Top 10 University Scholarships In Singapore For Prospective Students In 2018

NUS scholarship
University scholarships Singaporeans can apply for   Scoring a scholarship is like getting a free upgrade to first class. You get your tuition paid for free, and enjoy plenty of bonuses along the way too - like laptop upgrades, internship opportunities and even free vacations. But getting one is easier...
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7 Free Apps To Zhng Your Insta Stories With Because New Fonts Are So 2017

Disney sea, Tokyo disneyland
Apps for Instagram Stories   If it’s not on Instagram, it didn’t happen . This reigns true in an age where social media rules the world. And as much as posting 1:1 photos mark an event as significant, IG stories are getting increasingly popular. But though we’ve been #blessed with...
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10 Life Experiences You Can Only Have When You're On A Gap Year Or In Between Jobs

gap year experiences cover image
Gap year experiences for Singaporeans   Image adapted from:  @hotcheekylace If you’re on a gap year, in between jobs , or a fresh grad who’s currently unemployed, you’re probably trying to decide on meaningful activities to occupy your time with during this long break. Instead of staying home and nua...
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7 Tips From Ex-MOE Teachers For Kiasu Parents To Prep Their Kids For The New Academic Year

Preparing your kid for primary school   If your kid’s entering primary school, chances are you’re feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness - almost as if you’re the one attending school! It’s expected, since it’s a whole new world for you both that includes early morning wake up calls...
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5 Free Fitness Apps All Singaporeans Can Download That Give Procrastinators No More Excuse

jumping jacks free fitness app
Fitness apps for procrastinators   In an ideal world, healthy food would always be tastier than junk food, all of us would be blessed with sky high metabolism, and exercise doesn't tire anyone out. Unfortunately, here in the real world today, adopting a healthy lifestyle means sacrificing real sweat, real...
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18 Best Private Driving Instructors From Driving Centres In Singapore According To Passing Rates

Best private driving instructors (1) - Patrick Ong
Private driving instructors in SG with highest first-attempt passing rates   Image credit: Patrick Ong When we turn 18, the first thing many of us strive for - apart from legally purchasing alcohol - is to get our driving licences, but finding a private driving instructor can be a daunting...
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10 Ways To Future Proof Your Child Aside From Piano And Ballet Lessons

Courses that prepare your child for the future   Image credit: The Learning Lab While not all Singaporean mothers are ‘Tiger Mums’, our ‘ kiasu ’ness transcends generations, and we are still eager as ever to send our kids for all sorts of enrichment and extracurricular activities to keep them...
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9 Hidden Employee Perks of Working In Singapore's Top Hotels - Free Buffets, Overseas Trips & Gym Access

hilton hotels
Hidden hotel employee benefits in Singapore   Tourism is booming in Singapore, with the industry contributing to 4% of our GDP. And as yet more wanderlusters flock to our island, it’s no wonder the hotel industry here is on the rise too.  If you love to meet new people and...
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6 Google Chrome Extensions For People Easily Distracted By Everything Else But Work

Game of Spoils block FB posts
Chrome extensions for productivity   Staying productive for long stretches of time can be a challenge, especially if you’re easily distracted by the 36 other tabs open in your browser. While the internet gives you instant access to useful information at the click of the button, it’s also a source...
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7 Non-Generic Investment Tips For Young Singaporeans Getting Fresh Grad Pay

Investment Basics Tips 101
Investment Basics For Newbies   For most of us at this age, a “worthwhile investment” often means paying for a premium subscription to Netflix, or a classic pair of sneakers. Ask me at the end of a long, trying day and I’ll tell you that splurging on pizza is the...
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