A CNY Bazaar Has Popped Up Beside Punggol MRT With Rainbow Food, Carnival Games And Sakura Photo-Ops

punggol pasar malam
Chinese New Year Bazaar in Punggol   As Singaporeans, we can’t resist visiting pasar malams (night markets) whenever a new one pops up in the neighbourhood. With over 100 vendors, ranging from old-school carnival games, to innovative rainbow concoctions, Punggol’s CNY Pasar Malam may be the largest pasar malam in...
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Mirage Aesthetic's BB Covered Foundation Facial From Korea Will Leave A Makeup-Like Effect On Your Bare Face

Mirage Aesthetic facial (1) - Semi-permanent makeup cover
Korean facial treatment in Singapore   I know this firsthand: the no-makeup makeup look takes a looong time and half a dozen or so of beauty products. Without it, phrases like “you look really tired” and “did you sleep?” hit me hard and heavy. That’s why I was super excited...
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Here's A List Of Shops That Award Link Points For Your CNY Spending So You Don't Forget Your Plus! Card

zalora linkpoints
Get LinkPoints Rewards this CNY   Chinese New Year can be an expensive affair with jacked up prices of nearly anything and everything in Singapore. Embracing the kiasu spirit, we should be constantly on the lookout for every lobang that’ll lessen the stress on our wallets.  Whether you’re shopping for...
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8 Seemingly Useless Items You Can Trade In For Money, Freebies, And Discounts In Singapore

Seemingly useless items (1) - Lush pots cover
Recycle and trade in used items at these stores in Singapore   Image adapted from: @essentiallyamylynn While Carousell is an automatic go-to for many when getting rid of clothes, cosmetics, and tech devices that are still perfectly functional, a lot of other items end up as trash. But while certain...
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Dore Aesthetics Review: Fat Freezing Treatment That Kills Your Fat Cells In 1h So You Can Work Your CNY Outfit

Dore Aesthetics Fat Freezing
Dore Aesthetics fat freezing treatment review   It’s important to love yourself for who you are, but let’s be real here: everyone wants to look like the best version of themselves - which is why things like makeup and gym memberships exist. And hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. If...
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BRAND'S Has A New Home Delivery Service That Auto-Replenishes With Up To 25% Rebates

BRAND'S - subscription box
BRAND’S Smart Shopper Scheme    It’s that time of the year again - the time for obligatory New Year’s resolutions. We’ll have plans of keeping fit and staying healthy, but predictably, we’ll abandon said plans by mid-February.  But whether you’re a busy parent concerned over your children’s health, or adults...
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Stärker Bistro Is Giving Away 600 Half Pints Of Beer On These Fridays With No Catch

Free beer at Stärker Bistro   Heading out for a meal with your buddies to usher in the weekend is a Friday-night tradition for many of us, and Stärker Bistro is giving us all the more reason to celebrate. From 12 January , Stärker Bistro will be giving away  ...
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5 Influencer-Level Picnic Setups For Hire In Singapore That Double Up As Photoshoot Backdrops

picnic setups singapore
Picnic catering companies in Singapore   Image adapted from (clockwise from top left): @picneeds,  @hocuspocusevents,  @beauteaq ,  @picneeds With the new year here, you’ve been thinking of reorganising your priorities - namely, your IG feed. After all, everyone’s been spouting the annual “new year, new me” incantation, and while this...
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Las Lilas Spanish School Is SkillsFuture-Claimable For You To Improve Your Vocabulary Beyond "Despacito"

Las Lilas Spanish School Students
Las Lilas Spanish school   Despacito. The anthem of 2017, and also all the Spanish I know. That, and this song - both of which provided zilch help when I found myself holidaying in Spain. But in the spirit of the new year and forming resolutions that don’t involve any...
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JARGO Hair Salon - Korean Perm Made For Super-Bleached & Damaged Hair To KIV For CNY Makeovers

Hair Makeover at JARGO   If you’re a hair colour addict like me, you’d know you are helpless against the charms of freshly tinted lilac, ash or even unicorn hair. But, Tumblr-worthy gorgeousness comes at a cost - spoiled, damaged locks after multiple rounds of bleaching. And having had mine...
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