UK's Famed Repton Schoolhouse Launches In Singapore With An Open House And Early Bird Discounts

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7 Tips From Ex-MOE Teachers For Kiasu Parents To Prep Their Kids For The New Academic Year

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Jacob Ballas Children's Garden

I like to draw attention to child-friendly venues in Singapore in this blog. No, not the indoor aircon playgrounds at Ikea Smaland or the "wet & dry" play deck at IMM Jurong Ea...


I watched a Chinese documentary on Channel 8 last night. The program was showing the joy of having many children in the house. For those anti government viewers, they may view the ...

Strengths-Based Childhood

I grew up thinking I am never good enough, partly because of my strengths and partly due to how Singapore government likes to measure everything and everyone. I cannot think of a t...

Having a good relationship with your children

After deciding my daughter will be the only precious I would ever have, I made it a point to have strong relationship with her. I was so stressed during my first week with her. My ...

Selecting a child care in Singapore

When my child had come of age to join a child care, my wife got excited and started doing a lot of research on child centres in Singapore. She started by checking for child care ce...