high. What’s a parent to do? The best restaurants are the...
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8 Things You Never Knew an MOE Kindergarten Teacher Does Every Day

More than just a teacher   Ms Shereen Low carrying out a daily visual health check! I’d always thought that being a kindergarten teacher was simple. When you have a class full of 5 to 6 year-olds, how hard can it be? Go to school, teach the alphabet, then oversee...
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