Yishun Park Hawker Centre - Timbre's New Kopitiam With Erdinger On Tap And A Simpsons Pinball Machine

Yishun Park Hawker Centre ramen
Yishun Park Hawker Centre by Timbre Group   If drift-karting and cosmic bowling aren’t enough to lure you to the crazy lil’ town of Yishun, perhaps food is.   Newly opened on 20th September Yishun Park Hawker Centre is named for its proximity to Yishun Park right opposite. This modern...
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13 Supper Places Near Popular Clubs In Singapore - KBBQ, Chicken Up, And Vietnamese Pho

Ramen Keisuke lobster
Eateries near clubs that open till late     Image adapted from: @elainewanders_ We’ve all experienced this after a chaotic night of clubbing - aching legs, booze-induced wooziness, and of course an insatiable appetite for a hearty supper. You know you need food, and you need it now. And so...
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12 Most Unique Mooncake Flavours Of 2017 - Tom Yum, Root Beer, And Kopi With Salted Hokkaido Milk

unique mooncake flavours
Most interesting mooncake flavours this Mid-Autumn Festival   Image adapted from: Sheraton Singapore We know the Mid-Autumn Festival’s ‘round the corner when mooncake booths begin sprouting up at every shopping mall atrium, and the never-ending debate between #TeamTraditional and #TeamSnowskin heats up yet again. But with the many newfangled mooncake...
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7 Ways To Own Seoul Garden's $15.99 Lunch Buffet With Limited Tummy Space

free cheese dip from seoul garden
Seoul Garden's secret recipes   Celebrating a special occasion over a steamboat meal is one of those unexplainable Singaporean things that all families do. Because of that, Seoul Garden , being one of the most affordable steamboat chains around, is a name that most Singaporeans recognise.  Most of us are...
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7 Omakase Restaurants In Singapore To Dine At Like Royalty For $50 And Below

Cheap omakase Singapore japanese food
Cheap omakase restaurants in Singapore   Image adapted from: @cptslowyeo Dining at an omakase restaurant is a unique experience - besides the VIP treatment, there’s no fixed menu, only specially curated dishes decided entirely by the chefs. And with top-notch ingredients, it’s only natural that this usually comes at hefty...
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New Cafes and Restaurants in September 2017 - Michelin-Starred Japanese Skewers & Pablo Cheese Tarts

COMO Cuisine new restaurant September 2017 Singapore
New food places to try in Singapore this September   Image adapted from:  @life.abeautifulmess Vacation season is over, and it’s that time of year where hols have just ended, but the next one is miles away. Good news is here though - this list of spanking new places will give...
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PSA: 14 Best Lobangs In Singapore In September 2017 COMPILED

hotel buffet 1-for-1 deals holiday inn
Money-saving promos to tide you through September    Image adapted from: @holidayinnsgatrium September is upon us, and although some of us may be freaking out about entering the final quarter of 2017, don’t forget that with every new month comes new deals to indulge in! So forget all your year-end...
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11 Weekday Lunch Deals In Town For The Best 1 Hour Of Your 9-6 Grind

CHeap weekday lunch deals in town
Weekday lunch deals in Singapore   Image adapted from: @shaunowyeong and @jarkatafood We can all agree that the weekends pass way too quickly. With a blink of an eye, Friday becomes Monday yet again and another new work week starts. Sometimes, it’s good to take a random day off just...
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15 Early Bird Mooncake Discounts To Chiong For Before Mid-Autumn Season Rolls Around

mooncake promotions 2017 DBS
Early-bird mooncake deals for Mid-Autumn Festival 2017     Image adapted from: Bakerzin Ahh , Mooncake Festival - when streets come alive with lanterns and we get to indulge in the delightful mooncakes we’ve been looking forward to. It may only be August right now, but this year, it pays...
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This App Lets You Redeem Free Drinks Every Day At Bars Across Singapore For $15.90/Month

The wall SG
Get a free drink every day with WOOFR   Nothing feels better than unwinding with your pals after a hectic work day, but looking at your bank account the morning after may just restart your stress - after all, drinks don’t come cheap. But download mobile app WOOFR , and...
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