7 Luxury Hotels In Penang From $65/Night To Maximise Exchange Rate Perks

Hard rock hotel sg vs penang
Affordable luxury chain hotels in Malaysia, Penang   Image adapted from: Hard Rock Hotel Penang Penang aka The Peal Of The Orient never fails to be a return holiday spot for tourists, and rightfully so. We’ve already shown you why it’s hailed as the food capital of Malaysia and what...
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7 Nature Resorts Near KL From $11/Night That Everyone In Your Squad Can Afford

nature resort KL cover image
Nature resorts near KL city     If you have already been to Johor Bahru 13809 times, and are looking for a new affordable getaway spot near Singapore, Kuala Lumpur is a good idea for your next reality escape. Nested right next to the bustling city is a large rainforest...
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8 Beach Getaways In Malaysia For Group Trips That Everyone Can Afford From Just $17/Night

Seaventures Dive Rig malaysia diving resort
Beach resorts in Malaysia   Adapted from: ILTWMT Most people would associate an exotic beach getaway with fancy locales like the Maldives and Hawaii. But for the average person, getting even a whiff of such luxuries means coughing up some serious moolah .  Turns out, paradise is a lot closer...
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8 Super Lepak Holiday Lodges In Malaysia With Private Pools From Just $123 Per Night

holiday lodges in malaysia with private pools
Hotels and resorts in Malaysia with private pools     Image adapted from: Lexis Suites Penang With our fast-paced city life, we Singaporeans are always chiong -ing our way around. Though having drive and being productive is great, we could all use a little break sometimes. And nothing is more...
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11 JB Hotels Near The Causeway From $41/Night For 2D1N Shopping Marathons

hotel jeb jb hello kitty deluxe room
Best hotels in Johor Bahru   Image credit Sometimes, the hustle and bustle in SG gets too much to handle. But hopping on a plane to faraway lands as and when we like is out of the question when we only have 14 days of leave and limited funds. And...
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7 Old-School Malaysian Hotels That Are The Grand Budapest Hotel In Disguise

hotels in Malaysia that look like The Grand Budapest Hotel
The Grand Budapest Hotel In Disguise   Source In case you haven’t already known, locating the town of Nebelsbad in the Republic of Zubrowka is impossible in any universe besides the fantasy world of Wes Anderson. Never mind the fact that the Grand Budapest Hotel (GBH) doesn't exist – you...
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10 Insane Floating Hotels In Malaysia - Teleport To Maldives Minus The Price Tag!

Malaysia hotel on water
Hotels in Malaysia that’ll teleport you to Maldives   Source: @shaundu The mention of hotels on water often conjures images of ultra-luxurious honeymoon villas in Maldives with glass floors through which guests can see fishes swimming right under their feet. But most importantly, of course, are prohibitive price tags that...
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11 Homestays Perfect For A Fabulous Malaysian Family Getaway

Homestays in Malaysia
Family getaways that are home-away-from-home    Source: @leonjakelim Unlike regular staycations, family getaways have requirements - enough rooms or beds to comfortably fit the family, the accommodation shouldn’t look too romantic lest the children feel icky, and interesting activities should be plenty enough to keep the whole family occupied for...
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10 Amazing Rainforest Hotels In Malaysia - Treehouses, Pipe Capsules & Kampung Villas

Rainforest hotels
Rainforest hotels for luxurious Tarzans   Source: @Alberto_q The highlands, islands and coastlines of Malaysia are all blessed with expansive rainforests and tucked snugly between the trees are amazing resorts that offer intimate experiences with nature. You get to unleash your inner Bear Grylls in the day and soak in...
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10 Castle-Like Hotels In Malaysia For A Staycation Fit For Royalty

castle-like hotels malaysia staycation thesmartlocal
Malaysia’s castle-like hotels for kings & queens   Source Imagination can only get you so far when it comes to pretending to live as a prince or princess and building your own castle of pillows will make you second-guess your maturity. Besides, tidying up the fort is tedious. Here’s an...
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