I Went On A Date With My Most Compatible Horoscope Match (Virgo Man/Cancer Woman) And This Is How It Went

A date with my perfect match based on horoscope
A date with my perfect match based on horoscope   When I was younger, I used to flip through issues of Teenage just to read up on what fortune and luck lay in store for my horoscope in the departments of homework, relationships, or friendships that month. This obsession then...
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10 Lovey Dovey Things You Used To Do As A Teenager You’d Be Paiseh About Today

SBS Bus ticket hearts
Things we did for puppy love   Oh, puppy love. From writing our crush’s names a million times in our diaries, to signing in and out of MSN Messenger just to catch their attention, it’s an unavoidable rite of passage we all had to go through during teenagehood.  Of course,...
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10 Gross Things Only Singaporean Couples Who Have Hit Peak Comfort Levels Do

Cover Photo, SG Couples
Because love has no boundaries   At the beginning of a relationship, we’re all careful to be the best versions of ourselves: polite, well-dressed, and accommodating. But after this honeymoon period ends, you start to get comfortable, and what follows turns out to be quite rabak - with daily pang...
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5 Incredibly Weird Dating Games That Only The Japanese Could Have Invented

Hatoful Boyfriend Weird Dating Game Cover Image Japanese
Get a virtual lover, because dating IRL is too hard   Adapted from source Let’s face it: dating is difficult. In this day and age - where texting someone to come over for “Netflix and chill” replaces in-person invites for real dates - we often find ourselves playing a twisted...
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7 Gifts To Send Subtle Hints To Your Singaporean BF/GF This Valentine's Day

A Valentine’s gift guide   Relationships are difficult, and they take effort to sustain. You might think keeping quiet about small frustrating issues is the best way to avoid conflict in a relationship, but these itsy bitsy things might develop to become major problems in the future. Almost like a...
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13 Types Of Singaporean Girls You Will Inevitably Wind Up Dating

singaporean_girl_spot check
What’s your type of Singaporean Girl?   Tinder, OKCupid to Paktor. No matter which app you’ll use to get the girl, you'll finally have to date the girl. And that’s when you really get to know the girl behind the profile photo.   We've narrowed down 13 girls you'll wind...
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Hitcheed is a New App That is Basically a Free Wedding Planner with REVIEWS

Hitcheed wedding photographers
Dream Weddings That Cost Less   We all have dreams of being lawfully wedded to The One , eyes sparkling with tears of joy at the thought of a new life with your soulmate in your new BTO, graced by the peace of long-awaited independence. Unfortunately, the cost to solemnise...
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How To Buy Diamonds In Singapore Before You Ask "BTO Ai Mai?"

Secrets to buying the best diamond   So you’re ready to pop the question, but there’s just one problem - you realise you know NOTHING about jewellery. Buying an engagement ring is not the same as buying the latest Pandora charm for your monthsary. Cham liao. While a marriage shouldn’t...
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8 Fancy Pants Hawker Stalls That Make Kopitiams The New Cool Date Night Spots

Hawker Food: The New Generation   Source Think dining at the hawker centre means the same old plates of chicken rice and Hokkien mee day after day? Think again. New-age hawkers are changing the game by dishing out hearty hipster nosh at wallet-friendly prices. We’ve uncovered 10 of the most...
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13 Singles Events in May 2016 For Singaporeans Who Are So Done With Tinder

Going solo is so last season   It’s already five months into 2016, and guess what? You’re still single.  Sure, being a lone wolf has its perks - there’s no struggle to remember if today is the 11th or 12th day-sary. But I’m sure there are days when you wish...
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