10 SkillsFuture-Claimable Culinary Classes To Turn You Into Husband/Wife Material

skillsfuture cooking baking coffee making classes for free
SkillFuture cooking courses in Singapore   Image adapted from:  @hweekiat ,  @reenieho  and  @shawn_chen1026  If you’re nowhere near to being a MasterChef, your go-to kitchen fixes are probably one, instant noodles and two, fried eggs. Everyone wants to be able to casually whip up some fancy dishes at home. But...
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13 Obscure Cafes In Singapore's Heartlands Only Residents Of The Area Know About

Obscure Cafes - SOD milk tea cover
Obscure neighbourhood cafes in Singapore   Dining in cafes has become a way of life for Singaporeans - so much so that the more popular ones are becoming really packed and queuing for seats has become the norm. The next time you want to just chill and enjoy a cuppa,...
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2018 CNY Discount Cheatsheet - 20 Reunion Dinner, Snacks & Takeaway Deals

DBS Chinese New Year 2018 food discounts
Chinese New Year food offers 2018   Image adapted from: DBS Lifestyle   It’s the season of feasting and endless lou heis. Whether you prefer to have your reunion dinner at a swanky oriental restaurant or in the comfort of your own family with a potluck, here are some Chinese...
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11 Quirky Pineapple Tart Flavours In Singapore To Distract Aunties From Asking About Your Love Life

Bak Kwa Pineapple Tarts cover image
Unique pineapple tarts in Singapore   Image adapted from:   Old Seng Choon We all love pineapple tarts and no matter how many we’ve eaten, there always seems to be space for one more. And so we reach for another. And another. Before you know it, half the box is...
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Fragrance's Premium Bak Kwa Flavours Such As Kurobuta Pork Will Make Those Calories Worthwhile

Fragrance Bak Kwa for Chinese New Year       Many of us have our bak kwa favourites. Pop a slice of your favourite bak kwa in your mouth and revel in the taste: the best bak kwa taste best crisp and slightly charred, chewy with an undeniably meaty flavour....
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New Cafes And Restaurants In February 2018 - Care Bears Cafe, Cereal Cafe & Hokkaido Marche

Feb 2018 cafes and restaurants (1) - Halal rooftop bar with board games cover
Fantastic feasts for the month of February   Image adapted from: @atapbar It’s only been a month since the start of the year, yet we’ve already been spoilt for choice with the sheer number of new foodie places popping up around the country. For those perpetually hungry, this means more...
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15 Affordable Valentine's Day 2018 Set Dinners In Singapore From Just $24.50/Person

Cheap Valentine’s Day set meals in 2018   Image adapted from: Maru Valentine’s Day will soon be here and we’ll be seeing lots of girls clutching giant stuffed toys and red rose bouquets. Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or a cynical disbeliever, it’s always nice to celebrate an occasion like...
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6 Limited-Time Dishes From Pizza Hut's CNY Menu To "Jia Liao" For Last Minute Guests

Pizza Hut’s new super huat delivery items   It’s that time of the year for humongous gatherings with your family, friends, extended relatives, classmates, ex-classmates… you catch the drift. With so many people flowing in and out of the house it's hard to keep track of who you jio -ed...
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7 Most Affordable Sashimi Plates In Singapore For Indulgence On A Budget

sashimi - 5 slices for $3
Cheap sashimi in Singapore   Image adapted from:  @standingsushibar Sashimi is one of the most loved Japanese dishes of Singaporeans, but indulging in the delicate slices of raw fish doesn’t come cheap. For those who’re looking for sashimi that won’t leave a hole in your pocket, we’ve sieved out the...
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10 Lesser-Known Rooftop Bars In Singapore's CBD To Siam The After Hours Crowds

Unique rooftop bars in Singapore   Image credit: @littlelionyj You can’t deny that bars are great for catching up with your friends, but when you’re looking for something a tad more special, rooftop bars have it all - from the chill alfresco setting along with sweeping views of Singapore’s skyline. ...
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