5-Star Hotels Offering 50% Off Restaurant Buffets In April So You Can Whack Without Splurging

marina mandrin singapore 50% discount off dinner
50% off dinner buffets in April 2018   Image adapted from: Meritus Hotels Hotel buffets are an indulgence that most of us are only able to enjoy on special occasions. Even then, the hefty price tag still stings the wallet and the temptation to ta pau food home to make...
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8 Old School Food Places In Sembawang That Have Been Around Since Your Parents' Time

Food In Sembawang - Cover Image
Things to eat in Sembawang   Imagine: it’s 20 years from now and you’re heading to the amazing cai fan place you loved as a kid, only to find out that -gasp- the place has ceased to exist. This scenario is a reality for many family restaurants all over Singapore,...
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8 Whisky Bars In Singapore To Hit Up Now That You're A Mature Adult Who Has Outgrown Clubs

Whisky bars in Singapore
Whisky bars in Singapore   Image adapted from: @boonyuru From cheap beer towers to cocktail rooftop bars , we certainly like our glasses filled to the brim. But as much as we like our mojito s and Asahi beers, it always makes for a fun experience when we step out...
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6 Bygone KFC Favourites That Should Make A Comeback In Singapore

Popcorn chicken shake
KFC items that are dearly missed by Singaporeans     Image adapted from: The Food Collage The birth and success of the KFC Double Down made us realise one thing: there is no such thing as too much chicken. While it was a seasonal item, it made a short-lived comeback...
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New Cafes And Restaurants In April 2018 - Black Tap, Tokidoki Cafe, & Keisuke Duck Ramen

bara chirashi don $10 umi nami singapore
New food finds in Singapore in April 2018   Image adapted from: Eatbook Nope, we’re not pulling an April Fools’ prank on you. No matter how March has treated you, it’s never a crime to treat yourself. After all, there’s no better way to unwind than with a satisfying meal...
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11 Starbucks Outlets In Singapore That Open 24/7 For Nocturnal People To Hang Out & Work At

Directory of 24-Hour Starbucks outlets in Singapore   Perhaps you’re a true night owl who prefers socialising at night - but would prefer to stay sobre instead of getting wasted at a club. Or perhaps you need to pull an all-nighter and staying home to study isn’t helping your productivity....
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10 Restaurants In Singapore To Stack Your NS50 Vouchers With Additional SAFRA Discounts

NS50 SAFRA deals
Exclusive promos for SAFRA members   Image adapted from: @thatgreedypig , @eileenongxt   Calling all NSmen past and present;  for those you have yet to spend your NS50 vouchers here are ways you can spend them with your buddies before they expire at the end of the year! On top...
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8 Healthy Food Delivery Services In Singapore From $6.99 For Those With No Time For Meal Prep

healthy food delivery services in singapore
Delivery services for healthy food in Singapore      Image adapted from: @spinacas It’s lunchtime but you and your colleagues have tight deadlines to meet. Then comes the familiar line, “Eh, does anyone want to order Macs?”. That might do the trick once or twice, but ordering fast food on...
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Co+Nut+Ink - Chatuchak's Secret Coconut Ice-Cream & Drinks Recipe Is Now Available At Somerset

conutink chatuchak coconut ice cream authentic
Co+Nut+Ink has coconut ice-cream and drinks   It’s sweltering hot walking down the streets of Orchard Road. And while many of us crave a sweet treat that’s hydrating, it’s difficult to find something healthy that’s guilt-free to consume. Thankfully, Co+Nut+Ink offers just the right fix. Located along the streets of...
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5 Super “WOW” Cocktail Experiences In Singapore That Deserve Boomerangs From All Angles

cocktail ferris wheel punch bowl singapore antidote
Insta-worthy cocktail experiences in Singapore   Here in Singapore, cocktails may be associated with the high life, but that doesn’t mean we should be shying away from them entirely. After a hard day's work, there's nothing like sipping on a few fancy concoctions with your pals and taking boomerangs or...
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