6 Google Chrome Extensions For People Easily Distracted By Everything Else But Work

Game of Spoils block FB posts
Chrome extensions for productivity   Staying productive for long stretches of time can be a challenge, especially if you’re easily distracted by the 36 other tabs open in your browser. While the internet gives you instant access to useful information at the click of the button, it’s also a source...
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7 Non-Generic Investment Tips For Young Singaporeans Getting Fresh Grad Pay

Investment Basics Tips 101
Investment Basics For Newbies   For most of us at this age, a “worthwhile investment” often means paying for a premium subscription to Netflix, or a classic pair of sneakers. Ask me at the end of a long, trying day and I’ll tell you that splurging on pizza is the...
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10 Nifty Instagram Hacks You Have Yet To Discover - New Color Shades, Hidden Stories & One-Finger Zoom

Instagram Cover
Instagram hacks you never knew existed     For a generation that whips out our phones to “IG story” anything and everything including cockroaches on the ground, it’s amazing how much we don’t know about Instagram. Here are 10 Instagram hacks that will make you reconsider how well you actually...
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12 Kitchen Gadgets For Annoying Cooking Steps & Where To Find Them In SG

Egg Mcmuffin maker
Kitchen tools that do everything for you   Adapted from Source Singaporeans love food - we’re prepared to queue for hours just to try the newest gastronomical creations, and it’s no surprise that a lot of us bring this passion with us into our own kitchens. To save yourself the...
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10 Useful Telegram Groups And Bots That Will Improve Every Singaporean's Life

Uber and Grab promo codes telegram group
Telegram groups and bots for Singaporeans   Gone are the days when SMS ruled the day. These days, it’s common to have people telling you to “Tele” them. And for good reason too. Telegram allows you to create supergroups of up to 5000 members - that’s enough to make many...
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8 Food Industry Jobs You Can Apply For Even If You Can Only Cook Instant Noodles

cover image for food industry article
Food manufacturing jobs in Singapore   Adapted from source Too many cooks will spoil the broth because the food manufacturing industry needs more than just cooks to thrive. If you have the necessary scientific skills, creativity and a love for food that transcends the boundaries of the kitchen, the food...
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15 Email Fails You Only See In Singapore That Mildly Trigger You Daily

pls revert back
Most annoying email mistakes   For most of us, emails are the main medium of communication to the working world outside our office. As the first form of direct contact with someone, an email says a lot about a person, and sadly, some choice of words will make you want...
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4 Reasons Same Intelligence Kids Do Better Than Others In Exams

the learning lab C to A*
Staying Ahead of the Curve   Adapted from Source: The Learning Lab In Singapore’s world-class education system, being the cream of the crop takes more than just plain hard work. Conversely, not scoring well doesn’t mean your child is less intelligent, only that they’re probably unaware of the tips and...
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18 Mindblowing iPhone 6S/7 Hacks You Never Knew Existed

cover image
iPhone 6S/7 Hacks   From being the pioneer of touch screen phones to boasting one of the best mobile phone cameras as of today, the iPhone isn’t currently monopolising the mobile-phone industry for nothing. Whether you’re #TeamApple or #TeamAndroid, you can’t deny that the iPhone 6S/7 has some pretty sick...
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11 DIY Food Trend Recipes That Will Boost You To Domestic God/Goddess Status

Flying Noodles Cover Image
Trending dishes to recreate at home   You’ve seen them flooding social media feeds and achieving enough virality to warrant press coverage. Rather than whiling your time away in a ridiculously long queue and emptying your pockets for a passing fad, simply recreate these #trending foods in the comfort of...
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