13 Affordable Craft Supply Stores In Singapore For Scrapbooking, Painting, & Calligraphy Materials

crafts watercolour
Craft stores other than Art Friend, Spotlight, & Paper Market   Image adapted from: @jerlynstudies Let’s face it, we’re not all budding Michelangelos or Picassos, but most of us probably wish we could replicate those beautiful crafts we’ve pinned on our Pinterest board. Be it writing calligraphy messages for a...
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LUX Luminique's New Haircare Products From Japan Come With Superfood Ingredients Like Açaí & Goji Berry To Nourish Your Hair

LUX Luminique Superfoods Shampoo - shampoo full conditioner
LUX Luminique Superfoods haircare range   Talk about self-care and the first things that come to mind are eating clean, pampering our skin with a 10-step facial routine, and a good workout. But treating ourselves doesn't necessarily mean weekly yoga sessions or exotic smoothie bowls . The new LUX Luminique...
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7 Lesser Known Skincare Tips For Singaporeans Who Are Constantly Plagued By Pimples

Lesser Known Acne Tips - Cover
Acne control tips   Having spent my teen years staring at a giant Ferrero Rocher in the mirror, I can safely attest that acne ain’t fun. Coupled with our country’s unforgiving heat and humidity, our faces are pretty much hotbeds for pimple parties, which is why a good skincare regime...
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Shopee x L’Oréal Super Brand Week Has Up To 60% Off On Brands Like L’Oréal Paris, La Roche-Posay & Maybelline

Shopee x L’Oréal Beauty Sale Week   Image on bottom-left adapted from: @maybelline Sure, the National Day weekend is past and we’re mourning the end of all those NDP lobangs . But to curb post-sale withdrawals, two names well known to any shopaholic are heralding good news.  Hear this -...
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FairPrice Has Free Delivery For Packages And Freebies Like Cookers This Hungry Ghost Festival

fairprice 7th month
FairPrice On - 7th Month Food and Prayer Packages   Lunar 7th Month comes with altars spilling over with food offerings and the wafting smell of incense smoke in the air. Maybe you’ll hear crooning tunes from a nearby getai or even see people hurrying by with a stash of...
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DBS PriceMatcher - Online Shopping Service With Lowest-Price Guarantee For Electronics & Home Appliances

DBS PriceMatcher - electronics and home appliances
Best price guarantee with DBS PriceMatcher   Home appliances aren’t often at the forefront of our minds. We only notice them when they’ve gone haywire and need to be replaced with shiny new ones. There are many electronic stores in malls, but shopping online - at local sites like Shopee...
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17 National Day Deals For Singaporeans To Chiong For - 53% Off And 1-for-1 Discounts

swensens 1-for-1 ice cream
SG53 deals for NDP   Every year on National Day we look forward to the fireworks, fighter jets and fantastic floats. And if you’re real kiasu like me, you’d also be looking forward to the myriad of National Day related deals to splash that cash on - because as patriotic...
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This New Feature On Expedia Lets You Unlock Hotel Discounts When You Book Flights With Them

Expedia Add-On Advantage - hotel discounts
Expedia - Add-On Advantage for discounted hotel rates   Image adapted from: @anantara_hotels Booking a holiday means you’ve got to sort out your flight tickets, pronto. If it’s expensive now, don’t even think about waiting till early December - those seats will be booked out before you know it. But...
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Nespresso Has Created Two New Iced Coffee Recipes For You To Enjoy Anytime At Home

Nespresso iced coffee
Nespresso iced coffee capsules   Our morning routines are zombie-like: every sluggish step taken comes with a sleep-deprived yawn that we try our best to cover up. But all that can be solved with Nespresso ’s new iced coffee . No more hot liquid burning your tongue, no more waiting...
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PSA: Crabtree & Evelyn Is Giving You $50 Back For $53 Spent This National Day

Crabtree & Evelyn National Day promo
Crabtree & Evelyn’s National Day 2018 promotion   Image adapted from: Crabtree & Evelyn With picture-perfect packaging and aromatic fragrances, many of us look to Crabtree & Evelyn when we’re in need of some pampering. Whether it’s biting into a buttery biscuit or lathering ourselves with body cream, it’s the...
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