15 Cheapo Things To Do In Kuala Lumpur On A Weekend Getaway

nasi lemak sushi kuala lumpur malaysia things to do
Hidden gems in Kuala Lumpur   Singapore and Malaysia have had a longstanding friendly rivalry over who’s better - which country does Hainanese chicken rice belong to? Is Legoland Malaysia or Universal Studios Singapore better? The debate never ends. With the SGD to MYR exchange rate currently hovering around 3.15,...
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8 Exhilarating Theme Parks Opening In Asia From 2017-2020 That Have Zero Chill

new amusement parks asia
Scream a happy scream at new amusement parks in Asia   Source Adrenaline junkies, rejoice - the opening of spanking new theme parks around Asia are about to get your heart pumping. Whether you are young, young at heart, or have kids who’ve been bugging you to take them on...
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7 Old-School Malaysian Hotels That Are The Grand Budapest Hotel In Disguise

hotels in Malaysia that look like The Grand Budapest Hotel
The Grand Budapest Hotel In Disguise   Source In case you haven’t already known, locating the town of Nebelsbad in the Republic of Zubrowka is impossible in any universe besides the fantasy world of Wes Anderson. Never mind the fact that the Grand Budapest Hotel (GBH) doesn't exist – you...
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10 Malaysian Bridges So Stunning You'll Want To Cross Them Twice

Stunning Malaysia bridges thesmartlocal
Malaysia’s IG-worthy bridges   Source: @afiqxhrahim Our country isn’t just all natural beauty - sure, we’ve got the prettiest waterfalls and stunning views from atop our hilly landscape, but we’ve also erected iconic skyscrapers and massive monuments worthy of international envy. The bridges we’ve built have done well to forge...
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9 Places in Malaysia To Bluff Your Friends Thinking You're On A Europe Holiday

Malaysia destinations that look like Europe
Revel in European Allure Without The Long Haul   It’s no secret Singaporeans love Malaysia. If not for the seafood and all-you-can-chew gum, the it’s for the cheap gas thanks to the favourable exchange rates. For a weekender to unwind, a quick ride over the Causeway is the salve needed...
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10 Activities In Malaysia For Every Couple's Bucket List

Malaysia couples' bucket list activities thesmartlocal
Every couple’s bucket list activities in Malaysia   Source: @alba.ingles Once the initial feeling of accomplishing a bucket list activity passes, the experience becomes a another shelved memory. With no one to relive the moment other than yourself, every time the memory resurfaces, you’ll only respond with an ‘oh, okay’....
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11 Lesser-Known Malaysian Dive Spots That You Need To Explore

The Deep Blue Awaits You   Source Divers far and wide will agree that sometimes all you need to escape your hectic daily life is a good dose of aqua therapy. Why not delve into the big blue and explore Malaysia’s wondrous underwater havens during your next getaway? No doubt...
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10 Truly Malaysian Paktor Ideas To Make Bae Fall In Love With You All Over Again

Paktor 101 Source So you like someone. You’ve been through the phase of stalking your crush on social media and in real life; perhaps you’ve even exchanged a friendly greeting during an “accidental” encounter with said person. But one day, you finally find the courage to ask your prospective soul...
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10 Extreme Activities In Selangor To Get Your Adrenaline Pumping

Pumping adrenaline   Source You daredevils must be hungry for some adrenaline-pumping, fear-testing, physically challenging and extreme activities. Here we’ve got you a list of extreme activities in Selangor and KL that will have you embracing your sense of adventure, overcoming your fear of heights and plunging head first into...
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10 Reasons Why You’ll Feel Like a Kid Again at LEGOLAND

Inner Child, Rejoice!   When it comes to LEGO, we all time travel back to our childhood, when having fun was our only agenda. Whether it’s building our own structures or assembling a LEGO city, the brick-building activity was indispensable to our growing years. If the feeling of nostalgia is...
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