10 Hotels In Singapore With FREE Late Check Outs Up To 4PM For Maximum Nua-ing

village hotel katong changi infinity pool late checkout
Enjoy late hotel check outs with no extra fees   Image adapted from (left to right): Village Hotel Katong and @villageinsg   When you’re on a well-deserved staycation with your friends, chances are you’re gonna be pulling all-nighters and exploiting the hotel facilities to the max. And that means you’ll...
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10 Fancy Capsule Hotels In Singapore To Dominate With Your Squad On A Budget

Affordable capsule hotels in Singapore
Affordable capsule hotels in Singapore   Adapted from: Central 65 Hostel Staycations are the new sleepovers; While we once took turns to crash our friends’ houses as kids under parental supervision, we’re all grown up now, and have slightly more atas squad parties in hotels. But along with these chill...
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10 Local Foods For Overseas Friends To Try In Central Singapore Under 24 Hours

spread of jalan kayu prata cover image
Around the Singapore food scene in 24-hours   “What is the best Singaporean dish?” might be the million-dollar question that leaves you stumped. You won’t have the 50-50 option or enough time to call a friend, and you can’t escape your responsibility as a Singaporean to give your friends from...
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11 Rumours About Singapore That Foreigners Still Misunderstand - As Written By A Foreigner

Legal Chewing Gum, Singapore
Small Singapore has pretty big rumours   Adapted from Source While Singapore’s land area takes up just 719.1 square kilometers, the gossip and rumours about this country have spread far and wide. From illegal chewing gum, to people getting their limbs chopped off for the smallest of crimes, there have...
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11 Old Traditional Dessert Stalls In Singapore That Are Better Than Waffles And Bingsus

Old-school kopitiam desserts    To me, a bowl of green bean soup is akin to my grandmother telling me, “Don’t worry, everything will be alright.” It’s what I grew up to - homemade green bean soup piping hot in the kitchen after long, tiring days in the classroom.  We’ve already...
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10 Things To Do In Joo Chiat Besides Eating Peranakan Food

 Where Old Meets New       Mention Joo Chiat and you’ll get immediate responses about the delectable cuisine and traditional peranakan houses, but there’s so much more to this historical gem. Having received the first ever Heritage Town Award in 2011, this Eastern district has garnered a solid reputation...
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16 Things You Must Do in Barcelona Before You Die

The Heart and Soul of Catalonia   Barcelona is the best city to be a tourist - the city is full of life, quirky and unexpected at every turn. It’s a city for explorers: go back in time as you wander around the Gothic quarter, feast your eyes on Gaudí’s...
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Hairy Crab Season Is Upon Us!

It’s that time of the year again - it’s time for hairy crabs! Each year crab lovers wait gingerly for the arrival of fall. For October means they get to devour these hairy little things. I’m a big fan of crabs and I don’t really care how it’s prepared, as...
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30 Bars, Clubs And Nightlife Spots In Singapore To Visit Before You Die

Never have a boring night again   Nursing that   killer hangover while trying to match blurry phone pictures with names of new friends? – trust me when I say I've been there.  My work as a freelance nightlife photographer has taken me to most bars and clubs all over Singapore...
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24 Hours In Singapore

A guide to how you spend your time if you only have 24 hours in Singapore and want to make the best of your stay in our sunny little island. 1. TRY to skip the shopping malls (1pm – 4pm) I say that because wherever you came from, there are...
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