8 Bintulu Adventures To Do With Your Most Garang Travel Buddy Just 2 Hours From Singapore

Bintulu - cover
Things to do in Bintulu   This new year, I made it a point to finally channel that intrepid daredevil in me and strike off all that adventures off my bucket list. The initial plan was to conquer Mount Everest, or explore the Amazon River but when our budget didn’t...
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10 Things To Do In Kuantan - Chop Chop Malaysian Getaway Just An Hour & $42 Flight From Singapore

things to do in kuantan
Affordable things to do in Kuantan   Image adapted from: @dexhwe10 When it comes to affordable getaways, most Singaporeans immediately think of a staycation or a trip to JB. The furthest you’d travel may be to KL - but even going there for a 2 day trip can be a...
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JB's IKEA Has $5 Meatball Platters, Cheaper Furniture, And Is Just 45 Mins Away From Woodlands Checkpoint

IKEA Tebrau JB cheaper than Singapore
IKEA Tebrau in Johor Bahru   Doesn’t matter if we’re not actively looking for furniture - many of us enjoy making trips down IKEA for meatballs and $1 ice-cream cones, or to just walk through a seemingly endless maze of beautifully furnished showrooms. Naturally, we couldn’t help but get excited...
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8 Beach Getaways In Malaysia For Group Trips That Everyone Can Afford From Just $17/Night

Seaventures Dive Rig malaysia diving resort
Beach resorts in Malaysia   Adapted from: ILTWMT Most people would associate an exotic beach getaway with fancy locales like the Maldives and Hawaii. But for the average person, getting even a whiff of such luxuries means coughing up some serious moolah .  Turns out, paradise is a lot closer...
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15 Cheapo Things To Do In Kuala Lumpur On A Weekend Getaway

nasi lemak sushi kuala lumpur malaysia things to do
Hidden gems in Kuala Lumpur   Singapore and Malaysia have had a longstanding friendly rivalry over who’s better - which country does Hainanese chicken rice belong to? Is Legoland Malaysia or Universal Studios Singapore better? The debate never ends. With the SGD to MYR exchange rate currently hovering around 3.15,...
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10 Insane Floating Hotels In Malaysia - Teleport To Maldives Minus The Price Tag!

Malaysia hotel on water
Hotels in Malaysia that’ll teleport you to Maldives   Source: @shaundu The mention of hotels on water often conjures images of ultra-luxurious honeymoon villas in Maldives with glass floors through which guests can see fishes swimming right under their feet. But most importantly, of course, are prohibitive price tags that...
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11 Homestays Perfect For A Fabulous Malaysian Family Getaway

Homestays in Malaysia
Family getaways that are home-away-from-home    Source: @leonjakelim Unlike regular staycations, family getaways have requirements - enough rooms or beds to comfortably fit the family, the accommodation shouldn’t look too romantic lest the children feel icky, and interesting activities should be plenty enough to keep the whole family occupied for...
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10 Amazing Rainforest Hotels In Malaysia - Treehouses, Pipe Capsules & Kampung Villas

Rainforest hotels
Rainforest hotels for luxurious Tarzans   Source: @Alberto_q The highlands, islands and coastlines of Malaysia are all blessed with expansive rainforests and tucked snugly between the trees are amazing resorts that offer intimate experiences with nature. You get to unleash your inner Bear Grylls in the day and soak in...
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9 Under RM50 Subang Jaya Steamboats To Unleash Your Inner Binge Monster

Subang Jaya steamboat thesmartlocal
Cheap steamboat restaurants for your monstrous appetite   Source: @j_oky Secretly, all of us are reining in our personal binge monsters, keeping a composed exterior whenever good food is served so that we don’t keep ordering and overspending. During a steamboat, however, our greedy selves take over and this possession...
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10 Malaysian Bridges So Stunning You'll Want To Cross Them Twice

Stunning Malaysia bridges thesmartlocal
Malaysia’s IG-worthy bridges   Source: @afiqxhrahim Our country isn’t just all natural beauty - sure, we’ve got the prettiest waterfalls and stunning views from atop our hilly landscape, but we’ve also erected iconic skyscrapers and massive monuments worthy of international envy. The bridges we’ve built have done well to forge...
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