8 Singles' Parties On Valentine's Day To Make 2018 The Year You Quit The #ForeverAlone Life

Singles' parties Valentine's Day Singapore
Valentine’s Day singles’ parties in Singapore 2018   Image adapted from: Lucha Loco It can be difficult watching people get all lovey-dovey on Valentine’s Day if you’re single - especially if you own relationship has recently ended. But heading out to have fun instead of dwelling on your singlehood alone...
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Sentosa's Snoopy-Themed CNY Is Giving Away A 2D1N Luxury Superyacht Staycation

Sentosa - visit snoopy
Sentosa’s FUN-Tastic Fortune   The long weekend is coming up, so we'll be able to spend a whole day out with our fam and friends without having to worry about fatigue at work the next day. So if you’re looking for an event that’s fun, safe and festive, Sentosa’s Snoopy-themed...
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This VR Experience Transported Us To The Pastel Japanese Ice Cream Shop As Seen In DBS's Commercial

DBS Multi-Currency Account   A trip to Japan for ice cream during your lunch break might sound impossible, but not with a little help from DBS and the magic of VR. At the DBS Multi-Currency Account (MCA) Roadshow last November, we got to experience a truly hassle-free jaunt around the...
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Glowbeat at *SCAPE - Glowing Ball Pit, Food Trucks & Carnival Games On 9-11 February

Glowbeat Scape 2018
Glowbeat X *SCAPE 2018   Carnivals are all the rage these days, and there have been many springing up in Singapore as of late. But if you’re going to visit just one of such pop-ups this month, let it be Glowbeat X *SCAPE . It’s gonna be an exciting galore...
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10 CNY Pop-Up Sales In Singapore's Industrial Areas That Aunties Want To Hide From You

TSL CNY pop up sales warehouse discount
Sales in ulu places for your last-minute CNY shopping    Image adapted from: Supermarketguru Chinese New Year is fast approaching, and if you haven’t had the time to stock up on goodies or ingredients for your reunion dinner, it’s not too late.  With these pop-up warehouse sales that offer everything...
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CHIJMES Is Having A Mass Wedding For Pets With Marriage Certificates And Bride & Groom Costumes

A Valentine’s Fairytail by CHIJMES     Image credit:  @buffyvonredly Valentine’s Day is the day of romance - the day when you can expect lovey-dovey gestures and mushy handwritten notes. But at CHIJMES, it doesn’t matter if you’re single or attached. You can celebrate Valentine’s Day with your one true...
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Liese's Pop-Up Has Themed Rooms That'll Have You Spamming Your IG-story

liese - flamingo pool party
The Liese Girl - Hair Color Supplement Launch Pop-up   Maintaining beautiful bleached hair is no mean feat - getting it to your desired color already costs a bomb, and upkeeping it with treatments, special color-protecting shampoo and conditioner further drains our poor wallets. If you’re looking to restore your...
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Singapore Art Week 2018 - 10 Events In Town To Conveniently Visit On Your Next Night Out

Singapore Art Week - assorted
Singapore Art Week 2018   If you’re always on the lookout for something fun to do in Singapore, you’re in luck. Singapore Art Week is back for its sixth edition from 17-28 January and will bring with it over 100 newly launched exhibitions, festivals, art fairs, tours, markets and more...
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National Gallery Singapore’s Light To Night Festival Is A 10-Day Arts Trail With FREE Exhibitions Till Midnight

mirror light to night
Things to do at Light to Night Festival 2018: Colour Sensations   Image credit: National Gallery Singapore If you’re looking for something to do at night in Singapore that isn’t watching a movie or going out for drinks, National Gallery Singapore’s Light to Night Festival 2018: Colour Sensations ’ art...
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Youth Corps Service Week Has 8 Days Of Volunteering Activities For Millennials Who've Always Wanted To Get Started

Youth Corps Service Week 2018   Image adapted from: Youth Corps Singapore As millennials, we’re often called the “strawberry generation” who care very little about contributing to society. In fact, it’s the opposite that’s often true. While we do want to help, we’re stuck in a “paradox of choice” with...
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