K Fry Urban Korean: Fried Chicken Restaurant Opposite KSL Mall With Epic Cheesy Hot Plates

K Fry Urban Korean
K Fry Urban Korean in Johor Bahru   If you’re headed to Johor Bahru for the weekend and need a break from your shopping spree in KSL Mall, head across the road to K Fry Urban Korean , just beside the Holiday Villa Hotel lobby. With no pork, no lard...
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Once Upon A Time Cafe & Boutique - Millennial Pink Cafe In JB With "Style Nanda" Vibes

Once Upon A Time Cafe & Boutique at Johor Bahru
Once Upon A Time Cafe & Boutique at Johor Bahru   Most of us girls would've played with Barbie dolls as kids and marvelled at her pink toy mansion, secretly hoping that someday, we too would get to live a house in all shades of pink. We’ve since grown up...
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The Dreamliner Airways Cafe - Airplane-Themed Cafe In JB Just 20 Minutes From The Checkpoint

The Dreamliner Airways Cafe in Johor Bahru
The Dreamliner Airways Cafe in Johor Bahru   We all know that airplane food isn’t really the sort that will tempt taste buds - but this one “airline” will break that stereotype. Well, you won’t actually be getting 30,000 feet off the ground here, but The Dreamliner Airways Cafe -...
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10 Extinct Favourites in Singapore That Can Still Be Found In Johor Bahru/Kuala Lumpur

Places in Singapore that have closed down
Stores you can still find in Malaysia but not in Singapore   Adapted from source , source , source We’ve all experienced that immeasurable sense of loss upon finding out that our favourite store has shut its doors for good. The latest popular chain to exit our shores was Gong...
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10 Undiscovered JB Night Markets For A Break From Lok-Lok & City Square Mall

jb night market_jb supper
A taste of JB’s night markets   Source JB’s not just about cafe-hopping and cheap makeup . Behind its glitzy malls are the rustic night markets full of food and culture. From palm-sized steamed buns to salt-baked BBQ crab, your supper options will multiply by leaps and bounds when you...
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10 Themed Cafes In Kuala Lumpur To Take Your M'sia Foodventures Up A Notch

kuala lumpur themed cafes
Insta-worthy cafes in KL     Source “What to eat?” is a question that plagues most of us 24/7. Singapore has no shortage of cafes, but there are only so many weekends you can cafe-hop in a row before you find yourself in a “been there, done that” situation. Tired...
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15 Cheapo Things To Do In Kuala Lumpur On A Weekend Getaway

nasi lemak sushi kuala lumpur malaysia things to do
Hidden gems in Kuala Lumpur   Singapore and Malaysia have had a longstanding friendly rivalry over who’s better - which country does Hainanese chicken rice belong to? Is Legoland Malaysia or Universal Studios Singapore better? The debate never ends. With the SGD to MYR exchange rate currently hovering around 3.15,...
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9 Times Penang Proved It Was The Food Capital of Malaysia

Penang food capital
Penang’s amazing food   Source: @leonardyuwon As the food capital of Malaysia and a mecca for foodies around the world to visit, Penang's dishes are so popular, they’ve even made it to CNN’s top 10 must-try meals in the world - we’re talking about the its Asam Laksa and Char...
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10 Best Noodle Dishes In Sabah: The Noodle Capital Of Malaysia

Best Noodle Dishes In Sabah
Delicious noodles in the Negeri Di Bawah Bayu     Source: @jordannashamma Sabah’s rich culture is something to shout about, especially when it birthed a unique cuisine brilliantly invented by its locals. Hidden within its scenic spots are restaurants offering delicious and unique Sabahan noodles that may sound obscure to...
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9 Under RM50 Subang Jaya Steamboats To Unleash Your Inner Binge Monster

Subang Jaya steamboat thesmartlocal
Cheap steamboat restaurants for your monstrous appetite   Source: @j_oky Secretly, all of us are reining in our personal binge monsters, keeping a composed exterior whenever good food is served so that we don’t keep ordering and overspending. During a steamboat, however, our greedy selves take over and this possession...
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