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9 Highest Paying Jobs In Malaysia

Best paid jobs in Malaysia   Adapted from Source The best paid jobs often require a few years of educational commitment before its actual practice. It’s a long way to go befo...

10 ‘Hidden’ Languages Of Malaysia You Should Learn To Greet In

Malaysia’s hidden languages   Source We are no strangers to the “hai”, “hello”, “apa khabar?” and “ah macam?” greetings heard everywhere in the streets of KL and Selangor. Ho...

11 Manglish Words So Unique To Malaysia Even Singaporeans Tak Faham

Manglish Words That Confuse Our Neighbours   Singaporeans and Malaysians have a lot in common. We share the same love for food, harmonious multi-racial society and we even ha...

11 KL Transport Hacks You Need To Know About Today

Be On Top Of Your Transport Game   Kuala Lumpur is a world-renowned city that can be explored by many means of transportation. Trains, taxis, buses, metro - you name it, K...

12 Superstitions All Malysians Remember Growing Up With

Pantang Larang From Our Childhood   Source Racial, religious and cultural harmony are often synonymous with living in Singapore and Malaysia. While we share a similar cuisine...

10 Ways To Know You Pasti Come From KL

Kuala Lumpur Boleh!   Hands up if you’re from Malaysia’s cosmopolitan capital! KL is a huge melting pot of cultures, and we locals have our own set of quirks and idiosyncrasi...

10 Mobile Apps Every Malaysian Should Have To Make Your Life Easier

Perks of technology Source Let’s be real, at this day and age, keeping up with everything in life is extremely stressful when you have major commitments like work and school. You ...

25 Tell-Tale Signs You Went To School In Malaysia

A walk down memory lane   Source School was something none of us (well, most of us at least) absolutely hated. But beyond the horrible memories of gruelling Monday morning as...

53 Childhood Snacks All Malaysians Grew Up With

Old is gold   The snacks we munched on as kids created precious memories in our lives, so we decided to compile a list of 50 childhood snacks Malaysians grew up with in order...

10 Malaysian Words That Make Absolutely No Sense

Apa ini?   Source Growing up in Malaysia, or anywhere else in the world for that matter, you will eventually pick up on the local slang. The local slang is what makes Malaysi...

11 Lies Malaysians Tell That Are So True

Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire   Source Life itself is an ongoing drama. With all kinds of complications and unforeseen circumstances that can arise daily, I'm sure all of us has ...

10 Dudes You’re Bound to Meet When Clubbing in Malaysia

The party don't start till I walk in   Source You’ve probably seen them before, heard of them; heck, you might even have been one of them at your prime (that is assuming you ...

15 Reasons Malaysia Is The Worst Place To Visit In Southeast Asia

Don't Bother. Just Don't.   It's so bad I can't even dive the right way. Source Situated comfortably in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is often overshadowed by its flourishing...

32 Tell Tale Signs You're Malaysian

So you think you're Malaysian?   Travelling around as a Malaysian has got me wondering about how different we really are. We may not realize this but there are some things w...

15 Brands You Never Knew Were From Malaysia

Malaysian Brands   Source: The Star With our article on Singaporean brands having sparked interest recently, we decided to look at our own Malaysian brands to find out i...

20 Slang Malaysians love to use

Popular Malaysian Slang   Note:This article on 20 Slang Malaysians love to use was written by our Malaysian writer and created and first published on the Malaysian expansion...

13 Signs You Know You're Truly Malaysian

What makes us Malaysian?   Ever wondered what makes us Malaysians stand out from the rest of the world? What makes us so unique? Maybe because we have so many little ho...

9 Things to do after you Graduate

Things to do after you graduate   Remember that moment back in secondary, where they announced the date of the graduation ceremony? You probably had difficulties concentrati...

My Ambition, My Goal in Life.

    I have been raised in an environment that is highly focused on the English language rather than the Malay language. I personally love the English language as I feel...

The Smart Local, How I Began.

Ahh yes, my first blog entry. I'm gonna be dedicating this to the SmartLocal website for my first post. After working at a publishing company for a month, I thought I was gonna be ...