honestbee Now Delivers Famous Hawker Favourites From Hong Lim, Maxwell & Amoy To CBD Offices

honestbee Hawker Delivery in Singapore
Hawker food delivery from honestbee   An hour for lunch might seem like lots of time for a leisurely meal and a bit of a catch-up sesh with your colleagues. But after deciding which food court to go to, walking there, queuing up, and walking back to the office, you...
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7 Affordable Halal Steaks In Singapore To Enjoy With Your Muslim Friends For Under $25

Halal Steakhouse - Cover Image
Cheap halal steaks in Singapore      Image adapted from: @badoquecafe Finding a good steak isn’t hard in Singapore - you just have to be prepared to fork out more cash. For Muslims, this quest has a bonus requirement of making sure the steak’s halal. And since halal meat is...
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Level Up Is Clarke Quay's New Arcade-Bar With Games Like Metal Slug, Time Crisis 3, And Bishi Bashi

Level Up Singapore Arcade Bar
Level Up - Singapore’s first arcade-pub   We’ve seen a handful of cafes with board games, and bars with karaoke and darts machines spring up in corners of our island over the past few years - bringing an element of novelty to our usual hangout sessions with friends.  But as...
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10 Late-Night Supper Outlets In Clarke Quay With Some Open Till 5AM

Your go-to after-hour spots in Clarke Quay for a good time   Mention a night out at Clarke Quay, and the word “ curfew ” instantly vanishes from anyone’s vocabulary. While other food and beverage establishments roll their shutters and call it a day, the party people over in central...
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12 Restaurants In Singapore With $2 Dining Promos This November - All-Day Buffets, Thai Steamboat, And Truffle Fries

Marriott Cafe
Dine at restaurants for just $2   If you’re under the age of 20, chances are you won’t remember a time when you could grab a meal for just $2. Sure, you can still get food for $2 at certain places , but definitely not a full meal - especially...
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10 Affordable Acai Bowls In Town Below $10 For A Non-Caffeinated Morning Boost

cheap acai bowls singapore
Cheapest acai bowls in Singapore   Image adapted from: @laoniangisfat Acai bowls have been around for awhile now, and it’s no wonder our #healthyliving homies have all jumped on this smoothie bowl bandwagon. Blended from frozen Brazilian acai berries, these smoothie bowls have the consistency of ice cream and are...
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9 Limited Edition Tea-Infused Cakes From Popular Bakeries You Never Knew Were Singaporean Brands

cover image of all cakes
Tea-Infused cakes made by Singaporean bakeries   If you’ve ever faced the problem of buying a non-boring birthday cake for your friends or family - aka not another chocolate cake - it’s time for you to rejoice. As part of It's Cake Time: Brew & Bake , you can look...
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7 Hawker Stalls By Ex Restaurant Chefs That Don't Overcharge You For Premium Dishes

singapore hawker restaurant chef
Hawker food by restaurant chefs   When you think of enjoying excellent pasta, duck confit, and ramen, it’s rare to imagine yourself tucking into these dishes in a steamy open air hawker centre - after all, “fancy” food is usually only found at upmarket restaurants... or is it? These days,...
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8 Bigger-Than-Your-Palm Burgers In Singapore For People Who Get No Kick From Upsized Meals

Sinful Burgers - Cover
Super huge burgers in Singapore     Image adapted from: Roadhouse It’s been over a month since KFC served its last Double Down for the year and its loss has been greatly felt by burger-enthusiasts. Thankfully, there are a multitude of super-stacked burgers found all over Singapore to tide over...
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New Cafes And Restaurants In November 2017 - Pastel Pink Juicery & Californian-Style Burger Joint By Benjamin Barker

A juicery millennial pink juice cafe pastel
The month of Nom-vember   Image adapted from:  @ajuicery While there aren’t any public holidays during the month of November, one can still enjoy the simple pleasures in life - such as rewarding yourself with a wholesome meal and a good cup of coffee after toiling away hard at work....
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