9 Highest Paying Jobs In Malaysia

best paying jobs msia COVER
Best paid jobs in Malaysia   Adapted from Source The best paid jobs often require a few years of educational commitment before its actual practice. It’s a long way to go before the moolah comes streaming into your bank account! Stay on course, though. There’s always light at the end...
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10 ‘Hidden’ Languages Of Malaysia You Should Learn To Greet In

Hidden languages of Malaysia
Malaysia’s hidden languages   Source We are no strangers to the “hai”, “hello”, “apa khabar?” and “ah macam?” greetings heard everywhere in the streets of KL and Selangor. However, elsewhere within our 330,803km 2 land area, “hello” becomes “tabi” , “kopivosian” and “kenun dengah” - these are traditional languages found...
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11 Manglish Words So Unique To Malaysia Even Singaporeans Tak Faham

Manglish words thesmartlocal
Manglish Words That Confuse Our Neighbours   Singaporeans and Malaysians have a lot in common. We share the same love for food, harmonious multi-racial society and we even have our own version of English, sharing words such as abuden and lahs and lehs . However, there are a few things...
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11 KL Transport Hacks You Need To Know About Today

Be On Top Of Your Transport Game   Kuala Lumpur is a world-renowned city that can be explored by many means of transportation. Trains, taxis, buses, metro - you name it, Kuala Lumpur has it! And you’re no KLite until you’ve been caught in one of our infamous traffic jams,...
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12 Superstitions All Malysians Remember Growing Up With

Pantang Larang From Our Childhood   Source Racial, religious and cultural harmony are often synonymous with living in Singapore and Malaysia. While we share a similar cuisine inspired by our forefathers, way of life that we are familiar with and of course languages that speak to our hearts, many of...
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10 Ways To Know You Pasti Come From KL

Kuala Lumpur Boleh!   Hands up if you’re from Malaysia’s cosmopolitan capital! KL is a huge melting pot of cultures, and we locals have our own set of quirks and idiosyncrasies that you just wouldn’t get unless you’ve been living here all your life. If you’re a true city girl...
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10 Mobile Apps Every Malaysian Should Have To Make Your Life Easier

Perks of technology Source Let’s be real, at this day and age, keeping up with everything in life is extremely stressful when you have major commitments like work and school. You don’t have to silently suffer on the inside, technology is invented to help us out but techy things spawn...
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25 Tell-Tale Signs You Went To School In Malaysia

A walk down memory lane   Source School was something none of us (well, most of us at least) absolutely hated. But beyond the horrible memories of gruelling Monday morning assemblies and fierce teachers, our schooling life is a memory we hold dearly in our hearts. If you went to...
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53 Childhood Snacks All Malaysians Grew Up With

Old is gold   The snacks we munched on as kids created precious memories in our lives, so we decided to compile a list of 50 childhood snacks Malaysians grew up with in order to let you reminisce the good ol’ times!   1. Ice Gems   Source Ice gems,...
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10 Malaysian Words That Make Absolutely No Sense

Apa ini?   Source Growing up in Malaysia, or anywhere else in the world for that matter, you will eventually pick up on the local slang. The local slang is what makes Malaysians unique compared to other neighbouring countries *cough cough* Singapore; it is what makes Malaysia truly Asia. However,...
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