NEX Has Free Avengers Movie Screenings & Exclusive Plushies Marvel Fans Cannot Miss

Nex Avengers - Cover Image
Avengers: Infinity War event at NEX   In less than a week, Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) fans can rejoice as the 10-year long wait to catch Black Panther, Iron Man, and Star-Lord sharing the screen will finally be realised when Avengers: Infinity War hits theatres. If that’s too long a...
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Blockers Movie Review - M18 American Comedy Singaporeans With Overprotective Parents Will Feel

blockers movie review
Blockers review and rating   Image credit: MovieWeb Blockers centres around three protective parents doing all they can to protect each of their daughter’s chastity, after stumbling upon their daughters’ pact to explore their sexuality and lose their virginity at prom. Shenanigans ensue in this coming-of-age comedy film, as the...
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Unsane Movie Review - An Asylum Thriller Shot Entirely With An iPhone

Unsane movie review and rating   Image credit: Creative Planet Network Imagine shooting a 1 hour and 38 minute long movie solely on your iPhone. That’s what Steven Soderbergh did with Unsane - a thriller about a young woman who finds herself trapped in an mental asylum. It doesn’t help...
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Treasures of the Natural World Has Artefacts Straight From London And Is Ending On 29 April

1-for-1 tickets at ArtScience Museum's Treasures of the Natural World
Treasures of the Natural World   It’s hard to imagine a land filled with wooden ships of explorers and tigers all around. We’ve never had any experience of the swashbuckling life, much less a life without our smartphones. But with Treasures of the Natural World , an exhibition by ArtScience...
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FitnessFest by AIA 2018 Gives You Full Access To Yoga, Barre, and CrossFit Classes for $50

FitnessFest by AIA 2018
FitnessFest by AIA 2018   The perks of a fitness lifestyle aren’t anything we are unfamiliar with - you’ll gain a healthier body, stronger muscles, and a feel-good endorphin rush. But staying motivated is no easy feat, especially when you stare down at your abs...olutely non-existent 6-pack. And so comes...
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313@somerset's One Piece Pop-Up Has Free Goodie Bags & Exclusive Merchandise

One Piece - Cover Image
One Piece Pop-Up store in Singapore   It’s been over 20 years, but fans of the One Piece franchise are painfully aware that the Straw Hat Pirates aren’t even close to reaching the end of the Grand Line. Well, maybe that’s cause they’ve decided to dock at 313@somerset for their...
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Shakespeare In The Park Is The Only Play You Can Watch While Eating Tapau-ed Food & Wearing Flip Flops

Shakespeare In The Park - Julius Caesar   Image adapted from: Singapore Repertory Theatre Picnic outings are the in thing right now, but other than just eating, there’s not much you can really do to keep you entertained. So if you’re looking for a way to zhng -up your everyday...
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6 Activities At PetExpo 2018 That Will Upgrade Your Fur Kid's SES Status

Pet Expo 2018
Things to do at PetExpo 2018   Image adapted from: PetExpo and @ispitsushi A certain textbook recently claimed that enjoying hawker fare or playing a game of soccer means we’re of a “lower SES”. Don’t worry: we’re not going to limit ourselves to such hackneyed stereotypes, but hey - it’s...
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Sakura Matsuri at NEX - 13-Day Japanese Fair By Isetan With Snacks, Desserts & Beer

Sakura Matsuri - cover
Isetan Sakura Matsuri at NEX   It’s Springtime again, cue the scrambling to get plane tickets to Japan - the reigning champion of Sakura hot spots. But even if you didn’t get those golden tickets on time, or if a trip to Sakura haven will a burn a hole in...
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Singapore’s Art District Will Be Hosting Live Performances & Free Exhibitions Every Last Week Of The Month

Singapore Art District
Arts Weekend @ Civic District   Images adapted from: @9oh9x @gabeygoh   @sh3ngy @vincelowsg As we near the end of the first quarter of 2018(!), most of us are again looking for new and interesting things to do. The burst of renewed energy from the start of the year's starting...
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