CHIJMES Has A Lit-Up Sculpture And 12 Dining & Lifestyle Promos For Singapore Night Festival 2018

CHIJMES - Singapore Night Festival dining and lifestyle promos
CHIJMES dining & lifestyle promos   We already have a late-night tradition, a dependable one that rotates between a trusty selection of midnight movies and suppers. But from 17 to 25 August 2018 , it’s Singapore Night Festival once again - a yearly ritual where we break away from our...
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NINETEEN80 Is A NEW Retro Arcade-Bar With Games Like Street Fighter, Pacman & Space Invaders

nineteen80 -  cover image
NINETEEN80 - Retro arcade-pub   If you know your Dhalsim from Chun Li, or actually remember switching cassette tape sides, you’re probably an 80s/90s kid.  And good news if you’re looking to indulge in a wee bit of nostalgia - NINETEEN80 , an arcade-bar at Tanjong Pagar, is bringing back...
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6 Restaurants In The CBD With Calorie Count Menus That Will Pass Your Fitspo Friends' QC

bibimbap calories
Restaurants in CBD with calorie count menus   Image adapted from: @foodieqdee Count the memories, not the calories sounds catchy , but this mantra can get hard to live by when trying to stay healthy.   So enter the grand plan of monitoring your calorie intake, which can be a tedious...
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7 Themed Bars In Singapore To Hit Up After Work If You've Gotten Too Old For Clubs

Themed bars in Singapore   Watering holes on our little red dot are a dime a dozen. Just ask Siri for the nearest bar, and you'll probably find more than 2 of them within a 3KM radius. But as we all know, quantity doesn't equate to quality. To help you...
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10 Student Food Promos At Bugis Junction & Bugis+ To Enjoy With Your Matric Card

sharetea bubble tea promotion
Student deals at Bugis Junction X Bugis+    The perils of being a broke student - kiasu , low on budget, and forced to revisit the same old restaurants and food courts we’ve been patronising for pretty much the entire course of our studies.  The struggle to find cheap and...
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New Cafes And Restaurants In August 2018 - Isaac Toast, Mr Men Cafe, & Durian Lava Baos

New restaurants and cafes in Singapore - August 2018
New restaurants to try in August 2018   Image adapted from: @_whatsuppunk You just know that August 2018 will be a month filled with plenty of cheat days, thanks to the overload of new restaurants and cafes. But it’s too difficult to resist stuffing yourself silly when you’ve got the...
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Grand Hyatt Singapore Has Teh Tarik And Acai Berry Truffle Mooncakes To Impress Colleagues

grand hyatt mooncakes
Grand Hyatt Singapore's Mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival 2018    This Mid-Autumn festival, Grand Hyatt Singapore is pampering us with a refreshing selection of mooncake flavours like Acai Berry , Black Sesame and Teh Tarik that you will love to have at your upcoming Mid-Autumn gathering. Especially if you’re looking to...
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14 Affordable Bars In Singapore’s Town Area With Drinks Under $10

bar - cover image
Affordable bars in town   Every time my friends jio me for a round of drinks in town, my wallet cries out in agony. But FOMO kicks in and I end up spending half my month’s allowance on one night of alcoholic indulgence.  But it isn’t necessary to splurge to...
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5 New Healthy Options At United Square To Kick Start Your Clean Diet

Healthy food - United Square
Healthy food in Singapore   There’s no shortage of good food in Singapore, but in the land where cai fan (economy rice) is heaving with saturated fat and a plate of char kway teow is over a staggering 700 calories? It’s not easy to find food that’s as nutritious as...
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100PLUS Zero Has A Limited Edition Marble Tumbler That Will Turn Heads In Office

100PLUS Zero Sugar
100PLUS Zero Sugar - For your daily hydration   More often than not, I drink water because I have to - not because I like glugging tasteless, lukewarm liquid. As someone who relishes sugary drinks and bubble tea, the taste of water just doesn’t quite cut it. And that’s when...
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