SOOKEE's Bespoke Ring Service Lets You Create A One Of A Kind Engagement Ring

customized rings in singapore
SOOKEE Jewellery’s diamond ring customisation services   Every love story is unique and beautiful in its own way - and so is every bride-to-be. After all, there must’ve been something special about your lady that made you fall for her in the first place. So other than thinking of a...
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5 Fish Spas In Singapore To Shed Dead Skin & Overcome Your Fear Of Tickles From $10

fish spa
Fish spas in Singapore   Image adapted from @masqwert  We heard of a fair number of strange beauty treatments , but having tiny fish slowly nibble at our feet would probably top our charts as the most bizarre. Known as Garra Rufa, these tiny fish eat away the dead skin...
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Get 50% Off Your Second Main With Quandoo Coupons On DBS Lifestyle App From Now Till 25 June

unagi nara
Restaurants with 50% off your 2nd main   Image credit: @tigerkiller   Singaporeans might be the biggest complain kings and queens in the world, but it doesn't take that much to make us happy. Just like the word “sale”, there's something about restaurant discounts that makes our behaviour borderline feral....
Continue reading - This Jobs Portal In Singapore Pays You $1,000 For Landing Your Friend A New Job Job Portal
Getting hired with a cash bonus   Images adapted from:   Carousell , WeWork ,  D’Perception Singapore , Cabin Crew 101 It's halfway through the year and that EOY job bonus is still a distant goal. Yet, you can get a bonus right now if you have a solid network and...
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DBS Is No Longer Just A Bank - Their New Marketplace Lets You Buy Cars And Homes

DBS marketplaces - car, house, electricity
Everyday banking with DBS Bank   It’s happened a few times: you’re out for lunch and you suddenly realise that your wallet has zero cash. Nada, zilch - nothing there but crumpled receipts. “Eh,” you say, elbowing your friend. “You pay first can?” And that’s completely normal these days, since...
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7 Old-School Cobblers In Singapore Who Can Repair Your Shoes For Way Cheaper Than Chain Outlets

Mr Yamaguchi Taro Yishun cobbler
Cheap shoe-fixing services in Singapore   Just because many of us take pleasure in buying new shoes, it doesn’t mean that we’re ready to give up our worn-out kicks. And that’s where cobblers come in. Instead of visiting chain outlets, many actually look for roadside cobblers to fix their shoes....
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11 24-Hour Vets In Singapore Sorted By Location To Bookmark For Emergencies At 3am

24 hour vets Singapore
Vets in Singapore that are open 24/7   Image adapted from @icancallyoushoes Like humans, our pets can fall prey to nasty viruses - and it’s important to have a choice of trusted doctors that you can go to for emergency care. In case your furry friend needs medical attention at...
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Bath & Body Works - Up To 70% Off Including Candles, Body Scrubs & Hand Soaps

Bath & Body Works Sale in Singapore
Bath & Body Works semi annual sale   There’s nothing better than stepping out of a shower, feeling squeaky clean and smelling like roses. So when your favourite Bath & Body Works products are on sale, it’s time to stock up on shower gels, body moisturisers, and candles to get...
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Victoria’s Secret Sale Is Up To 70% Off Storewide And Includes Sports Bras, Lounge Wear And Beauty Products

Victoria's Secret sale - bras, sportswear, lingerie
Victoria’s Secret semi annual sale   Karlie Kloss, Miranda Kerr, Gigi Hadid - besides being drop dead gorgeous, these girls all have one thing in common: they’re all Victoria’s Secret Angels. There’s no doubt they look good strutting down the Victoria’s Secret runway with their angel wings and the latest...
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Yamaha’s Mid-Year Sale Has Up To 40% Off On Instruments Like Pianos, Guitars And Mixing Consoles

Yamaha instruments
Yamaha Mid Year Sale   Image adapted  from:   @boydpiano ,  @early_adopter ,  @taketsu School holidays have finally greeted us with their warm embrace, and for some, it’ll be 3 whole months of free time. If Netflix-and-chilling is too nua for you, perhaps it’s time to finally check off that...
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